Chapter 12: Till You Turn To Me
(A Night of Betrayed Love)

“Funny how we can look back to yesterday and realize how silly it was. It seems like another life time.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Why do you follow him and admire him so much when he’s so mean to you?” Sonomi asked.

“I don’t know. There’s just something about him.” Nadeshiko’s eyes turned a dreamy sea green. “There are times when I am so fed up with him and had enough, yet, Ryuuren-san…”

(Sakura thought, “there’s something about Syaoran…”)

Suddenly, Nadeshiko’s eyebrows furrowed as she clenched her fist, furiously. “Yet, I hate him! Yesterday, he called me clumsy, just because I tripped on my shoelaces!”

Sonomi sweat dropped, eyeing 10 band-aids slapped onto one of Nadeshiko’s knees.

Nadeshiko ranted, “He laughed at me because I tripped. Well, I couldn’t help it. When I use my second sight and concentrate, I am coordinated, but if I don’t focus, I get all clumsy again. Then, he slipped a snow ball down my sweater, and I got scared out of my wits—I thought it was a ghost or something. And another time, my half of the Five Force Scroll disappeared, so I was so upset and worried. Ryuuren scolded and bickered at me about being so irresponsible. Then, it turned out that he had taken it while I was not paying attention. He gave it back to me, and when I reproached him, you know what he said? ‘It’s you’re fault for not looking after it, and not even able to keep me from stealing it. If it’s this easy for me, think how easy it will be for the enemy.’ He’s so mean.” She took a deep breath. “Now, what was I saying?”

“Li-san is no good. Don’t hang around him. His pretty blue eyes are evil. He’ll only hurt you in the end.”

“Hurt me?” Nadeshiko twisted her long violet hair around her slender finger.

“Yes. Don’t you remember him saying “I’ll destroy you to get what I want?”

“It wasn’t that extreme. No, I don’t think that he would use violence to me. Not anymore. I think, I trust him now.“ Nadeshiko closed her eyes, remembering one snowy winter night, when an unknown force tied her to the ground. When she was about to get attacked, he had leaped forward and whisked her away. Her head was buried in his smooth Chinese battle costume of navy blue… his heart beat was strong.

“That’s not what I mean.” Sonomi said in a murmur, “He’ll hurt something deeper.”

* * * * * *

“Stupid! If you can’t help, stay out of the way!” Ryuuren shoved Nadeshiko away, as whip snarled out in front of them. He blocked with his sword, and jumped back a few steps.

Just then the whip lashed through his long chestnut brown tail, With a swish, it landed onto the ground.

For a moment, he stood blankly. Then, he shook his short hair a few times. Now, it looked like any guy’s hair, even if the dark brown bangs that fell to his eyes were glossy and striking. Another lash was snaking to his neck.

Without thinking, Nadeshiko’s emerald eyes widened then flashed, and in a poof of fiery flames, the whip disappeared. In a nervous voice, she stammered, “S-see? I can be useful, sometimes.”

“Yeah. Thanks. You saved my neck.” He didn’t say it grudgingly.

“You always save my neck… I’m sorry.”

“About what?”

Bending down, Nadeshiko picked up the smooth, horse tail like chestnut hair from the soft snow and wrapped it in her handkerchief. “You’re hair. It was cool. Of course, it looks good now, too. What else would be expected from the most popular guy among girls, at Seijou High?”

With quizzical sapphire eyes, Ryuuren said, “I don’t really care about my hair. It was kinda annoying, anyway. But…” He cast his bright eyes down. “It is the traditional Li hairstyle for men, a symbol for those who passed a test for sorcery and magic skills. I passed it when I was 16. The long hair, which is just an imitation of Clow Reed just showed that I passed the Ordeal of Sorcery.” Shrugging his shoulder, he commented lightly, “Now, less time in front of the mirror. Really, I don’t see how the elders manage it. My uncle, who is in his late 30’s—actually the only person I confide with in the council of the Li clan, since he’s the youngest after me, says that it is an honor for someone my age… but… good riddance!”

“So, you mean, you’re the youngest person that passed the test?”

Modestly, he muttered, “I guess. Most Li’s try for the Ordeal of Sorcery… around their late 30’s? 40’s? The Li Counsel is so boring. It consists of Elders. Yet, despite his age, Great-Uncle, head of the Counsel still can beat me in a sword fight.”

“W-why did you come here on such an important mission, when you’re the youngest?”

“Me?” His sapphire eyes glanced down. “I wanted a change in life. I have no father or mother. I was sick of the Li clan. I wanted to do something that would make everyone proud of the name Li Ryuuren, but I also wanted to prove to myself that I could accomplish something.” Then he looked up at Nadeshiko and reached out his hand, as if to stroke her face, then dropped it again. Quietly, he said, “Mostly, I wanted to escape.”

Nadeshiko gulped in the brief glimpses of Ryuuren’s life, with much wonder and awe. She didn’t even notice the slash on her shoulder. With keen ice blue eyes, Ryuuren noticed it. Immediately, his wistful manner disappeared, as soon as it came. “This brings me to another point. As you can see, I’ve had more experience and training than you. Therefore, I am more able to stand up and protect myself against danger. You’re in danger, Nadeshiko, not only today, but before, and will continue to be in danger.”

“So, what are you getting at? That a Thief girl as you call me is nothing compared to you, the youngest Li master?” Her eyes flashed.

“You don’t need to get all touchy. All I’m trying to say is that I think it is better for you to back out of this, before you are more seriously injured. Look at your arm. You can get a scar, or even something more serious. Look at your face, your happy life. You can ruin it.”

“So, you think I’m only a face, a doll… it doesn’t matter about my duty and my role? Am I that much a nuisance to you? I’m sorry, but I am trying my best! I apologize if I don’t have as much experience as you! My mother, who had the Sight, died, before she could teach my anything about it.”

“No! That’s not what I’m trying to say. I’m saying, it’s not too late to back out. I won’t reproach or look down on you or anything. In fact, I will be relieved.”

“Well, you’re wrong. It’s too late.”

“Think reasonably, Nadeshiko.”

Suddenly, her emerald eyes blurred. “The first time I met you face to face, you called me a nuisance, to get rid of. Guess nothing’s changed, after all. My hopes were too high. I’m still that pesky thief girl in your eyes. “

“That’s harsh. I haven’t called you Thief Girl for ages, now. Why are you being so difficult about this issue? Don’t you understand what I’m saying?”

