Chapter 26: Living Together

“So, Sakura-chan! How was your date with Eron-kun yesterday!” Chiharu, Naoko, and Rika demanded at once at school the next day.

“Hoe… it wasn’t a date,” Sakura sweat-dropped.

“What movie did you watch? Was it romantic?”

She sweat-dropped even more. What was the movie about again?

“You girl are so silly,” Syaoran announced, brushing past them. “It’s just a stupid date.”

“So? Then why are you butting in? That’s none of your business! How dumb. Why’d’you follow me to the theater then?” Sakura shouted. She felt hurt that Syaoran acted so uncaring about her feelings.

“Why would I follow you? What’s so special about you anyway? You’re clumsy, a late sleeper, and scared of everything!” As Syaoran said this, he felt reproachful of himself. “Wait—I didn’t mean that—“

“I don’t care! It’s true! But I don’t need you telling that to my face. I hate you Li Syaoran. Get out of my sight!” Sakura turned around in fury.

“Ooohh~ a lover’s quarrel,” Erika commented with an amuse smile.

The teacher interrupted, “Today, we’re going to clean out the old theater for Seijou Junior High’s production.” Everyone groaned. “Come on students. Let’s be efficient!”

The old theater was a mess. Twenty years worth of dust was piles up. The stage had wood splinters on it, the seats were a mess, the curtains were rags, old boxes and props were pile up; it seemed impossible to clean up.

Cough cough. Sakura’s eyes watered from the dust. Her arms were aching from brooming the floor and moving heavy loads.

From behind her, Syaoran walked up and helped her heave out a heavy box. Then he began, “Hey, I'm—“

Briskly, Sakura turned in another direction to dust the floor.

Sighing, Syaoran moved away.

Holding up a box, Erika complained, “This is so heavy. Oops, I dropped it. What shall I do?”

Quietly, Syaoran picked up the contents and heaved it up. “I’ll take it. Go help with the brooming.”

“Thank you Syaoran!” Erika squealed, clasping her hands together.

Snap! To Sakura’s surprise, her broom snapped into two from the pressure she had applied on it.

“Sakura-chan! Your broom!” Tomoyo exclaimed.

“He he he… I’ll go outside for a breath of air. We have P.E. next, right? The dust in the auditorium is killing me,” Sakura said, wiping her forehead with the back of her sleeve.

“I’ll go too.” The two girls exited the auditorium. Outside, the sun was shining. Then they blinked. Was something shining in the sky? Soon, they realized that it was two white doves, carrying a bag with their beaks.

Sakura reached out her hands, as the doves dropped the parcel down. “Hoe-e? What is this?” Tentatively, she looked into the bag. The doves fluttered around her head, and then flew off until they faded into tiny specks in the distant blue sky.

Inside, there was a small chest. On one side was the emblem of a magician’s top head facing upwards, with a circle representing the full moon behind it.

“That’s Kaitou Magician’s symbol,” Tomoyo said. “Wait, here’s a letter attached to it.”

To K.S. and L.S.

Here’s a little present from me. Don’t worry, I’m safe away from Japan and won’t bother you for a while. And it’s not a bomb or anything. Open it together. It’ll be useful. Oh, keep the Five Force Treasures safe.

“Well, I guess you’ll have to open it with Syaoran-kun,” Tomoyo commented. She looked dazzled. “And I’ll video-tape it!”

“But…” Sakura cast her forest green eyes down. “Well, I told him I hate him, and I’ve sorta being avoiding him. I can’t believe I thought that he was nice.”

“Watch out for the ball!” someone from the field shouted. Sakura swerved around to see a soccer ball fly out of the field to their direction. Ever since the ball hit her on her face last winter, she has the slightest bit of paranoia. To her surprise, the ball stopped a few centimeters away from her head and dropped down to her feet. She blinked. Syaoran was washing his hands at the fountain next to the field. When she gazed his direction, he looked away. Kicking the ball back to the boys playing soccer, she walked over to him, gathering some nerves.

“Umm… Syaoran-kun?” Sakura asked. “Thanks for stopping the ball from hitting my face. It was you, wasn’t it?”

“Eh?” He asked gruffly, wiping his water soaked head with his sleeves.

