Reflections: Characters

Sakura Kinomoto (our heroine)
Syaoran Li (the male protagonist... umm yeah, he was kinda Sakura's rival
in the beginning)

Main Characters:
Tomoyo Daidouji (one rich, cool best friend)
Touya Kinomoto (her cool brother)
Yukito/Yue (Touya's friend, Sakura's former crush... lotsa spoilers)
Cerberus/Kero-chan (the cute teddy bear w/wings) POWWOW... sorry~

People with "Power" or Connection to Clow:
Kaho Mizuki (the mysterious, teacher with great powers)
Clow Reed (the greatest magician in the world who started it all)
Eriol Hiiragizawa (remember his smile~)
Nakuru Akizuki/Ruby Moon (he he...)
Spinel Sun (cute opposite of Kero-chan)

Fujitaka Kinomoto (her awesome father)
Nadeshiko Kinomoto (her beautiful mother in heaven)
Sonomi Daidouji (Tomoyo's mother, Nadeshiko's cousin)

Meirin Li (another rival... Syaorans' fiancee)
Rika Sasaki (the womenly, mature friend)
Chiharu Mihara (the only one who can handle Yamazaki-kun's stories)
Naoko Yanagisawa (loves to tell ghost stories and scare poor Sakura)
Takashi Yamazaki (has one big pile of stories... yup, they're all lies...)

Sorry, not all the characters are up yet. Eventually they will be. Hmm. LEARN: CLAMP's characters are never simple. On outer appearance, they may be, but inside they have so many unexpected twists and curves. Strange, but in CCS, I actually LIKE every singe character, including Meirin, Eriol, and even Nakuru. Li Syaoran's (Li-kun) my favorite, though. (Who could resist his glares, blushes, his eyebrows, hair... smile!!!) I think I completely fell in love with CCS when I first saw him. But, as I said, I like all characters. At first, I didn't like Li Meirin (Syaoran's cousin and fiancee) because of course, I was a desperate S+S fan. But, I saw her good points, and she added a great comic part in the anime. Yamazaki is funny too... Hey, he does have eyes. Check his info out...Oh yeah, and Yue is totally cool. And can you ever get a better brother than Touya... Ha ha. Nakuru is so funny. Gosh, I think Tomoyo and Eriol match with each other. I might get up a Tomoyo and Eriol mini shrine up.