“It’s too late to back off. I am trapped too far in the other end of this. It has become my fate which I cannot escape from. Besides—“ All was silent. “I—“ She blurted out, “I like you, Ryuuren-san!”

If Nadeshiko had been facing him, she would have seen the note of astonishment in Ryuuren’s ocean blue eyes. She covered her mouth with an uneasy feeling which told her that she made a terrible mistake.

“Well, I’m flattered. How many hearts have you stolen with those innocent emerald eyes? I’m very sorry about, but I can’t say that I have the same feelings for you,” Ryuuren replied, his voice dripping with sarcasm and mockery, refusing to look at her in the eye.

Nadeshiko cast her eyes down. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. But, now I realize that was why I didn’t want to back out.”

Laughing bitterly, he said, “Don’t worry, darling. You would get over your silliness in a snap.”

“I won’t. I’ve already tried before.”

“Anyway, what will an innocent, sheltered girl like you know about feelings? You’ve always been protected and been cared for since you were a baby. You’ve endeavored in an environment, of love, care, friends, and pure happiness. What will you know about a black sheep like me?” With each word, his tone got more bitter. “Well, go home now. Your family will be waiting for you.” With a careless shrug, he left her, trying to gulp down the tightness in his throat.

“You’re wrong, you’re ever so wrong, Ryuuren… I’ve tried, yet my feelings won’t change. Of course, what would a perfect guy like you want from an immature girl like me? I wish I didn’t say anything, so that things would remain the way it was before, so I could always fight by your side. I will always love you Ryuuren, and will wait till you turn to me…” She trailed off. Nadeshiko fingered his sliced off hair, with pensiveness, as he faded into the distance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Blinking water from her eye, Sakura woke up. To her surprise, wells of hot tear were pouring out from her eyes. With the sleeve of her pajamas, she wiped away the wetness. Her hair was sweat clamped. He rejected her feelings. A pain grasped Sakura’s heart. She coughed. Wait till you turn to me…

* * * * * *

“Brrr… Good morning Sakura. It’s so cold these days,” Meirin snuggled into her winter coat as she got comfortable on the icy chair at school.

“Where’s Li-kun?” asked Tomoyo.

“I don’t know. He left earlier than me today because he had morning soccer practice. Anyway, how’s you guy’s violin quartet coming along? The concert is in a few days.”

Sakura wrinkled her nose. For the Winter Concert, Eron, Syaoran, her, and this girl from another class had a violin piece, and so far, it was sounding awful.

“By the way Sakura?” Meirin paused.


“You look awful today. Your eyes are all red and puffy.”

Rubbing her eyes, she muttered, “I had a bad dream, that’s all.

* * * * * *

Between classes, Sakura headed towards the music class, swinging her violin case. Then, a beautiful, melancholy melody drifted down the hallway. It was ‘Pachabel’s Canon.’ The soft notes and chords of the piano stirred something in her heart. “Who is it? Who’s playing the ‘Canon,’ our Winter Concert piece so beautifully?”

She peaked into the music classroom to see who it was. She glimpsed a dark brown head bent over the piano. Syaoran’s eyes were closed as he ran his long fingers gracefully over the keys. He looked so calm and composed, unlike her. It seemed as if he had no worries. She looked away.

Just then, Syaoran jammed all the keys down, creating a discordant, nerve breaking sound, then slammed the piano lid shut with a BAM. Sakura jumped, hair standing to its end. If she had seen him just then, when he opened his fiery amber eyes, she would have seen anger and frustration, not composure. Then, a girl with wavy thick purplish hair walked by. Sakura swerved behind a corner.

“Syaoran-kun!” Erika called, looking over his shoulders. “Good. I was looking for you.”

“Why?” He asked, tidying up some music papers.

“Are you going with anyone to the Winter Wonderland?”

“Me? No.”

“Then, can you go with me?”

Gripping her case tighter, Sakura held her breath for the answer as she leaned against the wall.

Syaoran raised one of his dark eyebrows. For a moment, his amber eyes flickered to the door, where some one was standing.

“Sure, I guess,” he answered, uncaringly.

“Okay,” Erika smiled, tossing back her luscious wavy hair. “By the way, someone’s at the door.”

His blank golden brown eyes glanced at Sakura’s equally expressionless pale green eyes. She turned around and walked away, faster and faster, away from the music room.

* * * * * *

“Hey, Meirin-chan, are you going to come with us on Sunday? Almost everyone is going shopping for Christmas presents and party dresses tomorrow,” Tomoyo asked. “You guys are coming, too, right?” She asked Eron and Erika. They nodded.
“I’m gonna bring Syaoran-kun along and make him pick my dress,” Meirin said

“Why?” Asked Erika.

Smiling mysteriously, she answered, “You’ll see.”

* * * * * *

Fastening her velvet red ribbon around her pony tail, Sakura grabbed her bag and ran downstairs.

“Bring me back a present,” Kero-chan called.

“Okay!” Quietly, she muttered, “If I have any money left over, that is.”

“Hello Sakura-chan!” Tomoyo said when Sakura came out. Eron and Erika greeted her too.

“Ooh, I love your outfit Sakura-chan!” Erika exclaimed. Sakura had on a plaid skirt and a soft gray v-necked sweater with thin red ribbon trimmings, plus leather boots.

At first, Sakura was taken back by the sudden friendliness, but then, she answered, “Thanks!”

“Now, we have to stop by Meirin’s house. We’ll meet all the others when we get there,” Tomoyo said.

“Hey you guys!” Meirin waved, when they reached the Li’s apartment complex. “Wait, Syaoran will come down soon. Sheesh, he takes longer to get ready than I do. Gosh, I had such a hard time convincing him to come…”

“Sorry I kept you guys waiting.” Slipping his keys in his pocket, Syaoran stepped out of the building.

Everyone stared at him, their mouths hanging open.

“What?” Syaoran shoved his hands into his pocket, starting to sweat heavily.

Clearing her throat, Tomoyo said, “I keep forgetting how well you dress… You know, for street clothes. Since we always wear uniforms… and it’s been a long time since we hung around outside of school.”

Clearly embarrassed, Syaoran blushed and looked down. He really hadn’t meant to dress up. “It’s just what I grab out of the closet,” he mumbled. At that moment he was wearing khaki pants, a beige sweater with a black stripe across the front, and over that a trendy half coat, reaching above his knees. Not many guys could carry it well, but he could with his height. On his feet were black leather shoes, and around his neck was a silver chain. Plus, he didn’t even realize that he was dressed good.

