Li Clan Hierarchy: Version One


The Head of the Li Clan: The Great Elder (Syaoran¡¯s Great-Uncle): simply called the ¡°Great Elder.¡± He is the most powerful, wisest, and oldest member of the Li Clan and therefore the most respected and revered. The Great Elder is the Head of the Li Council of Magic and the Council of Elders. Being the representative leader of the Clan, the Great Elder names the Chosen One.

                  The current Great Elder favors his great-nephew Syaoran. However, his health is failing him recently, and he is greatly reduced in power and ability to handle the daily affairs of the Li Clan. While the Great Elder wishes the Li Clan to remain secretive about its ancient magical affiliations and keep the powers of the Clan within the Clan, his oldest nephew is vying for more power and advocating a more prominent, influential Clan, not only in Hong Kong, but internationally.


The Head of the Li Clan General Council (Syaoran¡¯s eldest uncle): often simply called the ¡°Head.¡± He is the second most powerful and influential member of the Clan, just under the Great Elder. Most of the daily matters and issues that the Clan faces are turned to the Head. The Great Elder deals only with more pressing, important matters. The Head is also a spokesperson for the Great Elder and to decisions made by the Inner Council to the Outer Council.

                  Syaoran¡¯s eldest uncle is a very ambitious and cold person. He desires for the Li Clan to take more power and influence in world affairs and completely dominate the Eastern world. Furthermore, he dislikes the current Chosen One, his nephew Li Syaoran. In his youth, he was greatly jealous of his youngest brother, Li Ryuuren, being bitter that Ryuuren became the Chosen One and not him. He still grieves the tragic end of his son, Li Leiyun, who was so promising in all aspects and might have become the Chosen One instead of Syaoran.


The Chosen One (Li Syaoran): the figurehead of the Clan. In the history of the Li Clan, this soul person is supposed to be the bravest and most loyal in the Clan, with versatile magical powers, extensive knowledge of spells and runes, and mastery of martial arts skills. The Chosen One undertakes the most dangerous and important missions of the Clan. He has to pass the Test of the Elders, also called the Ordeal of Sorcery to be considered for the Chosen One. After passing this test, he also has to pass the Trial of the Chosen One. Having passed both tests, the Li Clan Chosen One pledges his life and blood to upkeep his family honor and serve the Clan. The Chosen One automatically becomes an honorary member of the Council of Elders, despite his age. He alone wields the Li Clan Five Force Sword.

Li Syaoran, at age 10, became the youngest Chosen One in the entire history of the Li Clan. Until Syaoran, Li Ryuuren, at age 16, had been the youngest Chosen One. Li Leiyun, Syaoran¡¯s cousin, served as a temporary Chosen One, in transition between Ryuuren¡¯s death and Syaoran¡¯s coming of age. However, since Leiyun didn¡¯t undertake the Trial of the Chosen One, he was never officially the Chosen One. Currently, there has been talk about removing Syaoran as the Chosen One because of his neglect of the Clan. The Great Elder however, staunchly believes that Syaoran alone is suited as the Chosen One. In his youth, the Great Elder was once the Chosen One, before retiring that position to become the Head, then the Great Elder.


The Council of Magic: also called ¡°the Inner Council.¡± Consists of all the members of the Li Clan who are magically talented and have passed the Ordeal of Sorcery, of the Test of the Inner Council. The wisest and oldest members of the Inner Council eventually become a part of the Council of Elders.  


The Council of Elders: consists of the oldest and wisest members of the Li Clan. The small group of Elders lead the Inner Council, and the head of both councils is the Great Elder. The gravest and most pressing issues of the Clan are discussed by the Elders, especially when there is a dispute in the Inner or Outer Council. The Elders are the final decision-makers of the well being of the Clan.


The General Council: also called ¡°the Outer Council.¡± Consists of all the adults of the Li Clan, whether or not they are magically gifted. The Head of the Outer Council is Syaoran¡¯s eldest uncle, who being a member of the Inner Council conveys the decisions made in the Inner Council to the Outer. Though most members of the Li Clan are born with some form of special power, though in differing levels, many choose to lead fairly normal lives and not attempt to pass the Ordeal of Sorcery. Instead, they pursue every day occupations such as becoming doctors, lawyers, economists, and politicians.

                  Currently, the Li Clan is an extensive family, with affluence in not only in Hong Kong, but all over the world. The Li Clan has many non-magic factions, including a hospital branch which has gained a credible reputation and reliability in Hong Kong (headed by one of Syaoran¡¯s uncles who is gifted with healing powers); a business branch, Li Corporation International, which was passed down generation after generation, gaining more and more wealth and prominence over the years (the CEO is another one of Syaoran¡¯s uncles— his oldest son, who is the Treasurer of the Li Clan, specializes in the stock market and economy and handles all the Li Clan¡¯s financial affairs); a political branch, with influential politicians and high government position officials, enabling the Clan to have easy access to top-secret information and have extra privileges and move around with high society; and a technological branch, consisting of the younger Clan members, who keep the Li Clan up to date about the quick advancements in the world of technology (one of Syaoran¡¯s cousins specializes in hacking into top-secret databases, another in developing a Li Clan information database, yet another in designing high-tech equipment for the use of the Clan—including Syaoran¡¯s nifty gadgets.) All the heads of the different branches report in the General Council how the Li Clan is doing in their respective area.


Special Note: The Li Clan is not a patriarchal structure. In the past, there have been women heads as well. The previous Great Elder was a woman, Syaoran¡¯s grandmother. Also the ¡°Great One,¡± one of the five greatest sorcerers of the ancient days, was once the Chosen One of her Clan. She later forfeited this title to her younger brother upon marrying one of the Great Five from England, and bearing his child, Clow Reed. 


The Ordeal of Sorcery: also called the ¡°Test of Inner Council.¡± Taken by those talented magicians of the Clan who want to join the Li Council of Magic. Most clan members wait to pass this test in their thirties or even forties. Those extremely talented in magic from birth may attempt to pass this test in their late twenties, however such cases are rare. To date, Syaoran is the youngest ever to pass the Test at age ten. Both Ryuuren and Leiyun passed it at age 16, youngest ever before Syaoran.


The Trial of the Chosen One: the test that each Chosen One of his generation has to pass in order to become the representative of the Clan. Only the Chosen One and the Great Elder knows.




Wish-chan: I just wanted to clear up a few things about the Li Clan structure. Actually, it helps me keep track also. It¡¯s really funny because though I made it all up, if feels all like reality to me. Hehe¡¦ This is just version one of the Li Clan family structure. The second version will come as the plotline advances. ^_^.