The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura, Syaoran and Friends

 Chapter 1: The New Beginning







Approximately two years later in Hong Kong…




Just a little further—dodge with the ball—kick into the goal. Goal in! Everybody cheered. Li Syaoran wiped the sweat off his forehead and nodded at his teammates who shouted, “Good job, Syaoran!” His endless training to be docile and quick in strategy was not wasted in soccer. Still, during his spare time, Syaoran practiced with his sword and developed new magic skills. He studied ancient books and scrolls in many languages and learned the history behind magic and fighting. His skills definitely had grown stronger and more refined. He had to practice because he knew there would be yet another trial awaiting him.


The night before he left Japan, he had a dream, a prophecy. Silhouetted by a full moon, a boy and a girl his own age stood before him on a cliff. With a menacing, smooth voice, the boy said, “We’ll get you, Little Wolf. You and that pretty Cherry Blossom.”


“What do you mean?”


“Wait and see.”


Suddenly, he was pushed off the cliff, falling and falling. He caught a glimpse someone with emerald eyes, shouting, “No, Syaoran! Don’t leave me!”


He had bolted up from his bed, sweating heavily. He vowed that he would come back someday. When the time came.


“Earth to it, Syaoran. Your teammates are over there, on the other side of the field,” said one of his friends on the other team.


Emerging from his daydreams, he ran across the field. What am I doing on this team? Oh, well. He was going to take all the opportunities in Hong Kong he could to be the greatest help he can in Japan.


A group of chattering girls in the corner watched him with admiration.


Oooooooh! Isn’t Syaoran so cool?”


“I know! He’s so cute! He’s the best looking guy in junior high!”


“Yeah, and he’s good at everything. PE, school work, music, and even art!”


“Right! Did you see that beautiful painting he did? Our art teacher was so proud of it.”


“I think the girl in the painting kind of looked like me.”


“Are you stupid? You have brown eyes and the girl in the painting had green.”


“Well, I think the girl smiled like me.”


“No. You know what I think? I think that girl is the girl that he likes. And it’s definitely not someone in Hong Kong. No one looks like her. The smile, the eyes, the grace.”


“Maybe it’s his girlfriend in Japan. Didn’t he live in Japan for a few years?”


“Yeah. I bet he was nice to her. You know, he’s kind of distant and has a cool manner to everyone. Even to Meilin. He’s so curt to all the girls here.”


“But he’s still cute, even when he glares!”


All the girls giggled.


Syaoran scowled. He could tell that those silly girls were talking about him, and he overheard some of the remarks. That painting. He really didn’t mean to draw it, but then the art teacher said to portray something that captured beauty. His mind seemed taken over and when he finished, he found that he had drawn a girl with sparkling emerald eyes, a serene smile and light brown hair tinted with gold. She was surrounded by cherry blossom petals, looking like an angel. Syaoran sighed. At first, he didn’t realize that it looked like her, because of the long hair and a less “genki” atmosphere, yet, he realized that he had painted Kinomoto Sakura.


“Watch out Syaoran!”


Bang! Syaoran sprawled on the ground, after the soccer ball hit him on the head. A teammate came up to him and said, “You know, even if you are the best at soccer, your mind wanders quite often. I will like to know what you think about.”


Glaring at his friend, Syaoran cursed himself for his stupidity. That was the first time he ever got hit by a soccer ball like an idiot. Plus, it was while thinking of her again.








In Japan…




“Kero-chan! Stop playing video games! Aren’t you sick of it yet?”


“Not yet,” Kero-chan mumbled through a mouthful of chocolate.


Kinomoto Sakura, age fourteen, sighed as she brushed out her light brown hair, which came down her back. She had been growing it for some years now. “Which ribbon should I use? Pink, red, blue, or yellow?”


“How about green?”


Someone was associated with green. She pushed the pretty green ribbon aside and chose the yellow one, tying half of hair into the bow. Looking into the mirror, she tilted her head and tried to smile. It looked fake. Why can’t I smile anymore? She smoothed out the white pleated skirt of the Seijou Junior High uniform and tucked the red tie into the black blazer. Then she ran down stairs for breakfast. “Good morning onii-chan!”


Kinomoto Touya, now a university student, nodded in response. He didn’t bother to call her kaijou. His little sister had changed. Most people would not have noticed it, but he, her brother did.


