Chapter 5: The Five Force Scroll

Author’s note: Well, the next two chapters will be… blah. It focuses a lot on the past and the reason it exists is because I need to clear up the past a little bit and I also need to link things up more. Hmm… it will get better, don’t worry. Also, many things will clear up in the ending. Yup yup. It’s still confusing. Umm… it wasn’t clear until now, but I think that Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, etc. are about 14 years old right now. They go to Seijou Junior High… (Or should it be Tomoeda Junior High?) Touya and Yukito are in college, and they’re about 20-21.


(******)     =     scene change
(~~~~~~) =    flashback, or the “past” (you’ll get it when you read on)


“Oh, be quiet!” Sakura hid under her pillow and slammed at the alarm clock, knocking it to the ground.

Kero-chan came out of his drawer and remarked dryly, “It is not like that alarm clock can answer you.”

Sakura, I’ll never let you go. Syaoran’s gentle, yet forceful voice haunted. Sighing, Sakura snuggled into her bed cover. Why do I have to wake up early today? It’s Sunday. She rubbed her head. Oh yeah. Yukito-san might come over, so I was going to bake cookies and a homemade cake.  Her whole body ached from the camp injuries the previous day, and she felt stiff. Trying, to stand up, she collapsed onto the bed again. Kero slipped out of his drawer and hovered to her, concerned. She had told him about the camping experience the other night.

“What’s the matter Sakura? You sick?”

Moaning, Sakura tried to sit up again and murmured, “I don’t know. My body aches, I know I should after all I went through yesterday, but… some how, I feel as if my whole energy is drained. I’m so tired.”

“Well, I guess that’s only expected from that camping trip.” Shudder. “I wish I was there. This new force gives me a more dreadful feeling than before. What’s worse is that I can’t find out the key to this. It’s all a mystery from the past’s past, even beyond Clow Reed.”

“It’s not just because of the camping trip. I had this worn out feeling from before, but now, it’s worse. It kind of feels like the times when I first learned how to change the cards into Sakura Cards. Remember? I was sleepy all the time.”

“Oh! I wonder why hadn’t thought of it before. Of course, now, you’re body is using more of your energy to create brand new cards. No wonder you are worn out. Well, considering what you’ve been going through, your body still is stronger than I would have expected. At least you don’t fall asleep anymore.” On a side, he muttered, “And you used to collapse so sweetly into the Chinese brat’s arms.”

“What!?” Sakura through her pillow at Kero-chan.

“Uhh—nothing. I said that proves that your power has grown considerably, since you faced Eriol, aka Clow Reed. Well, you better stay in bed and call your ‘niichan.”

“No, don’t call him. He worries too much. Besides, I need to get up and make cookies. Tsukishiro-san is coming over.”

“Are you still hankering over the snow-bunny?”

“No. It’s just that I don’t see him often, now that he is in college.”

“Do you think that it is time to awaken Yue, again? Things will be getting worse, and you need all the protection.”

“NO,” Sakura said forcefully. “He’s finally having a peaceful life. I don’t want to draw in any more people in this, than is necessary. Besides, he’ll awaken naturally, when the right time arrives.” Furrowing her eyebrows deeply, she sat up. Suddenly, a vision flashed before her eyes. The Five Force Scroll.

What is that? She shook her head. Really, I better get up. My mind is getting crazy or something. Hmm, I should wear long sleeves and pants to cover up these nasty cuts and bruises. Painfully, she forced herself to stand up and keep her balance. I better act energetic, or else, Touya would get suspicious again. Luckily, her father hadn’t been home when she came back from camp, but her brother was.

~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Flashback of the previous night, when Sakura came back from camp…

“I’m home!” Sakura walked into the house, back from the camp trip.

Touya gripped her shoulders and shouted as he shook her, “Kaijou! What the heck (^_^) happened to you? You look like you fell off a cliff!”

“Eh he he he…” A big sweat drop rolled down her head.

“Answer me! What are all these cuts, bruises, and the bandages on your head? Man, that bandage looks like a ripped up shirt. I better look at it.”

