Chapter 8: The Angel of Hallow’s Eve

Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, etc. are about 14 years old right now. They go to Seijou Junior High… Touya and Yukito are in college, and they’re about 20-21. Halloween time…


(******)     =     scene change
(~~~~~~) =    flashback, or the “past”

She’s so far away. She’s out of my reach. I let her go. She’ll never come back, and I can’t do anything about it. I stretch out my hands to where my angel is. Her emerald eyes are downcast, with her long lashes casting a shadow over her cheeks. A single diamond drop of tear falls. The image shatters.

There are two figures standing in the distance. They are laughing at me. First, they took my father, then my cousin. Then they took the Five Force Scroll. Now, they took her from me… But I won’t get hurt. I won’t fall in despair. For I don’t love you anymore, Sakura. You don’t need me… I don’t need you.

* * * * * *

”LI SYAORAN!!!” A shrill voice shouted.

“GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Syaoran fell off the bed, tangled in his blankets.

Meirin looked over him with scary eyes. “Hmmph. What are you screaming for?”

“Y-your face. It’s scary,” Syaoran wiped the sweat off his brows and stood up.

“Sheesh. I just came up to wake you up for school, that’s all. Did you have a scary dream or something? You look pale.”

“Yeah. But please don’t scare me like that in the morning. Your face was scarier than my dream. In fact, you shouldn’t come into my room without nocking.” Syaoran teased, as Meirin pouted. Yet he looked away for a moment. Yes. I will lose her someday. They will take away the one most precious to me.

* * * * * *

“Did you hear? There’s going to be a Halloween/Autumn Festival,” Chiharu said.

“Really!!!” Tomoyo clasped her hands together. “Then, it’s a great chance for me to make costumes for Sakura-chan and video tape her!”

“Hoe-e,” Sakura tried to back away.

“What should it be this year? An angel?”

“Not again?”

“Aren’t you guys a little too old to dress up for Halloween?” Syaoran asked.

“No! It’s the spirit of things!” Tomoyo retorted.

“The tradition of dressing up for Halloween came from the time when witches and goblins still roamed the earth and…” Takashi popped up.

“Come on. Finish eating your lunch, Takashi-kun,” Chiharu said, stuffing a sandwich into his mouth.

“Umgph. And adults dressed up like witches and ghosts so that…” Chiharu proceeded in dragging Takashi off.

“Sakura-chan. Wake up. You’ve fallen asleep for the tenth time today,” Tomoyo said. Sakura blinked, rubbing her eyes and yawning.

* * * * * *

They took it. I know they did… They took the Five Force Scroll. Who ever the enemies are… Sakura brushed her golden brown hair early the next morning. Glancing around, she saw that Kero was not there. Good. Pinching herself to keep awake, she took out her Cards. Wiping swear from her brows, she threw out the Fiery, the Power, and the Illusion. I need more power. I can’t even manage to go through a day, let alone go through the training and face the enemies. Please, cards, lend me enough strength to run through the day without collapsing. Please. Placing her hand on the cards, she could feel a warmth at her palm, and it crept up her arm, tingling through her whole body. She was still literally tired, yet the Fiery made her alert, the Power gave her strength, and the Illusion tricked her to think that her body was functioning normally. Thanking her cards, she went down the stairs. If Kero found out what she had done, he would surely flame at her. This was misusing the power of her cards and there surely would be a side effect later on. Yet, the important thing was to be able to carry out a day.

“G’morning oniichan!”

“Morning kaijou.” When he saw her, Touya frowned. He brushed a strong finger across her forehead. Strange, on the outside, she seems better and stronger than before, yet something was not right.

“See you later. And give Yukito-san the cookies I baked. They’re on the kitchen counter,” Sakura tried to walk away before Touya noticed anything wrong.

“Hey, you. Where are you going at 5 in the morning? You never wake up that early--- Sakura!“ Touya sighed in exasperation. His little sister actually dared to walk out on him. To think that there were times when she was actually scared of me.

 Neatly tying back her golden brown hair, luscious against the autumn leaves carpeting the ground, Sakura walked to the secluded park side. It was slightly away from King Penguin Park. Out of all places, Syaoran had to choose a deserted forest for her martial arts training. When she was little, she used to think that place was haunted, since no one ever went there. She could still remember what he said the day before…


“Hoe-e! Not there out of all places!” She exclaimed in protest.