Putting on her rollerblades, Sakura started off to school. Funny, but she no longer waited around for Yukito-san. She still liked him, in a way. Yet, she had realized that her feelings for him were a pretense.


Tsukishiro Yukito no longer had the power to change to Yue-san, which was for the better. There was no need of a Sakura Card Mistress, except to look out for the Cards. Yue would awaken once more, when he was needed again. Yet, it seemed that the old Card Captor days were long over.




“Good morning Sakura-chan! Did you hear about the new students? They’re twins.” Daidouji Tomoyo greeted her best friend as she entered the classroom of Seijou Junior High.


“Really, Tomoyo-chan?” Sakura took her seat next to her best friend.


As the students sat down, their homeroom teacher announced, “Everyone, there are new students in our class. Greet Chang Eron and Erika, who are twins.”


Sakura stared at the boy and girl in front of the room. Their eyes were hazel with golden hues in them. Something about them makes me nervous. Chang Eron’s dark purple hair was long and tied back into a shot ponytail. It was a much darker color than Tomoyo’s. Strange, but romantic. Erika had the same purplish hair, with a hint of reddish color, which waved onto her shoulders. Grudgingly, Sakura had to admit that she was pretty, but not in a way that she liked. Strangely, they seemed familiar. As if I saw them before. Where? Suddenly, her gaze was caught by Eron as he flashed a smile. She felt like shuddering because it reminded her of the first day Hiiragizawa Eriol came to school and smiled at her his bland, innocent smile. However, Eron’s smile was brimming with charm and a sense of power that made her stomach lurch. Very charming and good looking, and he knows it. His twin sister Erika had her brilliant eyes upon her as well, and Sakura felt uneasy and borne down. For some reason, all transfer students seemed to have something against her on their first days of school. First, Li Syaoran, glaring at her, though he was great help to her later on. Then, Li Meilin, his cousin, competed against her in everything. She got friendly with her later, but still… Then, Eriol captivated her with a gaze and a smile. Now, Eron and Erika had something for her. Why do I always stand out to new transfer students? Is there anything wrong with me, or do they all have something against my existence?




During lunch, Tomoyo and Sakura sat on the bench outside. A sudden draft of wind blew and Sakura’s school hat flew off. Immediately, Eron came from behind and picked it up for her.


Th-thank you. You are very kind,” she stammered.


“No, it is my pleasure. Please call me Eron. What is your name?”


“Sakura. Kinomoto Sakura.”


“Sakura…” Eron was lost in deep thought and his eyebrows twitched together. I was right. It is her. I can feel the aura.


“Why, is anything the matter, Eron-kun?”


“Oh no! Sakura… You are as beautiful as the flower you are named after.” Sakura blushed, surprised. Eron was so like Eriol, but so different. Yet one thing similar is that I can’t help falling under his charm. Another mysterious smile drew over Eron’s face and he walked away, with his ponytail switching behind him. He chuckled to himself as his mind began to foil a plan.








Hong Kong…




We’re here now, Little Wolf. The flower is in our hands. What fun it would be to break her, and you’re not even here to help her. Our plan is ready to begin. No one will be able to defeat us, no one. We are the strongest. We have origins deeper than you understand, too smart one. We will win.


Syaoran woke up, perspiring and breathing heavily. It was the dream, the dream of the evil girl and the boy. God help Sakura! There was danger. He must return at once to Japan! Leaping out of bed, he drew out a suitcase and a trunk and started to pack. On top of his trunk he laid a green Chinese battle robe and placed a sword, sheathed and wrapped with cloth.


Scribbling a note of explanation an apology and to his mother, he placed it by her bedside. Quickly he kissed his mother’s cheek, mentally saying goodbye. He dragged his luggage to the front door and was about to go out when he realized that he was in his pajamas. Cursing himself for his stupidity, he ran back and changed into jeans and a shirt, pulling a green sweater over it. I must think calmly over all my plans. Syaoran then took out his bank account and stashed it into his jean pockets, beside the Japan apartment key. With a moment of hesitation, he ran into his mother’s room again, and rummaged through her wallet in the darkness. Triumphantly, he drew out her credit card and scribbled another apology on his note. Then, he dashed out the house with his belongings and caught a taxi, driving off to the Hong Kong International Airport in the middle of the starless night.