“Yeah yeah,” Meirin said. “You only change about 5 times before going out and have a full length mirror, not to mention a walk in closet!”

“I DO NOT!” Syaoran shouted. “I don’t even let you come into my room.”

“Sigh. You’re right. You don’t act like a prince syndrome here.” Then she grinned wickedly, “BUT back at home is a different matter.”


To soothe Syaoran’s pride, Erika interrupted, “But where does he get such a good coordination taste? I wish Eron would rub off a little.” Eron glared at his twin, for he prided the fact that he was good looking.

Smiling, Meirin started, “Well, Syaoran happens to have 4 older sisters and,”

“Four?” Erika squeaked.

“Yeah. And he was the youngest. So…”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Flashback to Hong Kong…

“Fanren, sister dear! How do I look?” Li Fuutie, the oldest Li sister swirled around. “I have a date tonight.”

Tilting her head typically, Fanren said, “I don’t know. Somehow, I don’t think the shoes match with the dress.”

Li Shiefa butted in, “No, I think that you should do your hair down, not up. Guys like hair tumbling down.”

“No, I think that she should do it up,“ Li Feimei interrupted. “Guys like sexy hair.”

Slapping her forehead, Fuutie exclaimed, “You guys are absolutely no help. Mother~”

Li Ieran, their mother looked skeptically at her daughter. “I think that you need advise from a male.”

“A male?” Fuutie cocked her head, then called, “Oh little brother~ Do you think my shoes match with my bag and my hair should be up, and red matches with purple and should I wear this bracelet and…”

“Why do you ask me?” Little Syaoran, at age 7 asked crossly.

“You’re a guy.”

And by the time he was nine…

“And this goes with this, not this. See how the colors compliment each other?  And you should wear these shoes, and this bag creates a classic look. ” Syaoran stepped out of his sister’s walk in closet, with a pile of accessories.

“Thank you Syaoran, dear. You’re such a sweetie!” Fuutie patted his head and he scowled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Meirin grinned. “So, that’s how he has such a good eye. You know, he’s good at art, too. Sometimes. Once, his art piece won first prize back in Hong Kong at our school. He drew Sa-”

“Ahem!” Syaoran glared at Meirin, yet he felt a pang when he remember the watercolor painting he did of a girl with wispy golden brown hair and startling emerald eyes.

Meirin flipped back her jet black hair. “It’s so cute though. He doesn’t even realize he has good taste. But that’s why I always want to take him along when we shopping.”

Trying to stop his face from turning red, Syaoran muttered, “Will you stop talking like I am not here?”

They all laughed. Together, they rode the train to the city.

* * * * * *

“Really, Christmas is in the air!” Erika exclaimed, taking in all the decorations of tinsels, light bulbs, wreaths, and Christmas trees. In the shopping mall, they were playing Christmas carols.

They met all the others. Chiharu, Takashi, Naoko, and Rika already had bags of presents.

As they were passing by a jewelry store, a flickering light caught Sakura’s eye. She pressed her face against the glass window to see what it was. When she saw it, she caught her breath. It was a tiny clear crystal ball about the size of her pinkie nail. Inside it was embedded a glimmering light. Taking a closer look, Sakura realized that it was like a glistening star, the size of a speck. The charm was fastened to a silvery thin necklace chain. She took a deep breath to take in its mysterious beauty.

“What is it, Sakura-chan?” asked Tomoyo.

“Wait a second, okay?” Sakura entered the store to ask about the necklace.

“Strange. But I don’t remember having that necklace in my store,” the salesman said when Sakura asked abou it. “Oh well. It’s a very beautiful thing.” But when he named the price, Sakura gasped and turned back disappointed. As she walked out, she took one last glance at the glowing necklace and left.

“Well?” Meirin asked.

Sakura shook her head. “It wasn’t important.” They left to their next stop. Syaoran looked around his shoulder and stared at the crystal necklace.

* * * * * *

“Okay, now, I bought everyone’s present. All I have to do is buy my party dress,” Meirin tried to balance all her bags.

“Sakura-chan, are you all right? You seem awfully quiet today,” Tomoyo asked.

“Hmm? Sorry. I’m just thinking a lot.”

Something struck Tomoyo and she stared back sympathetically at her friend.

Sakura continued pouting and clenching her fist, “I’m thinking a lot about whether I should buy otou-san another neck-tie this year, and if onii-chan would mind if his present is cheaper than usual, and if I’ll have enough money left over to buy Kero-chan some low-fat chocolate!”

Tomoyo and Meirin sweat-dropped.

“He he… he he he…” Meirin laughed. “I thought it was something more serious.”

“Serious? Like what?” Sakura asked with round eyes.

“Like…” Meirin nervously twisted her dark hair. Changing the subject, she demanded, “Where in the world is Syaoran? I want to ask him if the red dress looks better or the purple one does. And I can’t decide if I want to buy that pretty shoes with sequins. Oh, and I need to borrow more money off him.”

“Did you already run out of money?” Erika asked as she walked into the conversation.

“It’s not fair! Why do I have to carry all your stuff?” Eron came tottering behind, overflowing with enormous shopping bags.

“Cuz you’re my 'niichan, that’s why.”

“Sheesh. I can’t wait till you get a boyfriend. Then, I’m gonna make him carry all this.”

“Syaoran-kun!” Erika ignored Eron and waved to Syaoran. “We’re all here!”

“Ooh! Please let me borrow some money,” Meirin begged.

“I don’t have any money left,” Syaoran replied, fingering his leather wallet full with money.

“Liar! You’re filthy rich. I know!”

“No I’m not! What happened to all the money that I gave you?”

“I used it all up. Pretty please?”

“No. I don’t have any money left over. That is, if you do want to have electricity, heating, food, etc. for the rest of December and January.”

“You meanie! Then can I please borrow your credit card? Please, just this once?”

“You have a credit card?” Erika exclaimed.

“He does! He stole it from his mother. Aunt Ieran was so pissed when she found out,” Meirin said. “And he’s so cheap. He takes care of all the bills and money. He doesn’t trust me.”

“That’s cuz if I gave you the money, I’ll soon have to sleep in the streets,” Syaoran said. “You’ll use it all up in 5 minutes.”

“Hey!” Meirin shouted, hands on hips. They all stifled their giggles.