“Yes there. You’re the one who wants to learn. So, you follow, I choose. Oh yes. Meet me at 5,” Syaoran said with a gleam in his eye.

“In the afternoon?”

“No. 5 in the morning, of course. Official training practice should be done in the morning, when one’s body is the freshest.”

“Hoe-e.” Yet, she stifled her moan because inside, she knew that Syaoran was testing her ability to endure through all hardships and her durability.

* * * * * *

Cracking his knuckles Syaoran wondered why he was being so harsh in Sakura’s training. Someday, you’re not going to be able to protect her. Face it. You can’t always be there to look over her, whenever an enemy comes. Someday, she will be all on her own, without anyone to help her. That’s why you’re doing this. So that she would be able to win through whatever obstacles that come along. So that she would be able to defend herself even when you’re not there. So that she will be strong.

Frowning, Syaoran said, “Your posture is terrible. Muscles tucked in. How many times do I have to tell you? Punch with your front two knuckles and twist. Concentrate. For a beginner like you, you’ve got to have more discipline. Let your mind wander, and you don’t know when an attacker would go like this.” Syaoran flashed out his fist with impact, stopping a hair breath away from Sakura’s face. Sakura’s heart skipped a beat; then she sighed in relief.

Biting her lips, Sakura nodded and resumed her practice. He never complimented at her durability and ability to go on with out complaint. He never gave one word of approval when she knew she made a perfect kick or punch. Yet, she respected him and didn’t say a word of reproach. It was amazing that she go up so early, considering that she couldn’t even get up at the normal school time. Someday, I want him to admit that he accept me. And I won’t complain until he recognizes my effort and progress. Just like the first time we met. He always said that he still didn’t accept me as a Card Captor. But then...

“Tired?” Syaoran asked, wiping sweat off his wet brows and shaking back his wind tossed chestnut brown hair.

“No…” Sakura grimaced at this lie.

“Liar. You never can get away with a lie, you know. Well, try facing me. Attack all you want. I’ll only block.”

“Attack? You?” Sakura gawked.

“Yes. Move it.” Immediately Syaoran moved into a defense position. “Hurry.”

Seeing that Sakura was hesitating, he goaded, “You’re not a wimp are you. You’re not scared?” This got some reaction from Sakura who began some basic punching skills. Deftly, Syaoran blocked them with one hand.

“Is that all you can do? If that’s all you’re willing to try for, you’re not gonna get very far with a real enemy.”

Even though Syaoran was only jesting, though in a cruel way, Sakura slightly felt hot and irritated. Without thinking, she slammed out her left fist. Syaoran quickly moved his arms to a counteracting position.

“Is that all?” He mocked.

“Of course not. Take this.” With her right hand, she brought it down on Syaoran’s stomach with such speed, so that no one could follow its movement. He slid back a few steps, and regained balance. Immediately, Sakura realized that she had punched Syaoran’s stomach.

Clutching his stomach, Syaoran grumbled, “I told you to attack, not knock out my guts.”

Sakura was all remorseful. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to do it that hard. I’m so sorry, Syaoran-kun. Really.”

Instead of being reproachful, Syaoran suddenly gave a lopsided grin. “Anyway, good job. You’re learning fast. Someday, you’re gonna knock out your ‘teacher.’”

“Really, I didn’t mean to…”

“Hey admit it. Aren’t you kinda glad that you punched me? I did deserve it in ways.”

“I didn’t!” Sakura exclaimed. When Syaoran raised a skeptical eye, she muttered, “Well, it did get rid of my stress…”

“My training was 10 times worse. But believe it or not it was a great stress reliever when… after my father… died.” Father. “Hey, are you still worrying about the lost Five Force Scroll?”

“No-o. Why do you think they took it?”

“Because it’s a link to the past, maybe.”

“My mother wasn’t what I expected, you know.”

“Well, obviously she was younger then.”

“Your father was kind of like you.”

“Me? I did try to take away the Clow Cards, but I didn’t slap you or break your arms, did I?”

“That’s not what I mean. I mean the loneliness part. The love of solitude.”

“…” Gathering up his jacket, he muttered, “seeyouatschool,” and left. Sakura shivered in the spicy autumn wind and quickly ran home, to get out of that creepy place as fast as possible. It was still dusky since it was so early, and it didn’t help that Touya told scary stories about that place when she was little, plus it was October 31st.