Syaoran’s mother woke up early, before dawn. Her powers told her something was not right. Li Ielan caught sight of the note on her bed stand, with Syaoran’s scribbling and as she read it, she commented to herself.


Dearest Mother, (Then why does he always hurt me so?)


I apologize for running off without warning, but it was an emergency. (Always in a hurry. He could have at least waited till the morning.) There is some kind of great danger, and I must go back to Japan. (To help the Kinomoto girl? He must care a great deal for her…) I knew that I would have to go back when I came to Hong Kong, and the time came. (Humph. So, he was not planning to stay in the first place.) I really did not mean to run off like this, however it turned out this way. (Always flippant. He must get that from his father, not me.) I’m sorry my stay was so short. (He should be. It’s been less than two years!) Don’t worry, for I’ll come to visit often when the danger is over. (Big chance! Yet, what does he mean by visit Hong Kong? Hong Kong is his home. He should go visit Japan, not the other way around… Is this really his home?) You can contact me through my old Japanese address, and if you are worried, you can send Wei. (Chuckles. Of course I will send trustworthy Wei. How can I ever trust him all on his own, even though he is so independent?) If you do, please let him bring the rest of my belongings, and the box of my father’s old books. (Just like him to be so organized at such a hurried moment.) Give my love to my sisters. (They’ll miss their little brother.) Oh yes, tell Meilin not to follow me to Japan again. (Tsk, tsk. Meilin must frighten him a lot to make him say that out of all things.) I’m sure she’ll listen to you, and also, I don’t want to put her in danger. (Yes, Syaoran is gentle underneath his outer surface.) Actually, don’t even tell her where I went. (I’m not so sure, my son.) Anyway, love you. (Then why did you go?) Don’t worry. (How can I not worry for my only son?) I’ll be fine as always. (Yes, Syaoran’s always strong.)


-       Li Syaoran


PS. I hope you don’t mind that I took your credit card. (I do mind!) I needed it for the airplane fare. (Bad boy. You should ask, not steal.) You’re rich, anyway, so it won’t matter. (Oh, so it doesn’t?)


PPS. Also, I’d appreciate it if you would deposit more money in my bank account.

(I have no choice, do I? Maybe I should drag him home, myself, but that would be cruel. Besides, I should let my son be independent and responsible. He’s not a baby anymore. Out of all the Li clan, he is the bestowed with the most skills and talent. Let him do what he decides, whether he wants to or not. I knew that he had changed when he came back from Japan, a year ago. He’s just like his father. My dear husband, I do wish you were alive. I don’t know how to handle this boy.)




Syaoran stared out of the airplane window on his flight to Tokyo, down at the dark, cloudy sky. He could see the dim horizon outlined with red. The roaring of the airplane gave him a headache as he tried to think logically. God, what am I doing? Why am I going back? It’s been hardly two years! I am an idiot! I have no reason to go back to Japan. Ah, but I do. The evil stirring around frightens me. If the Clow Cards hadn’t been captured, destruction would have occurred. What kind of destruction is in store now? Those people in my dream said that they’ll get me, and the cherry blossom- Sakura. Why? How will I help her anyway? I’m a fool. Angrily, he punched at the front seat. An old lady turned around, annoyed.


“Ah… I’m so sorry… I forgot where I was…” he stammered.


Stupid, stupid, stupid. He closed his bright amber eyes for a moment.


“Get up. You aren’t going to accomplish anything if you give up like that. Here, I’ll distract the card, and you concentrate on returning it to its true form.”


“Thank you for saving me, Li-kun.”


“Don’t thank me now. Catch the card first.”


So many memories related to her. Syaoran opened his eyes again. That was why he wanted to go back to Japan. He would protect her no matter what it cost. I will always be there for her. Then suddenly an image flashed through him.


“Hoe-e! Yukito-san!” She roller-bladed up to Yukito and smiled. I bet she still cares for Yukito-san… Fine, she is welcome to have him. Do I care? He frowned as if a barrier in his mind opened. Eriol was smiling at Sakura… No, it was not Eriol. He had purple hair pulled back and a charming smile. Of course he must like her. And he’s good looking. Better than me. The boy looked up, as if he saw him. Syaoran gasped. Where had he seen golden eyes before? The scene blurred. Syaoran had been too preoccupied with the dashing boy to notice the striking girl standing beside him. Fine, Sakura can do whatever she wants to. Who said that I’ll be nice to her? He certainly had experience in being mean. I won’t make a fool of myself.