“Uh, I’m fine…” Sweat drops pouring down. “Really.”

During dinner…

Sakura gulped down the food. Slurp. Munch, crunch. Choke choke. Ahhh! “Delicious, ‘niichan! Umghph. Cough cough. Water please!”
“Man, what happened to you? I know camp food isn’t great, but you eat like you haven’t eaten for weeks,” Touya gazed with shock as she devoured the food. “You’ll get fat if you always eat like that.”

“Don’t worry. Today is an exception. The only thing I’ve eaten since yesterday is yummy, slithering slimy fish with bulging eyes.”


“Yup. Fresh from the brook.” Sakura noted with amusement that Touya looked slightly green.

“Man, has camping gone worse since I went?” Touya muttered. “And you still didn’t tell me what happened to get you this hurt. If the brat did it…”

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sakura sighed, “So, you see Kero-chan? He always worries.”
“It’s cuz he cares about his adowable widdle swister (adorable little sister.)”

Sakura, ”^_^!”
* * * * * *

“Will you stop fidgeting?” I can’t get this bandage straight!” Meirin slapped the ointment on Syaoran’s back, impatiently.

“Owwwww!” Syaoran lay flat on his stomach, on his bed. Wei had brought in some special herbs to treat his injuries that morning.

“Boys! They don’t know what is good for them.” She placed the last bandage

“Uh, thanks, I guess…”

“You guess? You know how I hate the sight of blood. You should be thankful I ‘m anywhere near you. But, I’m your cousin, after all. Man, you know, Sakura looked even worse than you did. Get up now.”

Gingerly, Syaoran got up. Meirin then handed him a white parcel. He asked, “What’s this?”

“Well, umm… Sakura was hurt, so I thought she might want some ointments to heal her wounds quicker… So, I thought you might want to give it to her.”

He stared at her blankly and then grinned, “Sure. Man, you’re turning nice all of a sudden, Meirin. Didn’t know you cared. Or, is the real you lost back in the woods, somewhere?”

“Hmmph! It’s just that there was some leftover, that’s all. Don’t tell her that I gave it to you.” Meirin looked away, haughtily and stuck out her tongue.

“Don’t worry,” Syaoran easily patted her back and got up.

* * * * * *

Why am I actually going to Sakura’s house right away? It’s Sunday. I can give it to her at school tomorrow. It's not like I’m worried or anything. Yeah, it’s only cause Meirin kicked me out the door. That’s why. (Grumble, grumble) Getting off his bicycle at the Kinomoto residence, Syaoran hesitantly tried to press the doorbell. Drawing back his finger, he tried to press it again, but each time, something kept him from doing it. For a while, he kept on doing this. Suddenly, the front door swung open and a terrifying tall figure emerged.

They both screamed, “AHHHHH!” in unison.

Then, quick foot steps sounded and someone asked, “What’s the matter, oniichan?” Sakura’s head popped up from behind the person.

Touya gawked and then stammered at Syaoran, “Gah! Who are you?”

From behind, Sakura peered over Touya’s shoulder and to her surprise, saw Syaoran. “’Nii-chan, let him in. He’s a friend.”

“Him? I never saw him before in my life!” Touya faced Syaoran, “What do you want?”

Syaoran glared at Touya fiercely. It was the first time that they had met face to face since he had left Japan.

Then, Touya’s brain finally clicked and he shouted, “YOU! You possible can’t be the little Chinese brat! What the hell are you doing at my house! Actually, what are you doing in Japan, anyway? Get OUT!”

With lightening sparking between them, Syaoran shouted back, “Well, for a matter of fact, I’m not that little anymore. In a year or two, I will be as tall, if not taller than you.” He moved into an attacking position.

Taken back Touya stared at the “little brat.” Hmmph. How can a guy grow so fast? Man, he’s pretty okay looking, as far as boys his age do. Not a little kid anymore… He’s almost a young man, who knows how to fight for his life. And it doesn’t help that he is ALMOST my height.