On the side, Tomoyo whispered to Sakura, “It’s like a father or an older brother to a kid, or something.”

* * * * * *

“Whew. All the shopping’s over and it’s night time.” Sakura wiped her forehead. It was an exhausting, day yet she was satisfied with all the presents, except…

“Hey! It’s snowing!” Meirin pointed up to they sky as they walked out. They all glanced up to see the crystal snowflakes drifting to the ground, faster and faster. Already, the roads were carpeted with a layer of cotton white snow. It was already dark and foggy. Their breath created misty clouds.

“I hope the trains didn’t shut down,” Eron said.

When they got to the station, they found that the trains had shut down operation for the night.

“How’re we gonna get back home?” Erika asked, shifting the weight of her shopping bags to her other arm.

“I’ll call my bodyguards,” Tomoyo said. She tried her handphone. “Hey, it’s not working!”

“Here, I’ll try mine.” Syaoran whipped out his silver cell phone. He shook his head after dialing.

“Since when did you have a handphone?” Meirin asked. “I want one too!”

“Oh, give me the number!” Erika exclaimed. “I’ll message you!”

“That’s not important, here. Right now, we’re stranded in the city. We have to get back to Tomoeda.” Eron stated. They walked back to the street, and were surprised by the blast of snowstorm. It was hard to walk and see in the thick snow which poured as if there was a hole in the sky.

“W-why don’t we catch a taxi?” asked Sakura with chattering teeth as she rubbed her arms.

Then their faces turned blue. Even with all their money put together, they still wouldn’t have enough to pay, since they used it all up.

After walking a little, Sakura suddenly said, “Hey, that’s strange. I feel like this is not the street anymore. I just can’t see.” The large flakes created a big white blur.

“Here, why don’t we run for a shelter? Then, after the snow stops, we can try to think of a better idea,” Eron suggested.

“Look! There’s a house!” Tomoyo exclaimed.

“I don’t know. It looks rather big and creepy to me,” Sakura peered at it suspiciously through squinting eyes.

“We have no choice. My arms are about to fall off and I think I’m gonna get frostbite. Let’s knock.” Boldly, Meirin walked up the creaky front porch and knocked on the old wooden door. No answer. She knocked louder.

“It looks like no one lives there.” Sakura walked up as well.

“Well, I’m opening it. I can’t stand it out here.” To Meirin’s surprise, the door opened easily, and they stepped inside.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” Eron called, echoed by faint, ‘here, here, here?’

“Looks like no one lives here. I hope we’re not intruding anybody. Or anything.” Syaoran brushed off his coat. “We just better make the best out of it.”

Sneezing, Sakura rubbed her bare knees. She was practically numb. Her golden brown hair was plastered to her forehead, while her boots were caked with dirty slush.

“Let’s just go to one of the rooms and stay there, together,” Tomoyo suggested.

They entered the dark hallway.

“Ouch! Someone stepped on me foot!” Meirin exclaimed.

“Hey, stop shoving the shopping bag into my face,” someone else retorted.

“HOOEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Sakura screeched. They all jumped.

“What is it?” They all exclaimed.

“Something cold touched my neck.” Sakura felt her skin prickle.

“Silly. The snow on your head dripped down,” Syaoran shook his head, hiding a smile.

“Oh. Sorry.”

Cautiously, they entered a large room.

“Aren’t there any switches here?” Erika asked.

“Here’s a fireplace,” Sakura said.

“Big help. We don’t have any matches our logs.” Meirin stumbled in the pitch black.

“This is kinda creepy.” Trying not to squirm Sakura took a deep breath. It seemed as if anything would pop out from the dark and things kept on brushing against her leg. Yet, when she concentrated hard enough, she could sense what was around her, though she could not see it.

“Here, I’ll take a look at the fireplace in this room.” Syaoran bent over it and poked into the fireplace with a tong. Suddenly, it lit up with a bright orange flame, crackling merrily. At once, the room was visible, tinted orange-yellow. They could see that though the furniture was old and shabby, they were very expensive.

“Hey, how’d you do that?” Erika asked in marvel. “I didn’t see any match or wood.”

“Er…” Syaoran sweatdropped.

Sakura grinned. His fire magic had always been useful.

Together, they gathered in the couches in the center, in front of the warm fireplace. They set all their shopping things in the middle. Soon, they dried off, and had peeled off their coats and sweaters.

After a while, Syaoran said, “Here, I’ll go see if the storm’s stopped yet.

“You shouldn’t go alone. Go with someone else,” Tomoyo said. “Sakura, why don’t you go with him?”

“M-m-m-me? W-why?” Sakura stammered. She still felt uncomfortable around him. “You know what, I’ll go by myself. I’ll be fine.” Without waiting for an answer, she bolted out of the room. At that moment, she was frightened. Pitch darkness surrounded her and she had no sense of which direction she came from and which direction to go. Her head spun as she swerved around. She was sure she heard a creaking. Carefully she walked several steps.

Suddenly, she felt a blast of snowstorm blowing towards her. She walked cautiously to its direction and entered an open doored room. Squinting, she covered her face with her arms as snow blew to her through an open window. There was a ghostly white figure. An outline of a pale, beautiful girl turned towards her and her lips moved as if to say something. Her white veils whipped around her, while her silvery blond hair floated. Then, she faded away into the open window, which immediately shut itself.

Stifling a scream, Sakura stepped back away, then clenched her eyes shut, running in no particular direction. Her legs banged against unstable furniture and the wooden floor creaked and thumped; everything was dark, so dark. Who was that? Was she even human? Then out of instinct, she stopped. A faint light was lit from a room. Maybe this is where everyone is. When she entered, Sakura looked around to see where the flickering light came from. There was a single candle on a table. Then, a dark figure turned around.

* * * * * *

“God, what’s taking her so long?” Erika asked.

“I wonder if she got… lost. This is a big house you know.” Tomoyo placed her hands to her cheeks, concerned.

“Maybe there’s others in here as well,” Eron added.

“She must be so scared, in the dark, all by her self.” Meirin crossed her legs on the sofa.

“Right. She’s scared of ghosts, too. This house is perfect for her… fear,” said Tomoyo.

“Who knows? She might all be alone, crying… because a coward GUY couldn’t go out along with her,” Meirin stated, giving a cunning glance sideways.
Twiddling his fingers, Syaoran jumped up. “I’ll go and find her!”