* * * * * *
“Wow! Tonight’s the Halloween Festival! Meirin-chan, Sakura-chan. Come over to my house at 4, so that we can dress up together. I’ll have the costumes ready!” Tomoyo blushed and said, “Finally, I’ll be able to video tape…”

“SYAORAN-KUN! What are you doing up there?” Erika came, waving her hand up at a tree, as her dark hair blew in the wind.

“Eh?” In surprise, Syaoran almost tumbled down from his usual spying position in the oak tree.

“Are you all right?” she asked, peering up.

“I’m fine.” As he straightened himself, he groaned clutching his stomach, where a big bruise had formed. Forbiddingly, he glared down at Sakura.

“Hoe-e…” Sakura turned furiously red as everyone looked puzzled.

“Syaoran-kun. Are you going to the Festival?” Erika asked, calling up the tree.

“Maybe. I don’t want to dress up or anything, and I don’t have a costume.”

“I’ll lend you one!” Tomoyo exclaimed, enthusiastically.

“No thank you.”

“Eron-kun! Are you going?” Sakura asked.

“If you are, Sakura,” he replied, smiling.

Sakura smiled back. “You’re very nice.”

“Oh ho ho ho. Syaoran is going to burst if he holds his breath any longer,” Tomoyo nudged at Syaoran, who was turning purple as he glared at Eron.

Meanwhile, Sakura was counting off her fingers, ‘Now I know 3 guys who have long hair tied back. Clow-san, Ryuuren-san, and Eron-kun. And they all look good, too! Hanyaan. Who cares about the enemy? I’ll have fun tonight!’

* * * * * *

“Sakura! You look so cute! Amazing!” Tomoyo, who was dressed as the Queen of Hearts, exclaimed, videotaping her as they walked into the festival grounds.

“Hoe! But year after year, I’m still dressed up as an angel. Nothing new.”

“But it matches you so well. Nothing else can fit you so sweetly.” Sweatdropping, Sakura twirled around to see the wings attached to the back of her long white dress, which was rather simple (compared to Tomoyo’s normal style.) It was sleeveless and sort of sweeped around Sakura’s slender figure gracefully, with a bunch of white roses gathered at the waistline, and a stream of white satin ribbons flowed to the bottom of the dress. Her golden mahogany hair was curled, tumbling onto her shoulder, and part of it was held up by a slender, silver halo. All, together, the effect was simple, yet graceful and aristocratic, while Sakura’s innocence and youth shone out like a spiritful angel of hope.

Meirin, in her cute cat costume commented grudgingly, “Yeah, you look okay. Tomoyo has outdone herself again. Hey, there’s everyone!”

“Hi Eron-kun, Erika-chan. Wow, you two look amazing,” Sakura gazed in wonder.

Eron was dressed as a pirate, complete with an eyepatch and a golden hoop dangling from his ear, and a playful, wicked grin. Erika had dozens of colorful scarves swirling from her waste and many bracelets and necklaces and she looked completely mature, with the spirit and mysterious beauty of a wild and free gypsy.

Eron took Sakura’s hand and said warmly, “You look beautiful tonight, just like the angel of my dreams.”

With her heart beating faster, Sakura blushed.

BANG BANG BANG BANG!!! Everyone jumped. Syaoran was at a booth, with a gun and had shot every target, even as he kept his eyes on the two people who attracted his attention the most. People were all murmuring, “Wow, amazing, he won all the prizes, and he’s not even looking at the target. Who’s that pretty girl he’s staring at? Oooh, isn’t that pirate and angel such a cute couple?”

Sakura noticed him and called out, “Syaoran-kun! Here! How come you’re not dressed up?”

“Me?” He gazed down at his navy blue jacket and khakis.” Because I didn’t want to.”

Tomoyo added, “But you still came because you were very worried because of the new rival. Right? Here, I brought an extra costume, so why don’t you change into it? It’s no fun if you’re the only one without a costume.”

“Wow, look at Chiharu-chan and Yamazaki-kun. They look so cute together. They’re both dressed as witches,” Sakura awed.

“You mean a warlock and a witch. But they’re squabbling as usual,” Naoko added.

“Go on change into it in the bathroom.” Tomoyo shoved a readily prepared bag into Syaoran’s hands and shoved him away. Then, she continued in video taping.

Grumbling, he went away with the costume.

“Sakura? Do you want that bunny doll, over there?” Eron asked.

“Yes! How did you know that I liked bunnies?”