Remembering the winter P.E. day, when she was hit by a soccer ball, she asked, “And it was you who helped me up and asked me if I was all right, last winter, when I was hit by a soccer ball, wasn’t it? You came to the infirmary, and healed my bruised eye afterwards.”

Turning off the water spout, he asked, “How’d’you know?”

“I remembered a forest green glowing aura.” Sakura handed him a towel, as he tried to shake the water off his face. “The same one as you were healing my sprained ankle.”

Ears turning red, he said, “Uh… thanks. Let me guess… you have something to say to me?”


Tomoyo, Sakura, and Syaoran gathered in a quiet music room.

“The Kaitou Magician sent this?” Syaoran asked, indicating to the chest. He held it up and observed it in all direction. “Hmm… doesn’t seem to be toxic.”

“How will you open it? Sakura and I already tried, but we can’t find a lock,” Tomoyo said.

“Stand back.” Syaoran slapped an ofuda on the chest, and slammed his sword at it. There was a zapping of thunder, and the chest lid opened.

“Hoe-e? What is this?” Sakura took out an old rolled parchment from the chest. “Wait, this is the Five Force Scroll!”

“The Five Force Scroll? You lost it ages ago, I remember! Wait, here’s a note attached to it.” Tomoyo observed the scroll in wonder. “’Something I picked up in Japan. Thought you might want it. ~K.M.’ Kaitou Magician is one amazing thief!”

“Here’s something else.” Sakura drew out a faded piece of paper with lines and scribbles all over it. “It looks like a map of some sort.”

“No. It looks more like a blueprint of a building. See all these straight lines and labeling? It’s showing the layout of a building. Wait… this is the Seijou Junior High old theater.” Syaoran pointed out. “I wonder why he included this.”

“Wait, there’s something else.” Sakura reached her left hand into the chest. Something clicked around her slender left wrist. “Hoe?” She drew out her hand. One side of a slender handcuff had clasped itself on her wrist. The other end dangled from the chain connecting the two cuffs.

“What’s that?” Syaoran reached out his right hand to see it. Click. The other cuff had fastened itself around Syaoran’s right wrist.

It took a second to realize what had happened. Then they shouted aghast, “Don’t tell me we’re handcuffed to each other!”

“Oh ho ho ho! What an interesting thing to video tape,” Tomoyo commented.

Soon, they found that there were no key holes of any sort, nor any means to unfasten the handcuff.

“Fiery! Melt the handcuff off!” Sakura commanded. “Ouch!” The metal conducted the heat, scalding both their wrists.

They tried freezing it, then hammering it off, exploding the chain connecting the cuffs with a dynamite, slicing through the chain with a sword, and literal force. Nothing worked. Syaoran and Sakura panted with effort, glaring at each other as if it was their fault.

“Great, now I’m stuck to you with no evident signs of freeing myself from this handcuff,” Sakura stated, trying to yank it off her wrist.

“I’m not that crazy about it either. But we have no choice. Good thing we have only an hour till school’s over. Make the chain invisible. We have our next class together, so we’ll just have to stay next to each other.”

“Fine. ‘Invisible!’ Make this handcuff invisible.” Sakura stood up and walked out of the music room. Syaoran, who wasn’t prepared, fell head over heels on a stool. “Hurry!” She said, tugging her left hand.

“Wait,” groaned Syaoran, feeling his right arm being pulled.

During music class, Erika demanded, “Sakura, why are you sitting so close to Syaoran. Move!” Then, Erika shoved in right between Sakura and Syaoran.

Sakura tried to move away, resulting in pulling Syaoran’s right arm making him tumble off his chair. He secretly glared at her mouthing the words, “Watch what you’re doing!”

Shrugging, Sakura replied, “Sorry.” The rest of school was miserable for both of them.


Ding dong ding dong.

Finally, school was over.

Sakura sighed in relief, glaring at her left wrist, handcuffed to Syaoran’s right wrist.

“So, what shall we do now?” Syaoran asked. “I guess we both better skip our afternoon activities.”

“Let’s go to the locksmith,” Sakura suggested.

“We can’t. How will we explain the situation to anyone? If we do, either Kaitou Magician would get in trouble, or leak out unnecessary information.”