“Anyway, get out of my way. I’m not here to meet you.” Syaoran tried to shove.

“When I was your own age, kid, I had more respect for my elders.”

“Oh really?” Syaoran narrowed his eyes and stared back coolly at Touya. Before they got any hotter, Sakura butted in, “Well now, come on in, Syaoran-kun. Uh, oniichan, didn’t you have to go somewhere?”

“No. I don’t need to go anywhere. I’m staying right her until that brat…”

“His name is Li Syaoran.”

“—Until that brat states why he came here. Sheesh, I though he was gone for good.”

“Oniichan—“ Sakura began, then she looked back and forth at the ferocious rivals. ZAP! ZAP! A renewal of a glaring contest began. Sakura said, “Hoe-e! Syaoran-kun. Umm, why don’t you come in?”

Touya flicked back his black hair, not moving a step from the doorway.

Syaoran said, “Oh yeah I brought some medicine for your injuries. They make it heal faster. Wei made them.” Syaoran shoved the package into Sakura’s hands.

“For me? Thank you!”

“Probably, it is poisoned,” Touya murmured sulkily.


Touya replied, “And what does that brat have to do with you? Why does he have to bring medicine for you, when you can get along perfectly well by yourself?”

There was a pause and both Syaoran and Sakura turned red. Suspiciously, Touya glanced back and forth at them.

“Uh, Meirin told me to give it to you. You can thank her,” Syaoran said.

“Meirin? Un! Of course I’ll thank her tomorrow. Tell her when you get home. Umm… Why don’t you come in? Stay for tea.” Sakura sent her own signals to Touya, who pouted back.

“Eh? No! I need to go now.” Syaoran tried to back off.

“No, I insist. I have everything ready. Touya is going to go out just this moment.” Emphasizing this, she shoved Touya out.

In protest, he shouted, “Hey! I’m going to stay till he goes!” Sighing, Sakura slammed the door shut, muffling the sound from outside.

“Come now.”

Syaoran was about to refuse again, but he suddenly frowned. The Five Force Scroll… What is that? Why do I have a sudden vision? Then Sakura cried out, “Oh no!” A bang came out from the kitchen and Sakura flew in. Hesitating a moment, Syaoran stepped into the house, too, taking off his shoes.

“Hoe-e!!!” A clanging was heard in the kitchen.

Quickly, he ran into the kitchen. There, Sakura bent over the oven, with a blackened face. She stood up and apologized, “Oh, I’m sorry. I was baking a cake and I guess--- I guess I burnt it.”

With round eyes, Syaoran peered at the deformed black lump in the oven, and then at Sakura who was wearing an oversized t-shirt and baggy jeans, with an apron, covered with soot.

For a moment, Syaoran lips twitched. Raising an eyebrow, Sakura asked defiantly, “What? Are you making fun of my cake? At least I tried! It’s been ages since I made such a stupid mistake as this. Really! I improved over the last few years.” She gazed skeptically at the blackened mound. Then, she looked down at herself. “Oh yeah. I know that I look awful. This shirt is my brother’s old one. I didn’t know anyone would stop by. Anyway, have a seat. I’ll get you something to drink.”

While Sakura rummaged through the kitchen, Syaoran examined the picture of her mother. Wow, she really was beautiful. No wonder my father loved her. Yet, personally, I don’t think she looks much like Sakura, except her eyes. He said bashfully, “Your mother was a very beautiful person.”

“Thank you. Sadly, I don’t think that I look like her, at all. Maybe except my eyes. But lots of people, including Tomoyo’s mother says that I do. Maybe my mother looked different when she was my age. Most of the pictures of when my mother was young is not here.”

Setting down some tea and a platter of cookies, Sakura said, “Here, try some of the cookies that I just made. I hope they came out okay.” Kero appeared, at the word “cookies.”

“Hey not fair! I want cookies, too!” Without waiting, Kero took a bite of the chocolate chip cookies. Suddenly, an expression of pure disgust came over him. “AHHHH! This tastes awful. What didja do, Sakura-chan?”