* * * * * *

Startled, Sakura stepped back. “I-I’m sorry. I didn’t realize someone lived here. There was a storm so—“

In a thin voice, the person said, “You’ve come. I’ve waited for so long.”

“E-excuse me?”

“Don’t worry, don’t draw back. Come nearer, come close to me. I’ve waited so long.” The speaker turned around. His face was pale, as if he hadn’t seen sunshine in a long time, his dark hair was tousled. The striking part was his eyes; they were a dark color, reflecting orange candle light, yet they were blank, as if life had gone out of them. Still, that ghostly figure seemed to be only a young man in his early 20's, despite the dark shadows cast over his pale face.

“I’m sorry. I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else.” Timidly, Sakura tried to back away.

“No, darling. You’re the one I’ve waited for 4 years. Finally, you’ve come, a sweet, timid girl. You’re mine now.”

Sakura tried to walk out. The door slammed shut. With the strange young man, she was trapped in the eerie room.

“Please, let me go.”

“No. Not after all these years. I won’t let you go now.” From his pocket, he drew out a thick golden ring. “Please accept my present.” Sakura’s blood felt chill. With compelling eyes, he bore down on her. Though she tried to escape, Sakura found that her feet couldn’t move.

“Who are you? Let me go, please! My friends are waiting.”

“Ha, who am I?” His madman’s laugh echoed through the room. “Yes, who am I? The real me died 7 years ago. Me, I’m just a shadow. Nothing but a body with no more soul, no more heart, no more compassion. This time, I won’t let you go Fujiko.” With bony, hard hands, he grasped her wrist.

“I’m not Fujiko! Let go of my hand!”

“Not this time. You won’t betray me this time.” He tried to force the ring onto Sakura’s finger.

A terror grasped her and no sound came from her lips. Though she resisted and struggled, his grip on her was like iron. The man seemed possessed and hardly human.

“No! I won’t let you go! I’ve waited for too long.”

“LET GO OF ME!” Desperately, Sakura pushed him.

“Let go of her now!” The door bolted open and a steady figure stood by the doorway.

“No! She’s mine now. You can’t have. No one can have her except for me. You won’t steal Fujiko again this time!” Sakura tried to pull her hand away.

The figure stepped into the room and he held out his hand. His sword appeared, and Syaoran snaked the tip of the sword up the man’s neck. “Let go of her, before I use force. She’s not the person you’re looking for. She’s not Fujiko.”

“You’re a mere boy. I’m not surprised you came after my girl, but you won’t have her this time.” With blank eyes, he stared at Syaoran, who stared back with a level gaze. “Strange,” the man continued with a stupid, puzzled look. “Since when did boys go running around with swords? Do you know how to use it?”

Falling head over heels, Syaoran retorted turning tomato red, “Of course I do! Who do you think I am?”

“I think that you’re crazier than me.” In a mutter, the man added, “Parents these days. What do they do with their children? Toy Chinese blades indeed.”

ISyaoran ignored the man and said, “C’mon Sakura. The others are waiting. You leave him.” Grasping Sakura’s hand, he pulled her away and headed out of the door.

“Oh no you won’t! You won’t escape from me that easily.” The haunted man screamed.

Sakura turned around to look at him. Impatiently, Syaoran said, “Let’s get out of here. Don’t look back.”

They ran through the black corridors, Syaoran half dragging Sakura with him. “He won’t let us go that easily,” she said.

“Hurry, don’t think of him,” Syaoran said and continued to walk briskly.

They tumbled down the stairs. The floor beneath them gave away. As they lost balance, a cold hand pushed them into a room. Sakura heard a click behind them. Holding up a single candle, the mysterious man said, “You stay in there till you surrender to me.”

“Let us go!” Sakura shouted. She and Syaoran were locked into a dungeon of some kind.

“When you’ll agree to be mine forever, I’ll let your little friend go. You shall then stay with me.” He laughed cruelly, then left, his yellow candle light fading away.

Sighing, Sakura sat down in the dungeon, folding her arms around her knees. Feeling uncomfortable and cold, Sakura opened her mouth. No sound came out. Why had Syaoran come anyway?

As if answering her question, Syaoran said, “You didn’t come back. We got worried. I went looking and found you in that situation. Can’t you take care of yourself for a moment?”

It was hard to believe that the others were still there, in the mansion somewhere.

Continuing, Syaoran scolded, “You shouldn’t have just bolted out like that. It’s not safe, in a big, strange house like this. Just look what was happening right now…” He paused uncomfortably. What would have happened to Sakura…

In ways, Sakura wanted to break apart and cry, “I was so scared, so frightened.” Yet, she didn’t. In her bones, she was still shivering. Her mind had gone blank, and she had never felt so helpless. Fujiko. That ghost girl with sad eyes. 4 years ago. Betrayed. Why? Instead, she asked, “I was fine. Why did you come?”

“I told you. Everyone was worried.”

“Well, now, we’re both in trouble.”

“I know. We’re locked in this dungeon, with no keys. Either stay in here till God knows when, or you marry that crazy lunatic.”

“We’ve got to get out.” Shifting her position, Sakura said, “I’ll just tell him that I agree with him.”

“Are you CRAZY?”

“Well, there’s no better plan. Then, at least you will be free. I can find a way to escape him, after we get out of here.”

“NO. We’ll find a safe plan for both of us to get out of this dungeon and this house. I will not let you give in to that madman.”

For a moment, Sakura was surprised by the emphasis in Syaoran’s voice. “I’m sorry,” she said meekly.


“I never thought that I would be locked in a jail dugeon. Because of me, you’re locked in the middle of nowhere, uncomfortable, cold…”

He interrupted, “Don’t be.”

They sat quietly for what seemed like hours. It was damp in the dungeon and to Sakura, it seemed as if tiny unknown creatures were crawling all over the place. Just the thought of it made her feel squeamish. Every creak and sigh of the house were caught in her sensitive ears. Some time ago, her ponytail had been loosened. Now, she was stuck in the situation she most dreaded. For the past several days, she had been avoiding Syaoran, but now, she was stuck in a dungeon with him, with no light and rats and spiders crawling around her. So, uncomfortable… It’s so uncomfortable being with alone with Syaoran-kun.

“How long do you think we’ve been here?” she asked after a while.

“I’ve no idea. Just continue thinking of a workable plan.”

“I can’t think when I hear all these uncanny creatures crawling over the floor.”