“Then let’s contact Kaitou Magician.”

“We don’t have a clue where he is.”

“Then, let’s just give this up,” Sakura concluded. Comically, she commented, “It’ll be like we’re Siamese twins. We’ll always be stuck to each other and do everything together, go everywhere with each other…”

“I’m sure there’s a way to get this thing off. Let’s just go home for now.” Syaoran walked in one direction, while Sakura headed in another. The pulling effect resulted in both of them falling flat on their backs.


“I thought you said we’re going home,” Sakura said as they walked through the streets.

“I have to grocery shop today. There’s nothing to eat at home,” Syaoran replied.

“Then we can go to my house… wait a minute. I ate up everything this morning. Well, we better not be seen by anyone.”

“I agree. We don’t want people getting the wrong idea.”

They entered the grocery store. The first person they saw was Chiharu, shopping with her mother.

“Quick, let’s hide behind the fruit stand,” Sakura whispered. Bending down, they crawled to the other side of the store.

“What are you doing, Sakura-chan?” Rika asked, bending over to see the crouching Sakura. “Hmm… I could have sworn that I just saw Li-kun. Maybe I’m mistaken.”

“Hoe-e!” Sakura’s hair stood on its ends, and she shoved Syaoran behind a cart. “Uh… I dropped something he he… I have to go this way. See you later Rika-chan.”

After Rika left her own way, rather confused, Syaoran grumbled, “You banged my head with that cart.”

“Sorry. Okay, so we need vegetables, fruits, fish… Look, there’s Yamazaki-kun buying chips!” Sakura exclaimed in despair.

They leaped behind the cereal lane. As they were about to sigh in relief, Chiharu, Rika, and Takashi walked towards them, waving.

“I though I saw you two enter,” Chiharu commented. “What are you guys doing?”

“Err… we just met each other while grocery shopping,” Sakura said, hoping that the invisible card worked to make the handcuff invisible.

“Li-kun, you do groceries? What a dedicated guy!” Rika asked admiringly.

“Uh… Yamazaki-kun is here, too,” Syaoran protested.

“I’m only here to buy chips,” Takashi replied, smiling. “Chips originated when people only had breads. They decided that breads were to soft and…”

“Hmm… seeing you two stand right next to each other with a grocery cart makes you two look like a married couples,” Chiharu commented, flipping back one of her braided pigtails.

“What are you talking about?!” Sakura and Syaoran exclaimed.

Laughing, Rika explained, “It’s no offense. But ever since Li-kun first came to Tomoeda, five years ago, I thought that you two were always together. It’s nice.”

“Well, see you guys around,” Takashi said, and the three friends walked off.

Collapsing with relief to see them go, Syaoran asked, “Do you wanna just forget this and go home and order pizza?”

“Best idea so far,” Sakura replied.

It was late at night at the Syaoran’s apartment and neither of them had figured out how to take the handcuff off.

Finally, they had given up and were working on their homework, sitting next to each other at the living room table. Syaoran was clumsily writing with his left hand since his right hand was attached to the cuff. Meanwhile, Sakura was twisting the ends of her ponytail, trying to solve a math equation. She had been scolded for leaving her homework at home by the math-sensei. Ugh. This whole section doesn’t make sense! How can Syaoran already be finished? I’m not even half done. Scribbling out her answer, she took out a clean sheet of paper.

Glancing over Sakura’s shoulder, Syaoran said pointing to a math problem, “You only transferred this part wrong. See? Everything else is fine. Just change this into a positive number. Hmm… And this question, you just have to simplify the answer. You have the basic concept right, just little mistakes here and there.”

“Oh.” Sakura looked over her problems and suddenly everything seemed clear. “Thank you. I get it now.”

“No problem. You can help me with the Japanese homework afterwards.” Syaoran smiled slightly. Then, he continued hesitantly, “Hey, I’m sorry about this morning… I didn’t mean to call you all those mean stuff.”

“Huh?” Sakura looked up with those luminous ocean green orbs. Had Syaoran apologized to her? Slowly, she smiled, “It’s okay. I didn’t mind. Not that much.”

For a moment, there seemed to be an enigma between those two, in the quiet evening in the apartment room. Just then, Sakura’s handphone rang. It was Tomoyo.