“Hoe?” Sakura exclaimed, heartbroken. “You try it Syaoran.”

Bracing himself for the worst, Syaoran took a bite of the cookie. He managed to choke it down, but barely.

“How is it?” Sakura looked pleadingly. “I wanted to give it Tsukishiro -san, who’s going to come over, later on.”

Looking gray, Syaoran stammered, “Uh… it’s very… unique.”

Sakura spun around, downcast. “You’re lying. It’s awful. Kero-chan says so.”

Syaoran was confused as too what to say, since it did taste awful. “Well, umm… did you forget any ingredient? Er—it tastes very… salty.”

Sakura checked off her finger. “Hmm. Flour, baking powder, chocolate chip, butter, nuts… Hoe-e! I think I put in a cup of salt instead of sugar! I am so absent minded these. I don’t know what is wrong with me!”

“No wonder! See, it would have tasted marvelous, if you didn’t forget the sugar. The texture and moistness is just right.”

Brightening up Sakura said, “Thank-you!. Here have some tea. Sorry about the cookies.” Setting down the tea set, she tried to pour the steaming tea with trembling hands. Blanking out for a second, she dropped the pot and it fell with a crash onto the floor. Hot tea splattered everywhere, with broken chips of china. For a moment, Sakura stood still, then she blushed and murmured apologies as she picked up the broken china and mopped up the mess. Clutching the rag, Sakura thought, What’s wrong with me? Especially when I have a guest. Out loud she said, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what to do. I’m so clumsy.”

She didn’t notice it when Syaoran narrowed his eyes slightly as he watched her silently.

Shortly, he said, “It’s okay. Just go on with making another cake or something. I’ll—er just watch out if you forget something.”

Kero raised an eyebrow. He muttered, “Sounds more like, ‘I’ll watch out for you because I think that there is something wrong with you and I am worried.’”

Syaoran glared at him, mumbling, “Stupid cotton stuffed doll.”

Proceeding in making another batch of cookies, Sakura poured the flour into the bowl. As she tried to mix it, Syaoran simultaneously took the eggbeater from her trembling hands. He briskly began to mix it.  Sakura blushed. Soon, they placed the cookie sheet into the oven. Sakura wiped her forehead. “Do you think it will turn out okay?”

“I guess.”

“Oh yeah! I need to get another china set from the basement. Wait a second.” Sakura ran down the stairs. She gripped at the banister when she got to the bottom. Partly, she had to get the china, but partly, she didn’t want to show anyone how weak she was at that point. Gasping for breath, she stared at the empty space, where the Clow Card Book had once been. I wonder how it came to my house anyway. Was it just coincidence that it was there for me to find it? She then spun around. What’s this feeling? It almost feels as if… yes, it’s magic, but it feels more musty and pleasant. Like old memories.

* * * * * *

“What’s taking her so long?” Kero asked.

“I don’t know,” Syaoran replied unenthusiastically, taking off his jacket. “Anyway, what’s wrong with her today. Is she sick?”

“She’s been very worn out these days.”

“Yeah. First, she blows up her cake. Next, she forgets the sugar in the cookie; then she breaks the china. What next?”

“She’s been making new cards. Only a very powerful person can seal the natural forces. Anyway, why did you come back?”

“It’s not of your business, stuffed doll.”

“WHAT? You ignorant brat, you…”

CRASH! BOOM! KABOOM! Suddenly, there was a clatter in the basement. Quickly, Syaoran sprang up and ran down the stairs, followed by Kero.

* * * * * *

Rubbing her bottom, Sakura looked around the mess. Accidentally, she had tripped over a box on the floor, and as she fell, she upset a shelf and miscellaneous things came tumbling on her.

“What happened, Sakura?” Kero asked, worried.

“Umm, I guess I tripped. Clumsy me. Maybe I take after my mother. My father tells endless stories about how clumsy she was and how she can fall asleep anywhere. After all, she fell in love with him when he caught her as she fell off a tree.”

“Really? I never knew.” But it is more likely that you are clumsy from your body’s exhaustion. Kero hovered over a chest, on top of the scattered pile of books and boxes.

