New Trials Dark Forces/Sakura Cards


(In Order of Appearance)



(List created by Kirei Blossom… many thanks!)



Arc 1


The Knife

The Ball

The Haunt

The Stone

The Rocky

The Rope

The Twister

The Stalker

The Explosive

The Invisible



Arc 2


The Joker

The Phantom (uncaptured)

The Unicorn

The Whip

The Heal

The Wolf

The Riddle (uncaptured)

The Wave (uncaptured)



Arc 3


The Crystal

(The Phantom)

The Fate

The Age

The Magician

(The Wave)

The Fantasy (uncaptured)

The Transform

The Obedience

The Poison

The Fortune

The Vengeance (uncaptured)

(The Riddle)

The Plague




Arc 4... ONGOING


The Decay

The Fantasy



Miscellaneous (not sure if these have to be sealed or not)


The Veil - (used by Eron to hide his and Erika's identity from S+S in Arc 1; mentioned again in Arc 3 as having disappeared.)

The Teleport - (mentioned in Chapter 50 by Eron. Used to teleport Eron/Erika to the Yuki Onna's palace.)