“So, Sakura-chan, how are you? Did you find away to take the handcuff off?” Tomoyo asked. “You’re at Syaoran-kun’s apartment right now, right? Alone, with only the two of you.”

Sweat-dropping, Sakura asked, “W-what are you implying?”

“Oh nothing. Hmm… If you can’t take it off, you’re going to be stuck with each other while doing everything… Well good night!”

After she hung up, Syaoran asked, “Was that Tomoyo?”

“Yeah.” Sakura’s ears turned red. There’s nothing wrong with me being here. It’s not like I have a choice… Yet, oniichan would kill me if he knew where I was. Heaving a sigh, Sakura returned to her math problems which she had been solving for the past three hours. By eleven, Syaoran had set aside his work and paid full attention in helping her out.

“You’re really working hard,” Syaoran commented, after they had finished.

“It’s because the math-sensei said that if I don’t get a passing grade on the next test, he’ll fail me in the course. And then, I won’t be able to enter high school. I think I’m so stupid,” Sakura said distressfully.

“You’re not stupid. It’s just because you don’t have enough time to study because of all the Card Captor stuff. You’re a really intelligent individual. And I mean not only in academics but on the whole.”

“Really?” Sakura looked up gratefully.


The next morning, Sakura and Syaoran were sprawled on opposite ends of the couch, half falling off. While studying the previous night, they had fallen asleep on the spot. Groggily, Sakura blinked at the sunlight from the window showering over her face. Then, she bolted awake, rolling off the couch to the floor. This caused Syaoran to fall off the couch as well.

“What the…” Syaoran blinked, while fingering the bruise forming on his right wrist from all the yanking. “Why am I on the floor?”

Rubbing her eyes, Sakura gazed around her unfamiliar surroundings. Then, she realized that it was Syaoran’s living room. Jumping she screeched, “What am I doing there?” Both of them tried to move away from each other, which was impossible. Then, they remembered that they were handcuffed to each other because of the stupid Kaitou Magician. “Eww! I fell asleep on the same couch as you!” Sakura glared at Syaoran.

“It’s not like we had a choice,” Syaoran replied. “What time is it?” Glancing at his watch, his eyes bulged. “We’re late for school again!”

Together, they burst out of the apartment, full speed. They had slept in their school uniforms.


“You mean you still couldn’t take that handcuff off?” Tomoyo exclaimed during school, as they resumed cleaning out the old theater.

“Hoe-e. We tried our best.” Sakura hung her head down. “It’s a good thing Syaoran-kun and I have the same classes. We’re stuck with each other for good.”

The old auditorium was already gaining some of it’s old splendor, as the old curtains were replaced with new, deep red velvet ones, the stage floored with polished wood, and new carpets and seats put it.

“Wow, I think this must have been a very nice theater, twenty years ago,” Sakura commented, as she swerved around, examining the students’ hard work.

“It was,” Naoko replied. “Twenty-two years ago was the grandest school production ever, the Phantom of the Opera.”

“You know about it?” Tomoyo asked.

“Of course! Anything with ghosts fascinate me,” Naoko replied matter of fact, pushing up her glasses and preparing for her story.

“But it’s all a story,” Chiharu said.

Naoko said eerily, “Everyone thought it was a story… until…”

Flashback to 22 years ago…

“Congratulations Nadeshiko! You got the heroine’s part of Christine Daae!” Sonomi exclaimed.

“Thanks!” Nadeshiko smiled. Never in her wildest dreams did she think she would get the part. It was wonderful!

Then, the accidents began. First, it began as simple threat notes to various members of the cast, telling them to quit the show. Most people concluded it as a prank from one of their fellow students. Then, strange things began to happen, such as prop sets falling down, the scenery backdrop almost crashing down on the students, lights off, and even a small fire. Yet, these were all manageable and most people, including the teacher brushed it off as unfortunate accidents.

Finally, the biggest accident of all occurred. During dress rehearsal, the prop chandelier crashed down from the ceiling, during the act with Raoul and Christine. Quickly, a student playing first violin in the orchestra jumped up from his seat to save the two…


Naoko continued, “But it was too late to save the student playing Raoul. He was crushed under the impact of the prop chandelier and was carried away in an ambulance. People began saying that the play was cursed. In the real story of the Phantom of the Opera, someone was killed under the chandelier, too. For the performance, Raoul’s understudy took place and they managed to pull off the performance fine.”