Sakura and Tomoyo walked home together after school. Sakura was fingering her hair and frowning. Tomoyo asked, “Is there anything wrong? You seem… thoughtful.”


“Syaoran’s in Japan.”




“Li Syaoran… I can feel him… He’s here.”


“He must be on your mind a lot. There’s no reason why he’ll be here. He’s in Hong Kong, far away. You must be imagining things.”


“No. I’m not. You know I can always sense him.”


Tomoyo remained silent. It was true that Sakura always uncannily knew when Syaoran was around during the Card Captor times. Sigh. Back then, she had so much fun planning the wardrobe and videotaping Sakura… and Syaoran, videotaping the whole gang. She missed it so much. There was nothing interesting these days. Suddenly, she saw that Sakura had bumped into someone. It was Chang Eron. Tomoyo couldn’t decide whether she liked him or not. Yet, he was very good looking and looked very photogenic. Plus, he seemed so romantic. Perfect as the charming protagonist! Then she glanced at the mysterious gold eyes. Or the charming villain. He was helping Sakura up with the greatest concern.


“Oh, I’m so sorry, Sakura-san. I’m so clumsy. Here, are you hurt?” asked Eron.


“I-I’m really fine. I should have looked where I was going.” Sakura looked up and could see that Eron was gazing at her. She blushed, for it was uncomfortable to have such eyes bearing down on her. He was still holding her. She moved back a little and he let her go. Eron immediately picked up her scattered books. His manner certainly was flawless.


Tomoyo stood by the side, videotaping the incident. There was nothing better to videotape, anyway. It was kind of interesting, and sweet. Cancel that. Sweet was not a work matching Eron. The way he called Sakura’s name gave her a slight shiver. Sweet described… She sighed. Syaoran and Sakura. I must watch my videos of the Card Captor days again. It’s been months since I last saw them. Not today. Sakura’s coming over.








Syaoran opened the door of his apartment house in Tomoeda and stepped in. He coughed. Man, it was dusty in here. He hated untidiness. First, he dragged his luggage into his room. Looking out the window, he half-smiled. The leaves were turning colors again. Should I clean the house first, unpack, or get the groceries? Sneezing, he decided to clean first. He drew out the rags and broom and a bucket full of water and soap. Then he chanted a few runes and left the things to clean up the house. Too bad I don’t have a spell for unpacking. He opened up his trunk and took out his sword, propping it against the wall. Sitting on the floors he fingered a dent. It was from the time that he slammed the sword into the floor when he was mad. I better fix it up. Wei will say something when he comes. Syaoran felt his stomach rumble. Should I get the groceries now? Another rumble echoed the first. Definitely. Grabbing his key and some cash, he started to go out. Suddenly, he stopped mid-track. Slowing his breathing, he concentrated. He could feel some sort of wild power from somewhere. Danger! He seized his sword and ran out of his apartment.








“What do you think of Eron-kun?”


“Hmm, Tomoyo-chan? Can you repeat your question?” Sakura had other things on her mind as her best friend gazed at her seriously.


“What do you think of Chang Eron?”


Sakura closed her eyes and tried to concentrate. God, she was so out of practice. Sitting in Tomoyo’s room, cross-legged, she took another deep breath and felt the aura deep inside her. She remembered Kero-chan and Syaoran always telling her to concentrate and feel for the power. Then, she hit upon something. There was some strange strength. It was kind of like the escaped Clow Cards—but different. The feeling was so chaotic.


“Tomoyo-chan! There’s something wrong out there. I have to go and see what it is!”


“What do you mean?” asked Tomoyo.


“It’s kind of like the escaped Clow Cards, but different,” replied Sakura with a frown.


“Well, whatever it is, I’ll go with you and see what it is.”


Sakura dashed out, and Tomoyo followed, first grabbing her camcorder. She never knew when she might need it.




“So, where is it, Sakura-chan?” Tomoyo asked, panting to catch up with Sakura.


“I think it is in the King Penguin Park.”