Syaoran ran a finger over it. “It looks really old. Wait, there’s letters engraved in the side.” He rubbed the brass plate, and then blew the dust off his forefinger. “It says… Nadeshiko.”

“That’s my mom’s name! That chest must have belonged to my mother. I never knew that it was here. Thinking about it, Tomoyo’s mother had a chest like this, too,” Sakura exclaimed, examining the lock. “I wonder how I can open this. It’s locked.”

“Maybe, we can discover something in there about the past,” Syaoran said. Then he frowned. The past? About my father, as well as her mother?

“How can I open this? I know! I’ll try the magic key.” She drew out her key from inside her shirt.

“Do you think it will work?” Syaoran asked.

“Why shouldn’t it? It is supposed to be a magic key.” Bracing herself, Sakura slipped the key into the lock, then turned it. Click. A glare of light blinded the three of them. Sakura shielded her eyes. Then, it died down. Curiously, Sakura found that the chest lid had been opened. On the top was a picture of two school girls. Sakura picked it up. On the back, letters were scrawled, Nadeshiko and Sonomi, friends forever. “Why, it’s a picture of mother and Tomoyo’s mother!”

They all peered at the picture. Nadeshiko was smiling and had her arm around Sonomi. They were wearing their school uniforms, and looked around in middle school. “Wow, this was my mom when she was around my age! I never saw one of her when she was younger.”

“She smiles like you,” Syaoran commented. Sakura didn’t realize that it was a compliment.

“What’s beneath that?” Kero asked. Sakura rummaged through and she drew out an ancient looking scroll, tied with a frayed ribbon.

“Look! I found this. But what is it?” Sakura unraveled it.

“So, what does it say?” Kero asked impatiently. There was a baffled expression on Sakura’s face.

“Why? What’s the matter?” Syaoran asked. Shoving the scroll out, she asked, “Can you read this?” Everyone peered over it, and their expressions turned blank.

“Ahh! I get it!” Kero exclaimed. “Now I know what this is.”

“WHAT?!” Sakura and Syaoran exclaimed.

“This scroll is written in the language of the ancient magicians of the Five Powers.”

“So, what does it say?” Syaoran asked.

“That…” Kero said, creating a big suspension. “Well, actually, I can’t read it. That language is a dead language, like Latin. Clow Reed probably knew.”

Sakura and Syaoran sweat dropped. Sakura said, “Then, we don’t know anymore than before, do we? I wonder how my mother had anything like this anyway.”

“Isn’t she supposed to have something like the sixth sense? The ability to see and communicate with spirits, tell fortunes, have mind power, telekinesis, and basically, the ability to see beyond a normal person. So, she might have been able to read this thing,” commented Kero.

Sakura ran a finger through the elaborate letters of the faded scroll and then shouted, “Wait! The last part is in Chinese! It says…
The Five Force Scroll was left by Clow Reed. It was the key to find the hidden Clow Cards and was given to the chosen mortal guardian of this Scroll, who had a role to find and guard the Clow safely in Tomoeda district, until the new Card Mistress was chosen.’”

“Well, what did all that mean? So, Clow Reed made this scroll?” Syaoran asked,

“I think that this is the explanation to why the Clow Card Book was here. This scroll mentions something about the mortal guardian. So, someone had to track the Book down and keep it safe, for you, Sakura, the Card Mistress to take. Over the long years since Clow Reed left the world, the Book would have wondered all over the place. Yet, it would have wound up in Tomoeda district, as was planned by Clow Reed, but it had to be found, and kept in a safe place.”

“So, this scroll was the clue to where it could be found?” Syaoran asked.

“Probably. So, Sakura had things easy for her, instead of having to search for the Clow, herself,” Kero answered.

“Wait, but what is this scroll doing in this house anyway?” Sakura asked.

 Suddenly, the scroll blazed and everything else went black.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Where am I?” Sakura asked, rubbing her eyes. She looked around. “Why, it’s our neighborhood!” Syaoran and Kero came next to her.