“Can you think better if you keep on talking? You know, other human sounds.”

“Probably.” She continued, “Somehow I think that man’s not a bad one though.”


“Remember how long ago, you said that you can’t tell an enemy by looking at them, that they won’t always look like the bad person?”

Roughly he said, “I did?”

Biting back her dismay, (silly childhood memories) she said, “At the camping trip, long ago. You know, I was scared of ghosts, and I couldn’t sleep… and we talked.”

“Yeah. So?” Syaoran remembered perfectly clearly what she was talking about.

“I don’t think he’s a bad person, that’s all…”

Syaoran muttered, “Just look at the scary face… Well, keep talking about something. It will keep you occupied.”
Yet, Sakura had nothing to say. Nervously, she twiddled with her sweater. They were silent again. When a mouse skittered across her legs, she covered her mouth to stifle a squeal. She would have nightmares for weeks after that night, in the dark.

With a soft, smooth voice, all together different from usual, Syaoran began, “Once, there was a boy. He was part of a prominent family clan. They all had high expectations from him. When he was only 3, his father died. His father had always been a role model for him. Yet, he bore it through. His serious training began. He learned martial arts, sword fighting, spells, as well as a normal school life.”

As Sakura concentrated on his words, and his absorbing voice, she blocked out all other sounds.

He continued, “His older cousin looked after him, like a brother, almost like a father. The boy’s immediate family was all female, so he looked up to his cousin as a male. Then, one day, when the boy was nine, his cousin died in an accident.” Syaoran looked down at his hands. He couldn’t tell her about the accident. “At first, the boy was at loss. Then one day, he woke up, realizing that his cousin was gone, and that he had to get on with his life. That very day, he heard about the mission to prevent destruction. If his cousin had been alive, he would have gone. Yet, he was dead. The family clan had a hard time deciding who should go. All the Elders were busy and tied up. Then the boy came up. He wanted to go. His life wasn’t bad, actually it was pretty good, but he needed a change, a challenge, an opportunity to prove himself. The problem was, none of his family really took him seriously. They told him he was too young, that he didn’t even pass the Ordeal of Magic yet. But he insisted. For six months he trained unimaginably hard, pouring all his effort into his studies. Then, he took the Test, probably the most demanding obstacle in his life. At ten, the boy was the youngest person ever to pass the test. His father had passed when he was 16; most people in the clan tried in their late 30s. Ever since his cousin died, the boy never smiled and never cried. Mostly, he tried to bottle all his emotions in him. Nine months after the news of the mission to prevent destruction, the boy arrived in Japan.” His voice trailed off.

At first, Sakura didn’t realize what Syaoran was talking about, then, it struck something in her heart. Hardly ever did he tell her anything about his past life, but now, he was telling her an outline of his childhood. It was so different from her own, yet there were similarities as well. Over the past few years, she had learned how to keep her emotions inside of her. Yet, how hurt he must have been when both his father and his brotherly cousin died. No wonder he never smiled when he first came to Japan. “Y-you passed the Ordeal of Magic when you were only 10?” she squeaked. It was completely nerve breaking.

“Eh? I guess.” Syaoran didn’t notice that she had switched from “the boy” to “you.”

“How come you don’t have Clow Reed’s long ponytail?”


“I thought it was the Li’s tradition to have that hair when they passes the Test.”

“How’d’you know that?”

“My dream. About your father and my mother. His hair got sliced off.”

“You had that dream too?” Reflecting pain in his eyes, Syaoran stood up. Ryuuren had rejected Nadeshiko, hurt her, denied her. Yet… he had loved her all the same. ”As for my hair…” Suddenly he turned around jokingly, slapping his forehead, “Thank God, I didn’t grow it, or else I would have the same hairstyle as that jerk, Eron. Actually, that tradition went down the drain ever since my father’s hair was sliced off by that whip.”

“Oh.” Why’s he being nice all of a sudden? Wobbling to her feet, she snapped her fingers. “Okay, I have an idea of how to escape without him noticing.”

“Ouch! You stepped on my foot.”

“Sorry, where are you?” As she reached her hand out in front of her, she bashed Syaoran’s head.

“Hey! You poked my eye!”

“Oh my gosh, I’m soooo sorry again. Well this is my plan.” When she bent over to whisper her idea to Syaoran, she banged her against his head hard.

“OWWWWWWW! Do you have something against me? Then say it, don’t beat me up like this…” A super deformed Syaoran rubbed his temple, pouting.
“Hoe-e! I didn’t do it on purpose. (Yeah right.) It’s just so dark. And if we make light, he’s gonna suspect something. Anyway, this is the plan.” Whispering it to Syaoran, he nodded.

With the Small card, Sakura made both of them shrink, so that they could easily pass through the dungeon bars. When they reached the other side, she used the Big to make them their regular size again.

“Now, why didn’t I think of that?” Syaoran mused.

“Cuz maybe, it’s time to admit that I’m smarter than I look?” Sakura grinned.

“Ha. So, I’m the stupid one now, huh?”

“Yup!” Strangely she felt happy.

“Anyway, let’s go find the others and get out of here. Don’t use light, though, and walk quietly.” Tiptoeing, they headed up the stairs.

“Where are we going? I can’t see anything,” Sakura whispered.

“How did you two escape!” A voice boomed behind them. Sakura and Syaoran’s hair stood up at their end and they both started raining with sweat drops. The door behind them closed once more, and they realized that they were in a different room this time.

“Where are you? I demand you to let us go!” Syaoran demanded, facing the wall because of the darkness.

Tapping his shoulder, Sakura whispered, “I think it’s the other way around.”

“I knew that! Err… it’s the Chinese custom to face the other way, when challenging.” Syaoran weakly tried to cover up his embarrassment. Sakura just shook her, clearly disbelieving.

The ghostly young man held out a single candle. “Didn’t I tell you that you can’t escape from me Fujiko? You betrayer, you devil.”
“I’m not Fujiko. We’re just junior high students who happened to come to your house because there was a storm!” Feeling for the doorknob, Sakura desperately twisted it. “Whoever Fujiko is, just snap out of it! She wouldn’t like you being so desperate, and if you really loved her, you wouldn’t be doing this!”

“Love?” For a moment, the man’s blank eyes snapped to life. Then, he gave a hysterical laugh. “Love? Love you say. Poor thing. I have no heart. I don’t have love. Only hate, revenge. I’ll get her back for what she did to me!”