They ran towards the park. When they got there, Tomoyo retreated to the corner, since she was used to staying out of the way. Sakura stood there in a defense position with her green eyes flitting around. Wait! Don’t try to see it. Feel for that power. She was alert. Suddenly, a whipping force slashed to her side. Skillfully, she dodged. The image cleared for Sakura, and she could see a spirit, with two long knives held in an attacking position. Then it started to slash at her on both sides. Sakura continued to jump back to avoid being cut into shreds. It moves too fast! I can’t do anything! But I must, or it will kill me. Kill me. Quickly, she drew out the chain with her Card Captor key from under her shirt. Luckily, she still wore it. Then she chanted the spell long unsaid.


“Key that hides power of the stars! Show your true shape to me! I, Sakura, command you under contract! Release!”


The key grew into the pink staff so accustomed to fit her hand. She frowned as she realized she did not have the cards with her. She was powerless. With her staff, she tried to block the fierce blows of the spirit. Yet, she was losing speed and strength. There was nothing she could do. The speed of the force seemed to increase more and struck down upon her with twice the velocity. When she stumbled, the spirit sliced at her head. She tried to raise her hand to protect herself, and it slightly slit her hand and cut the ribbon off her hair. Sakura fell on the gravel floor, with her light brown hair tumbling across her face. The blood gushed onto her palm. She clenched her eyes to feel the final, deathly blow.


”Stop, spirit of the dark forces. Face someone who can fight back!”


Sakura unclenched her eyes to hear a vaguely familiar voice. She was not dead. Someone ran up to her and helped her up. Yes it was him! She buried her face into his green sweater, half weeping with the sense of relief.


“Get up now. We have to fight this thing and being weak won’t help,” Syaoran said gruffly, embarrassed by the affectionate way Sakura was leaning against him.


Guided by his compass, he had hurried to the King Penguin Park. He saw the spirit holding the two knives, attacking a girl. At first, he did not recognize Sakura, since her hair grown a lot since she last saw him, and her face was turned. Then, he noticed Tomoyo taping the scene in the corner and realized that it was indeed Sakura. He thought that he would have a heart attack when the spirit slashed at Sakura’s hand and head. At least she was not killed. Syaoran then drew out his sword, standing in front of Sakura to protect her. Tomoyo sighed in relief. Syaoran would make things all right.


The spirit saw a new foe and started to attack with new venom. Syaoran deftly blocked with drills that he practiced dawn and night. Sakura watched him with a sense of admiration. He was so strong and brave. Unlike me. I’m so weak. He should have been the Clow Card Master, not me.


Syaoran continued to fight off the spirit. It was very consistent. Well, I’m not going to get beaten by this thing! With new strength, Syaoran slashed at the spirit, and when he saw an opening, he thrust his sword in with all his might. Cleanly, he pinned it down.


“Quickly, Sakura. Turn it into a card!”


“A card? But, that’s not a Clow Card. It’s just a thing.”


“It doesn’t matter. You’re the Card Mistress. You have the power to make new cards, as well. We have to do something with this thing to prevent it from running around, and the most efficient is to turn it into a card, bound under contract. Go on!”


“But I don’t know the spell.”


“Make up a spell. You have the magic powers. Let it flow out of you. You are strong and powerful. You are the Sakura Card Mistress. It is your duty.”


Sakura took a deep breath. Whatever it was, she would give a try at it. For a brief moment, she felt a tingling in her skins as words flowed from her mouth as if they were channeled from a higher source. “Spirit of the dark forces. I, Sakura, command you. Return to a new shape of contract! Sakura Card!”


The spirit dissolved under Syaoran’s knife and gathered at the tip of Sakura’s staff, forming a new card. It wavered, and drifted over to Syaoran, who took hold of it and stared at it. Sakura’s knees collapsed and she fell to the ground. Syaoran walked over to her and kneeled down.


“Before we say another word about this strange event, let me have a look at your hand. You hurt it when this thing slashed at you.” Syaoran took the hand that had been slit by the spirit. He frowned at the blood oozing out. Sakura winced in pain as he examined it.


“It’ll hurt for a few days, but it will be fine after I take care of it.” Chanting in Chinese over the wound, Syaoran cast a healing spell. Sakura could feel warmth creeping through the limp hand. Or was it because he was holding it? Syaoran then looked around for a bandage and finding none, he ripped off a piece of the shirt he was wearing underneath his sweater. Then gently, he tied it tightly around her hand.


Sakura said, “You didn’t have to rip your shirt. I could have bandaged it when I got home. But thank you. You are very kind. My hand feels better already.”