“Doesn’t it look, different, somehow?” Syaoran asked.

Just then, a girl about fourteen walked through them, her long violet hair streaming behind her.

Sakura turned cold. “Syaoran-kun, Kero-chan. Did you s-see? She walked right through us… Is she a gh-gh-ghh…”

“Ghost?” Syaoran finished the word.


That girl then waved a hand and called out, “Hi Sonomi-chan!” to another girl, who had short auburn hair. “Come, take a picture with me! It’s the first day of official spring.”

“Sure Nadeshiko! Anything you want. I know how photogenic you are.” Together, they stood, and the girl with long hair wrapped her arms around her friend, and took a picture. Their pose was the same as the one in the picture that Sakura found in the chest.

Sakura stammered, “Nadeshiko and Sonomi? That—that’s… How can they have the same name as…”

“Don’t you see, Sakura? We’re the only ones who can see each other. They’re not the ghosts. We are. See?” Syaoran demonstrated by walking through a tree. “We don’t even exist here. Anyway, we weren’t even born yet.”

“Hoe-e! What happened?”
“If I am guessing correctly, this is the past, many years ago, and that’s Nadeshiko and Sonomi, when they were in junior high,” Kero said, gravely.

“But how? Wait, maybe the scroll…” Sakura then gawked at the slender girl. That’s my mother. To her surprise, she looked familiar. Why—she almost looks like me, except for a different hair color. Nadeshiko’s hair came down to her back, and unlike the pictures taken in her modeling years, her hair was less wavy, and quite similar to how Sakura wore hers after she had grown it. Even Sonomi looked a little different, with hair that came to her shoulders and longer bangs. They seem like very close friends.

Sonomi then spoke, “Is anything wrong, Nadeshiko? You seem worried about something. Don’t hide anything.”

Nadeshiko said, “Well, actually, I had another dream, yesterday.”

“Was it one of your prophetic ones?”

“Yes. I dreamt of a man called Clow Reed, the greatest magician in the world, during his time. He summoned me to find the Five Force Scroll.”

“The what? Hmm, having powers like you must be very hard. Why do you have to find it, anyway?”

“He said that I must find the scroll, which will let me find the Clow Card Book, and I have to guard it till the Card Mistress arises.”

“Sigh. If it was anyone other than you, Nadeshiko, I wouldn’t believe it.”

Smiling a girlish smile, Nadeshiko said, “Well, whatever it is, I’ve got to do it. And I say, Clow Reed was the best looking man that I’ve ever seen in my life!”

Sonomi looked extremely annoyed at this, but just then they had to cross the street. Looking behind her back, while she talked, Nadeshiko said, “I wonder if there is such a gorgeous guy in real life. Or maybe people back then were all handsome--” Just then, she bumped into another person, hard. “Ouch!” The person had to steady her, while she got her balance.

Nadeshiko blushed from her clumsiness and stammered, “Umm, I’m so sorry.”

The mysterious young man just nodded and walked away briskly, across the street. She couldn’t even get a clear look at his face. For a moment, Nadeshiko stood in the middle of the street, puzzled. Then she spun around, her emerald eyes wide as her hand flew to her chest. She could only catch a glimpse of the back of the boy that she had never seen before. He blended right into the crowd since he was dressed all in black. His hair was a glossy dark brown, tied into a braid that came half way down his back, which switched as he turned. Just then, the green light turned on and the cars began to zoom. The person had disappeared, completely. Nadeshiko clenched her fists tight.

Sakura stared at Nadeshiko. The expression on her face is so surprised. If Tomoyo-chan was here, she would make this moment have that suspenseful music. I wonder why my mother looks so shocked.

Syaoran gazed into the crowd, where the young man had just disappeared. Strange. He was so odd, especially because of his hair and clothing, or maybe because of the power Syaoran could feel in him.