Softly, Sakura murmured, “What could she have done to you so that you hate her so much?”

“She betrayed me for another man!” The man took out a knife and threw it at their direction. Quickly, Syaoran pushed him and Sakura away, and the knife whizzed past them, embedding itself into the door. They grasped their heart, which pumped up and down from their narrow escape, somewhat looking like scared puppies.

“Y-you’re scared, r-right?” Sakura whispered through the corner of her mouth.

“N-no! W-w-who said I’m s-sc-cared?” Syaoran stammered back.

“T-then why are y-your teeth ch-chattering?”

“S-so are yours.”

“AHEM! LISTEN TO ME!“ the man shouted. “Do you want to hear my story or not?”

“AHHH!” Syaoran and Sakura screamed. They directed their fullest attention to him.

“Do you see the picture?” Holding up his candle high, the man drew aside a thick curtain. Revealed was a large picture of a beautiful girl with long golden hair and a bright smile, leaning her head against a handsome young man’s broad shoulders.

“Wow, they look so happy and beautiful together,” Sakura awed.

“Who is that handsome young man?” Syaoran asked, stroking his chin.

The man sweatdropped. “THAT’S ME STUPID!”

“Y-you?” Syaoran’s lips twitched and his expression was aghast, turning shades of blue. It was hard to believe that good looking man with dark glossy hair and romantic smile was the same pale, ghostly, scary looking man.

“You don’t believe me?” The man challenged, poking his pale, shadowed face in front of them, his candle lit underneath it.

“W-we do!” Both Sakura and Syaoran backed away. (Not...)

“Now, to the point. After all our time together, Fujiko left me.” His voice was broken. “We used to be the happiest couple. I was an old, rich family’s only son, while she was a poor girl. My parents didn’t approve of her, but we didn’t care. I was willing to give up everything for her, if only I could be with her forever; I wanted to make her happy. Then one day, right before Christmas, on a stormy night, she left me. She eloped with another man.”

“How’d’you know she eloped?” Syaoran demanded.

“What’s ‘lope?” Sakura whispered. “Is it a type of fruit?”

Syaoran fell head over heals. “Stupid, that’s ‘cantaloupe’, a type of melon. Elope means to run away in a forbidden marriage.”

“So, if she ‘can’t elope,’ then she turns into a melon? Hoe-e.” Her expression was very muddled.

Sighing in exasperation, Syaoran asked, “ARE YOU STUPID OR SOMETHING?” Then he continued to the man, “Maybe she didn’t run away with another man. You have no evidence.”

“Oh I know what a low, vulgar girl Fujiko was. For months she had seemed sort of spaced out and tried to avoid me. And she ran away from me several days before our wedding. I hate her! I loathe her with all my heart.”

“Yet,” Sakura said quietly. “You still love her. If she would only come back to you, that’s all you ask for.”

With wide opened brown eyes, the man murmured to himself, “I still love her…”

Choked up, Sakura stated, “I don’t get it. How could such a happy couple detour off? There must be an explanation. You must be mistaken."

“There is no mistake,” he answered bitterly. Longingly, he stroked the picture.

Shaking her head, Sakura persisted, there must be a mistake. “I may be young and not very experienced, yet I know about love. In that picture, I see a happiness. And I know that you must have loved her once. You loved her so much, that it has turned into hate. Yet, the hate is still love, deep beneath the many layers of your heart…”

Syaoran added, “She’s right about that. Get a grip and wake up from the nightmare that you created upon yourself. Wherever Fujiko-san is, if she’s alive, she wouldn’t love a man that turns to revenge and hate. Though I don’t know much, I know that life is a one chance opportunity. Either take it or leave it. There is no turning back, so I advise take it without any regrets. ”

Glancing up at Syaoran, Sakura thought to herself, “Life is a one chance opportunity. There is no turning back.” That ghost girl she saw, with sad eyes and long silvery blonde hair, she was sure that ghost had been Fujiko. And she had been trying to tell her something. Spreading out her palm in front of her, she concentrated her power.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Syaoran demanded.

“I’m finding out the truth. Fujiko-san would never have betrayed him.”

“You’re trying to see the past?”

“Yes. Without my cards.”

“You know, it would be much easier to just use the Return. Without it, it will be hard.”

“No. I want to use my powers like my mother did.” Ignoring the twitching in her, Sakura looked back in her mind, closing shut her eyes. An image formed in her mind. Her voice came soft, and uncanny. “I see a couple. They’re so happy together. Yet, the young man’s parents don’t like the girl. They want someone rich.”

The man’s eyes widened. Clenching his fists, he listened.

“Yet, the couple love each other and want to be with each other forever. Even though the young man’s parents threatened the girl, she believed that they could bear it through together. Before their wedding, she often felt confused. That’s what made her so quiet and subdued. She needed time to think of whether or not the marriage was really best for her lover. She was willing to give up her happiness to create a peaceful, plentiful life for her love. Meanwhile, the young man just grew suspicious of her. Then one day, she was coming back after buying him a Christmas present. She was happy, oh so happy, for she had a dream of a happy peaceful life ahead of them, together. Then, a great misfortune came. As she was walking home, a car whizzed by. Trying to step back, her foot slipped on the bridge, and she plunged into the icy river. When she realized her body was all numb and that she was going to die, her last words were ‘I love you and I’ll wait till we can join once more.’ Then she closed her beautiful starry eyes forever, a sad smile playing on her lips.”

At that, the man gave a gasp. He clutched his heart and his eyes blurred. “So, she didn’t betray me for another man. She, she…”

“The man rotted inside with misunderstanding. When his lover didn’t return, he took for granted that she had betrayed him for another man. He was full of rage and revenge. In the four years, his parents died in a car accident. The estate was left to him, while he was engulfed with blackness and hatred.” Sadly, Sakura paused. Fujiko must have been so pained, living in such misunderstandings.

“C’mon. Let’s leave.” Sakura and Syaoran tried to walk out.