“Just a special instinct.”

“I remember how Syaoran-kun and oniichan got into a contest to get the bunny doll… Wow!” Sakura’s eyes turned round.

Just then, Syaoran came out grumbling, “And I don’t get what this costume is and it’s so annoying and dark and gloomy and…”

He was dressed completely in black with a black cloak fastened by silver clasps on his shoulder, and there was some intricate embroidery with silver thread on the trimmings. A leather belt was looped around his fit waist, where a silver, jeweled sword hung loosely. All together, no one could figure out what he was supposed to be, yet, the result was breathtaking with his somber serious amber eyes, wind blown brown hair and fierce eyebrows, as well as his tall, lean stature and strong shoulders which carried the cloak well.

“So, what am I supposed to be? And what’s with this single white rose in the buttonhole?” Syaoran continued to rant. Then he stopped scowling. “What are you guys all staring at? I know I look weird.”

“No, you look fabulous Syaoran-kun!” Erika exclaimed. “Like some mysterious dark prince from a fairy tale. Or the mysterious bad guy in a shoujo manga. Bad guys always look handsome and charming. All you need is the evil smile!”

“My prince and fiancee! I’m sooo lucky!” Meirin wrapped her arms around Syaoran’s neck.

“Hey! What am I supposed to be?” Syaoran moved out of Meirin’s grasp.

“Uh… I had in mind ‘the Prince of Darkness,’ or something of that sort,” Tomoyo was scanning Syaoran, feeling very pleased with the results. Really, he is just the perfect match with my dear Sakura-chan. He’s getting more handsome each day! That height, those muscles, those eyes! Yet, there still remains that scowling, grouchy boy that he used to be...

“So, in simple words, I’m supposed to be something like the devil, aren’t I? I know you! You made me dress like this to…” He took a big breath, “To correspond with her!” Syaoran’s voice grew louder and louder. With the white rose from his button hole, he pointed at Sakura, glaring at her in outrage.

Everybody looked back and forth from Sakura, dressed all in white as an angel and looking innocent and sweet, to Syaoran, dressed all in black as “the prince of darkness,” scowling ferociously. Then they looked at the white roses adorning Sakura’s dress, and the rose that Syaoran was pointing with. They all sweatdropped.

“They’re the exact opposites!” Meirin exclaimed.

“Hoe-e. Stop glaring at me… I have nothing to do with this,” Sakura moved behind Tomoyo to escape from Syaoran’s glare.

Tomoyo laughed, “Oh ho ho ho ho… umm… I didn’t realize it until now.”

“Yeah right. If it’s you, it was all planned. But how come I’m the devil and she’s the angel? Huh?”

Eron said, “Maybe to match the personality?”

“Why you…” Syaoran was ready to strangle Eron’s neck.

Ignoring the outraged Syaoran, Eron took Sakura’s arms and led her to the game booth.

“Wait!” Tomoyo whipped out her video camera and said, “Since you took the trouble to dress up, why don’t we videotape it as well? Syaoran-kun, can you walk besides Sakura? I need to film my greatest costume success.”


“Oooh. Eron-kun is trying to win Sakura-chan the cute grand prize bunny doll. How sweet of him…” Tomoyo hinted. To her cue, Syaoran stalked off beside them and fierily joined in throwing the hoops to get into the target.

“It’s a very fiery competition,” Chiharu remarked.

“Very scary,” added Rika.

“Scarier than the one between Kinomoto-san (Touya) and Syaoran-kun, years ago, “ Tomoyo said.

“I wish Syaoran would do that for me,” sighed Meirin.

Erika’s golden eyes twinkled. At that moment, both Eron and Syaoran hit the target, and were presented the bunny doll. Quick as lightening Eron had reached Sakura first and handed her the doll. With a scowl, Syaoran glared at Eron.

Sakura smiled and said, “Why, thank you Eron-kun. That’s very sweet.” She hugged the bunny doll affectionately, thinking this kinda looks like Moonstone.

Regaining his composure, Syaoran tilted his head up and turned to Erika. “Here, do you want this doll that I won?”

Erika’s eyes turned starry as she flung her arms around a red Syaoran and she squealed, “Thank you Syaoran-kun.”

Meirin remarked dryly, “Sakura-chan, you’re going to suffocate the doll.”

“Huh? Oh” Sakura had been squeezing her doll into two in annoyance. She changed the topic. “You know, these decorations are very creepy, now that I think of it. Those skeletons and ghosts and… ugh… It’s scary.”