There was a moment of silence as they sat there. A gust of autumn wind blew around colorful leaves and Sakura’s glossy hair whipped around. She tilted her head and smiled her sweet smile at him. Syaoran could feel the familiar blush creeping up his face. She looked exactly like the painting he drew, perfect to the melting smile and sparkling emerald eyes. It was just that the autumn leaves replaced the cherry blossom petals, and it was dusky. Why doesn’t she get up? Then, he realized that he was still holding her hand. Quickly, he dropped the warmth as if it were burning coal and got up, clearing his throat.


“Umm… you can have this card. I have no use for cards anymore,” he said, handing over the new card.


“It’s okay. You earned it. But this whole thing is so confusing. I don’t understand what is happening.”


“Neither do I.” Syaoran read the letters on the card. “The Knife.”


“Wow, I can’t believe I made a brand new card. I never knew that I could. And thank you for saving me today. I would have… I would be dead by now if you did not save me. How did you know?


“I have my own ways. Plus, this compass guided me.” He indicated his rashinban.


“I thought it could only find Clow Cards.”


“I practiced and extended its powers. That’s not important now. We have to find out the source of this strange power.”


“Do you mean… someone intentionally sent The Knife?”


“Yes. We have a new enemy out there.”


Sakura shuddered at those words. Someone out there wanted to hurt her, and cause destruction. There was new evil brewing around. The Card Captor was needed again, with all the help from her friends.


Tomoyo continued to tape in the corner. Slowly she walked over and smiled blissfully. That was more like it. Despite the danger and chaos, she hadn’t had this much fun since the last episode of Card Captor Sakura she videotaped. Sakura had been right. Li Syaoran was back. A thrill went up her spine. Despite all, maybe things weren’t so hopeless. Maybe, this was the start of another adventure she could videotape and plan costumes out for!


Sakura ruminated deeply as she sorted out the facts. This was so confusing! She had made a new card, though it went to Syaoran. That was the same way as with the Clow Cards. It went to the person who conquered it. She had made a new spell. Now, she was starting to realize the powers of the Sakura Card Mistress. If she had to face more danger all on her own, she might be more scared, but with the help of her friends, she could face anything!


Syaoran stared into the card that he was holding. This was the first trial. There would be more hardships and dangers awaiting them. Many truths and facts remained untold, and he would need to unravel the story behind them. We have origins deeper than you understand, too smart one. Whatever it meant, it did not mean well for him, or Sakura. It was time to start working again, working hard to face all the dangers and protect Sakura! Suddenly his stomach rumbled loudly. His ears turned red.


Tomoyo came from behind and asked, “Are you hungry Li-kun?”


Ummm… I guess,” he said. “I hadn’t had anything since early last night. I didn’t have anything on the airplane. I was just about to go to the grocery when I felt the power here.”


“What brings you here, so suddenly?” Sakura asked.


What brings me here? “That’s none of your business,” he replied jerkily.


Tomoyo asked, “Did you come here all on your own?”


“Wei’s going to come in a week or so. Well, I’m going now. We can talk this out next time.” Syaoran turned around abruptly. There’s no reason why I should be nice to her.


As he went, Sakura called, “Are you coming to school tomorrow?”




As Sakura, Tomoyo, and Syaoran each head their own direction home, they each thought, “This is a new beginning.”








“How come we failed?” Erika snapped.


“Patience, my sister, patience. The Knife was sent as a trial, to test the flower’s skills. Who knew that she would turn it into a card? Pretty impressive. She has more powers then we estimated. We shouldn’t look down at her,” replied Eron.


“But we are stronger. We still have more elementals to send out at her. So many more powerful ones. What fun it will be to break her.”


“The Little Wolf has arrived, also. He makes things a little more complicated, but I was looking for him. Life’s getting more interesting, already. Yes, it is just the beginning.”


The Dark Ones broke out in laughter.








Author (Fall 1999): As the CCS crew says, it’s just the beginning. Take note that Sakura, Tomoyo, Syaoran and everyone are in seventh grade. (Edited this part to second year of junior high). More characters will enter in the next chapter. Does the dreams make sense? Well, they are prophetic. Oh yeah, how can anyone’s hair grow so fast in such a short time. Technically, it works out since if Sakura grew her hair since the end of 5th grade, it will be 2 years later, and hey, in stories, anything is possible. Still not clear in who Eron and Erika are? Wait and see. Things about the past will start unraveling.



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