“What happened to the student playing Raoul?” Sakura asked.

“He died,” Naoko stated. “And that’s why they close down this theater. The student administrative was convinced that either there is a phantom in this theater, or the dead student would come haunt it.”

“Hoe-e!” Sakura shrieked. “A g-g-ghost!?”

“That can’t be true,” Syaoran stated, not believing for once.

“Think what you want to,” Naoko said. Turning star eyed, she exclaimed, “But I think it’s terribly fascinating to perform a musical in a haunted theater! There’s even a basement, think about it! In the real story, the Phantom’s reign was the underground dungeons!”

Tomoyo whispered to Sakura, “Let’s see if there’s a basement in the blueprint of this building that the Kaitou Magician sent us.”

Together, along with Syaoran, they went backstage and examined the mapping out of the theater. There were many nooks and crannies in it, as well as a locked door to the basement floor.

“I don’t really want to be in this performance anymore…” Sakura said. Putting back the blueprint into her bag, her fingers brushed against something. The Five Force Scroll. She took it out and unrolled the parchment. It had been a long time since she saw it. I wonder how Kaitou Magician knows what this is…

As she opened up the scroll, with a glowing light, something materialized in front of them. It was a white stuffed animal looking thing with bunny ears and tiny wings on its back.

“How cute!” Sakura exclaimed, clapping her hands.

“Another stuffed animal?” Syaoran asked, puzzled.

“Wrong! I’m the great Moonstone-sama!” the bunny looking stuffed doll replied.

“What’s that?” Sakura asked.

“You mean you don’t remember! I was the great guardian of the Five Force Scroll. I looked after your mother and the boy’s father, also,” Moonstone replied importantly. “Anyway, I can’t stay that long. I don’t have enough powers. But it’s a real privilege to meet their children, a great joy!”

“Wait, can you tell me how to get this handcuff thing off?” Sakura pleaded.

Eyeing it, Moonstone replied, “That’s none of my business… Wait, I remember! Yes, that must be the one. See? The initials M.M. are carved on in!”

Looking closely at the handcuff , Sakura found that “M.M.” was engraved on the metal. “What is it?”

“Mizuki Miara’s (Miho’s mother’s) initials.” Then, Moonstone related the story.



Flipping back her long auburn hair, Mizuki Miara stated, “I don’t like how you always hang around Li-san!” She held up a handcuff. It was right before the final evening performance of the Phantom of the Opera.

“Hoe?” Nadeshiko sweat-dropped, adjusting her white lacy Victorian style costume dress.

“I want to be Christine Daae! I’m your understudy, anyway. If you’re gone, I can take the lead. Plus, Li Ryuuren is first violin in the Seijou High orchestra for the production ‘Phantom of the Opera.’ So, he’ll watch me on stage, and he’ll fall in love with me and my superior talent. You’ll have to stay here!” Grabbing Nadeshiko’s wrist, she snapped a cuff on it. Nadeshiko tried to jump away. “Come here, I have to get the other side!” Miara chased Nadeshiko around the dressing room.

“What’s going on?” Ryuuren asked stepping into the room. In one hand was his violin, and he was looking handsome in his black suit. “What are you doing, Mizuki-san?”

“Huh?” Miara sweat-dropped. Then she leaped for Nadeshiko. “Come here, I’m going to handcuff you and be Christine!” Instead of handcuffing both of Nadeshiko’s wrists, Miara accidentally snapped one cuff on her wrist. “AHHHHH! I handcuffed myself to you! What’ll I do! I won’t be able to go on stage!”

“Then you better unlock it. Where’s the key?” Ryuuren asked patiently.

Half in tears, Miara answered, “I enchanted this handcuff, and then, I threw the special key down in the theater basement!”



“Anyway, they managed to get the handcuff off before the performance,” Moonstone informed them. “They just blasted it with their powers combined. But I don’t think that’ll be possible with just you two. The best option’s to just find the key in the theater basement. Well, bye now, my power’s fading! One thing to advise. Stay together if you can. It’ll be better for you when you face danger. Don’t laugh my words off. I’m serious. If you have to keep that handcuff on you to do stay together, keep it on.” The white creature faded back into the scroll.