“Nadeshiko, get out of the road. It’s a green light. You’re in the way.” Somomi dragged off Nadeshiko, who still was dazed. “Really, I don’t see how you can bump into everyone and be such a klutz, and remain the most graceful girl in Seijou Junior High. Nade-chan? Are you okay? What’s the matter?” Sonomi waved her hand in front of her head.

“Oh! Huh? What did you say? I’m fine.” Laughing, Nadeshiko headed towards the school. Yet, when her back was turned, she frowned. Why is it that I can feel something different about him? Who is he?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A light blazed again. Blinking Sakura found that they were all back in the basement again. She was still holding the Five Force Scroll. Shaking his head, Syaoran muttered, “What in the world just happened?”

Just then, the doorbell rang from upstairs. Sakura cried, “Hoe-e! Onii-chan must have brought Tsukishiro-san over!” Leaving everything in the basement, she ran upstairs, and Syaoran followed, grabbing Kero.

* * * * * *

“What’s taking the kaijou so long to get the door? I thought she’d spring up since you are coming over today,” Touya grumbled to Yukito. “Oh yeah, did I tell you? The Chinese brat’s back for the worse.”

“You mean Li Syaoran? I do wonder why you hate him so much. He’s a nice kid, though he was kind of rough in the beginning. You should be glad that he is so friendly with Sakura,” Yukito commented.

“You know very well that is the very reason I don’t like him. Well, when he first came back from Hong Kong, I could tell that he was not getting along with Sakura that well. But, something happened at that camp trip. Augh! He got better looking and taller, too. I don’t know where he gets his looks from. And he came to our house today! I, her own god blessed brother was kicked out, while the brat stayed!”

“Sometimes. To-ya, I wonder if you hate him more because he almost beat you that first time you met him, when he was only ten.”

Before Touya could retort, Sakura panted and opened the door. “Sorry. Come on in!”

They sat down in the kitchen and Sakura presented them home baked chocolate chip cookies, fresh from the oven. “Have some Tsukishiro -san. They should taste better, since Syaoran-kun helped me make them.”

Touya frowned, “Him?”

Yukito looked up and greeted with a friendly smile, “Why, it’s been a long time since I saw you, Li Syaoran! It’s nice to see you again.”

Slowly, Touya turned his head around, to see Syaoran behind him. “YOU! WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING HERE? GET OUT!”

“Okay. I was just about to go. Why would I want to stay here, in the first place?” Syaoran bowed to Yukito and then nodded at Sakura, then stalked out of the house, slamming the door. BAM!

Everyone jumped. Sakura glared at her brother.

Yukito said, “Well, we all know your brother’s temper. If you get on his good side, he can be an angel, but if you can’t… watch out…”

“Yuki! I thought you were my friend. I just don’t like that brat, that’s all. I don’t, I don’t!” Touya cracked his knuckles.

Sakura jumped, “Oh yeah, Syaoran-kun forgot to take his jacket. I better call him later.”

“Just give it to him in school tomorrow. Better yet, burn it.” Touya said.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Wow, I never knew that side of my mother, no, she is just Nadeshiko, not my mother. She seems so less like the composed, graceful, and gentle lady that I see in pictures… but more like… any normal girl.  Hmm, my father resembles Clow Reed too, after all, he is half of Clow-san’s reincarnation. So, he is handsome, too. So was Eriol. Sakura walked into her room. “Kero-chan, you can stop hiding now. Everyone’s gone.”

Pouting, Kero came out. “Ican’tbelievethatyouateallthecookieswithoutme!!!”

“Hoe? Oh. The cookies. I’ll give you some next time. See, I brought you some pudding, instead.” Sakura took out the vanilla pudding and handed it to Kero with a teaspoon.

“Really? Sakura-chan’s the best! Hey, wait. Didn’t you just leave the scroll and the chest downstairs, in the basement?”

“Hoe-e! I totally forgot that I did.” Sakura ran downstairs. She switched on the lights in the basement, and then picked up the scroll, dusting it.

Everything went black.

Continued Chapter 6
Please read on for 2 more chapters… these stuff are boring but… I did need to sort out the past and all those silly details. That’s why they’re taking me ages to write and edit.