“Scaredy cat,” Syaoran muttered.

Looking hurt, Sakura turned around. Why is he so mean today? Well, nothing new. Yet… Suddenly, Sakura frowned. Was it a new force? “Wait a moment, okay; I’ll be straight back.”

Tomoyo called out, “Wait! Where are you going!”

* * * * * *

Running off into a deserted area, Sakura drew out her cards. They all floated around her. She could feel the warmth of each one. Then, she stared at one of the new cards that she had made. The Haunting. It was glowing. Something’s wrong with it! Suddenly, a black aura formed around it, and the seal broke. Ghouls, ghosts, and creatures of the dark streamed out of it, Sakura screamed.

* * * * * *

Calmly, Syaoran took a sip of warm tea. He then took a bite of his caramel apple. He even put up with Erika sitting next to him and Meirin on the other side. His eyes were half shut, yet there was a brooding expression. As usual, Tomoyo noticed this.

She said, “Uhh… Li-kun, can you come with me to buy some… candies?

Reluctantly, he followed. As soon as they were out of hearing distance, she asked, “Sakura. She’s been gone for too long. Something happened, right?”

“Yeah. How’d’you know?”

“Your expression. It was very bland, yet your eyes were flickering from within.”

“You’re very observant, aren’t you?”

“Do you still like her? Isn’t that why you came back?”

Syaoran looked to the side. With puzzled eyes, Tomoyo stared at the tall boy with troubled amber eyes flickering against the candle light of the jack’o’lanterns. Dressed in all black, he looked somber and serious.

Suddenly Tomoyo squealed, “Kawaii (cuuuuuute)!” And she whipped out her V8, starting to film Syaoran.

Sweatdropping Syaoran asked, “Umm… What exactly are you doing?”

“Oh ho ho ho. It’s just that you look cute, that’s all, with that grave expression and dressed all in black. Almost as cute as Sakura-chan! In fact. You are bishounen!”

Sighing in exasperation, Syaoran buried his forehead into the hand. “I’m not a ‘pretty boy.’”

* * * * * *

“Hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Stop following me!”

Sakura ran through the street, trying to run away from the ghosts that chased her while her lithe legs got tangled in her long veil-like dress. She was frightened out of her wits as she stumbled along the pavement in her thin slippers. God, I better get a grip. It’s my own card. I need to learn discipline and how to control it. But-- I can’t! I’m scared out of my wits! Wait! I can’t go to where people are. I need to lead these ghouls away from people.

“Release!” Her star staff appeared in her hands.” The ghouls came and whipped through her, sending shivers down her back. She felt clammy and felt goosebumps running down her back. Crouching down and clenching her eyes shut, she prayed that they would all just go away, far away from her. To her surprise, they left her. Sighing in relief, Sakura got up again.

“That’s not a very smart move,” a cold voice said from behind her.

“Hoeee!” Sakura’s hair stood at its end. “More ghosts!”

“It’s us.” Syaoran came walking down, along with Tomoyo, and Kero flew over to her, worried. Meirin had also joined them.

“Tomoyo-chan contacted me on her handphone. So, what happened, Sakura-chan?” Kero asked.

“I don’t know. One of my new cards, The Haunting, broke its seal and escaped.”

“So, what did you do about it?” Syaoran asked.

“Hoe-e. I ran. There was no other choice.”

“Grow up, Sakura. You’re 14, now. You’ve had powers long enough to overcome your childish fear for ghosts. Get a grip! You should at least learn how to control your own cards. You’re the Sakura Card Mistress,” Syaoran said.

“That’s kind of harsh, Syaoran,” Meirin said.

“No, he’s right. I am silly and a coward. I can’t even control my own card.”

Kero flew to Sakura and said, “Don’t listen to that brat. It’s not your fault. You forgot, this is Hallow’s Eve, so the Haunting escaped easily.”

Sakura looked up with questioning eyes.

Meirin added, “In the olden days, witches, ghouls, and ghosts roamed the earth freely, causing much harm to the people. Finally, the people bound them under contract, so that they would be able to come out for only one night in a year to do what ever they pleased. During the rest of the year, they could cause no harm to people. Halloween is the one in the year that the evil forces can roam the earth freely. Isn’t that right, Syaoran?”

“Huh?” Syaoran was baffled, and tried to cover it up by nodding.