“Wait! Moonie-chan, come back!” Sakura called out.

“Well, looks like you have no choice but to go down there,” Tomoyo shrugged.

“Hoe-e! What if the ghost of the student is there!” Sakura said.

“That’s only a stupid school ghost story, probably made up,” Syaoran said.

Hesitantly, they unlocked the door to the basement and walked down. Tomoyo stayed at the top to stay in guard, much to her disappointment. She couldn’t videotape there.

“It’s dark in here,” Sakura commented as they came to the bottom of the steep stairs. Syaoran held up his fire lit ofuda paper. “It’s creepy too.” Then, she saw a white thing. “AHHHHHHH!” Her voice echoed throughout the hollow basement of the old theater.

“It’s only old props!” Syaoran said, pointing it out. He bent over an old box. “Wow, look. This must have been your mother’s costume. See this dress? It’s the one she wore in the picture.”

“That’s right! And there’s the Phantom’s costume, and that’s the chandelier! All the old props are here!” Sakura and Syaoran examined the piles of old supplies in awe. Then Sakura pointed out, “See this music box? It comes out in the play, too.” She lifted the lid up. Music no longer came out of it, since it was over twenty years old. Yet, she found something even better. “The key! It must be the one! It has the initials, M.M. on it!”

“Really! Hurry, let’s go up again and unlock this handcuff. It’s too dark here to find the keyhole, anyway,” Syaoran remembered how they could find no keyholes in the cuffs.

“Good idea. This place is kinda creepy. That white mask looks like it’s floating in the air…” Sakura shirked back. She could swear that the mask moved. “Let’s go out. Quick!” She broke out running.

Syaoran tripped over the dusty old boxes. “Wait! Move together!” At that moment, he ducked just in time to escape a heavy figure being thrown at his head. He turned around. The bone white mask leered at him, midair. The Phantom.

“Key that hides powers of the stars. Show your true self to me. I, Sakura command you under contract. Release! Fiery!” Sakura slammed the card to the tip of her staff. Eerily, the mask caught fire and clattered to the floor.

Wiping sweat off her brows, Sakura commented, “Whew. That was easier than I thought. Spirit of the dark forces. I, Sakura command you. Return to a new shape under contract. Sakura Card!” At first, a flickering glimmer formed around the mask. Then it dissolved into the musty air. “What?! It’s not working?”

Slowly, the mask rose again, and took an indefinite shape of a person. “Run!” Sakura shouted, clambering up the creaking basement stair with Syaoran. “What shall I do? If it doesn’t turn into a card…” They reached the door, and burst outside, into the ground floor of the theater. Suddenly, the Phantom stopped chasing them and sank back into the basement.

“Huh? How come it stopped chasing us?” Sakura asked.

Tomoyo, who had been waiting for them pointed to a segment in the scroll, reading it aloud. “Li Ryuuren and Amamiya Nadeshiko sealed the Dark Force, the Phantom to the basement of the old Seijou Junior High Theater, which regulates the Phantom to stay within it’s boundaries. However, when the Phantom breaks the seal, it would be able to roam as it pleases.”

“Oh. So, that Phantom can’t get out of the basement. That’s a relief,” Sakura sighed in relief. With the key, she held out her wrist, looking for the key hole in the cuff. Miraculously, a hole suddenly appeared as she held the key up. She unlocked herself and Syaoran, and the handcuff clattered to the floor. That was a relief. “Well, I guess we’re free from each other,” Sakura said, smiling.

“Eh? Yeah. Umm… even thought this thing is off… Uh… that stuffed animal said that we should stay together, and there’s lotsa dangerous things out there and everything… Well, you can stay at my house for the while, until your family comes back. That’ll be better when new forces appear and everything,” Syaoran turned red, wondering what in the world he was blabbering about.

“Okay. Thanks!” Sakura grinned happily. “I really didn’t like staying home alone, anyway!”

“Oh ho ho ho! So this is how the rival Card Captors officially began living together like a married couple!” Tomoyo announced into her Sony V8.

“WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!” Sakura and Syaoran protested.

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