“Wait. You two.” The man looked up, a sudden change dawned on his face. His eyes were clear, reflecting life once more, while his face gained color. One could see that he was meant for life and excitement, not enclosure and death. “I’m sorry, sorry for all you had to see. I see now what a fool I have been. For 4 years, I was blinded by my confusion. Yet now, you’ve given me hope again. I have a reason to live. I’m still young, and Fujiko will always be beside me. All this while, she never left me or stopped loving me. I beg her forgiveness for even doubting her for a moment. I should have known from the beginning that she would never love another man and betray me. Even if she did, I should have given her freedom and my unchangeable love. If she would love someone else, I would let her gain her happiness, yet if, if I see a glimmer of hope, I would patiently wait till she turns to me once more. All I ask is forgiveness, now.”
Warmly taking his hands, Sakura said, “My mother died when I was a child, yet know that she is with me, watching over my family. I’m sure Fujiko-san is doing the same. So go out and see sunshine once more. Don’t let darkness wrap you in its trap. You’ve taught me a lot, as well.” She swished open the curtain. The storm was over. Outside, the world was a silvery wonderland with a thick blanket of snow. A gust of fresh breeze blew inside, giving life and freshness to the room.

“Thank you… thank you. You two are still young. I don’t know what sort of people you are, magic, swords… Maybe you two are angel from Heaven. But, may you be blessed with happiness… As long as you survive together till the end, even if you face great hardships and misunderstanding, just wait till the sun turn’s to you once more…” He stared out at the bright new day ahead of him

“What time is it?” Sakura asked.

Looking at his digital watch, Syaoran answered, “Nearly 4. We better go back and find the others. We have school tomorrow… wait today.”

“Hoe-e. Wait up!”

“Woa, don’t run, you’re gonna slip again.”

“Hmmph. I can’t run even if I want to, ‘cause of this skirt.”

“Girls. Them and their fashion.”

“Look who’s talking!” They reached the end of the hallway. Looking back at the open door, Sakura waved, then smiled. Slowly smiling back, the young man waved back. In ways, he envied those two, even though they had a hard obstacle in front of them. FIngering the framed photo or him and Fujiko, he murmurred, "I love you Fujiko Kinomoto."

* * * * * *

“Where’ve you two been all night?” asked Meirin. “Syaoran, darling, don’t tell me it took you that long to find Sakura-chan and bring her back safely.”

Sighing, Syaoran replied, “It’s a long story.”

“Well, the storm’s stopped, so we can go home… more like go to school now.” Sakura stretched then rubbed her eyes. “Gosh, I spent the whole night without sleeping.”

“I called my bodyguards some time ago, and they should pick us up,” Tomoyo said.

“I hope the van will fit all our stuff,” added Erika. “But I still don’t get how you two came back now.”

“Yeah, we were all worried. Syaoran-san is just no help sometimes,” Eron grinned lazily.

“I know!” Sakura agreed heartily.

“Thanks a lot!” Syaoran retorted. He was about to say more, then stopped. Somehow, he thought, somehow, my life keeps on changing so fast, that my body can hardly keep up with it. But who am I inside? Good grievance, and I'm the one who said life was a one-chance oppurtunitity, either take it or leave it. 

Before they left the large mansion, Sakura gazed back at the open window. Through it, she could see a happy looking young man. Strangely, now that she saw him again, he didn’t look plain and ghostly, but strong and handsome. She could also see another angelic figure with long golden hair, kissing the man’s forehead softly. Sakura’s eyes met Fujiko’s. Fujiko mouthed the words, “Thank you.” For a moment, Sakura felt a giddy warmth in her heart.

Suddenly, Sakura exclaimed, “Oh no! I even forgot to ask his name!”

“Whose name?” asked Eron.

“The name of…”

“Ahem! The car seems to be here.” Syaoran said out loud.

Trying not to hit herself over her head for being such a blabbermouth, Sakura said, “I don’t think spending the night like this is good for me… I get so absentminded… Ah ha ha…”

“Oh ho ho ho. Sakura-chan looks so dismayed.” Tomoyo took out her video camera.

* * * * * *

“Sakura-san. Sakura-san. KINOMOTO-SAN!” The sensei shouted.

“Hey, wake up,” Erika whispered to her.

My head is spinning. It’s so dark. I can’t see. “AHHHHHHHH! LET GO OF ME!” Sakura bolted up. Her teacher backed away aghast. “Sorry…” Sakura had gotten home at around 5 AM, changed, then headed back to school. Luckily, her brother had been away for the weekend, so he wasn’t there to scold her. To her father, she told him that she has stayed at Tomoyo’s ‘cause of the storm, and because of the storm, she couldn’t contact him.

Breaking his chalk, the teacher trembled with anger. “LI-SAN!”

Syaoran’s head was dropped over his desk. Meirin kicked him, though she was barely able to keep her eyes open. “Leave me alone, Meirin.” Syaoran crossly muttered, shifting his head onto his arms.

“Wake up!” With full force, Meirin slapped a rolled up newspaper on his head.

“Hey, watcha think you’re doin’?” Syaoran asked angrily, fully awake, as he snatched it away and brought it down hard—on the teachers head. Then, he cowered back under his desk as the teacher barked at him.

After finishing writing text on the chalkboard, the teacher turned around again. Choking he, glared around to see anymore sleeping students. Cracking all his chalk, he shouted, “Kinomoto, Li, Chang, Li, Chang! All of you, after school duty!”

Sakura, Syaoran, Eron, Meirin, and Erika woke up alert, very dismayed. Only Tomoyo hadn’t been sleeping.
The whole class held out an umbrella to block the spray of saliva as their sensei shouted.

“Hoe-e! I think that scary mansion is better than this class,” Sakura moaned. She thought inside, “I’m so glad for that couple. They waited for so long, and finally, they are together in soul.”

Wish-chan: Well, another big chapter. Very muddled, huh? A dream about N+R, shopping, confronting a madman, locked in a dungeon, not to mention a scary teacher. Hoe-e! This chapter lapsed from serious to not so serious… ^_^. He he. Have you ever wondered where Syaoran got such a great fashion sense? I have. My own l’il explanation. Umm, about my titles. I hope most of you figured how they connect to my chapters. “Wait Till You Turn To Me.” This has 4 connections. 1) Nadeshiko will wait till Ryuuren will return her feelings for him. (Hmm… who would have thought this of Nade-chan? Brrr. Ryuuren makes me feel cold. But, he has a good heart.) 2) Fujiko would wait till her lover will trust her again and accept her soul. 3)The man will wait till he learns to put behind his revengeful mind and love Fujiko again. 4) And, finally, Sakura will wait… for what? Guess. ?
Oh yeah, did you notice the strange twist about Fujiko... Fujiko Kinomoto. Sorry. I like making things complicated. Someday, I'm gonna include Fujitaka's story, too, so well...