Tomoyo sighed, thinking, ‘As smart as he may be, sometimes, he really is dense in special days. No wonder he believed Yamazaki-kun, when he said that both sexes gave chocolate on Valentine’s Day.’

Kero said, “Right. That is why the Haunting was able to break the contract and escape for tonight. So, it’s not your fault, Sakura-chan, no matter what that Chinese brat says.” Kero glared at Syaoran, who glared back.

“Then what can I do?” Sakura pondered. “Let’s go back to the festival grounds. I need to find out where that card went.”

* * * * * *

Lights flickered in the festival grounds. “No one except those with powers can feel the ghosts, right?” Sakura asked Kero.

“Yeah. That’s why no one is affected. I don’t think that escaped card will cause much problem. When the sun rises, it will probably go back to it’s card form.”

“Sakura-chan! Have some caramel apple! Where’d’you all go?” Chiharu asked. “Look at this. Takashi-kun won me this doll!” Chiharu held a cute doll up, proudly.

“Cute!” Sakura said, but she kept on getting distracted because she could sense all the unearthly beings floating around.

“Is anything wrong, Sakura?” Asked Eron.

“Hoe! No.” Meanwhile Sakura was thinking, There’s a ghost on top of Eron-kun’s head. Another one is playing with the dolls, and yet another one is standing right beside me. But I can’t scream because no one else can see it. Except those with the second sight. And, it is my card, after all.

“Really, Sakura, you look pale,” Rika commented. “Did you have too much candy?”

Kero, pretending to be a doll perked up at this word. Sakura replied shakily, “No. I didn’t have any at all.” To her surprise Syaoran looked spiral eyed as well.

“Are you cold? You’re shivering,” Eron asked.

“Ah. No. Maybe a little.” Sakura started turning more spiral eyed as she heard wails and moans from the eerie spirits. Get a grip. I don’t even know how to control my own card. Stupid me! Syaoran’s right, but I’ll change that! “Uhh, I’ll go get a drink, okay?”

Tomoyo said, “I’ll come too.”

Quickly, they walked to a secluded place.

“Kero-chan, they’re ghosts everywhere! I can’t stand it any longer! My whole evening’s getting ruined!” Sakura held out her staff. “Key that conceals power of stars. Show your true self to me. I, Sakura command you under contract. RELEASE!” Whipping out a card she called, “Sleep!”

Tomoyo asked, “What are you going to do with everyone sleeping?”

“Bind the Haunting before I go crazy! ‘Niichan would laugh at me were he here. C’mon. Let’s go catch the Haunting! Syaoran-kun’s right. I need to learn discipline.”

“Right, and I’ll capture every moment of brave Card Captor Sakura, bravely catching her greatest nemesis!” Tomoyo exclaimed.

Running down the path, Sakura could see all people who had fallen asleep. Chiharu, Takashi, Rika, and everyone else were sleeping. She failed to notice that Erika and Eron were not there. “I can feel the card’s power here. I’ll trap all the ghosts into one space. LIGHT!” The ghosts ran away from the light. “LOOP!” The ghosts couldn’t run away, always ending up at the same spot. Sakura then ran up and called out, “Spirit of the dark forces. Return to your shape of contract! I, Sakura command you. Sakura Card!”

At first the Haunting resisted. It was the one night that it was free. It tried to break free from the spell. They whipped at Sakura, who shivered to her bones as a creepy icy sensation crept up her veins. Shaking it off, Sakura poured more of her power into the staff. “Please, Haunting! Go back to a card. Please!” Despite the resisting of the card, Sakura’s power overwhelmed it. The ghosts and ghouls nodded to each other, accepting defeat. White light flared out and the Haunting, sealed as a Sakura Card, floated back into her out stretched hands. She smiled at her friends.

From up a shaded tree, Syaoran watched at the serene—nevermind—genki angel who hugged the card joyfully. Good job, Sakura.

Just then, Sakura looked up in his direction and then smiled. The lantern light gleamed off her halo, her glossy hair tumbled onto her slim shoulders. Her long dress, not so white anymore was tangled and wrinkled, yet she still looked like an angel of the star. Syaoran’s eyes widened in surprise. She can’t see me, can she? I blend right in with the shadow, since I’m wearing all black. (I hope.) Tomoyo, you asked me if I like Sakura still. No, that was the past childhood. I have learned now.

“Syaoran-kun!” Someone called. From the high branch, Syaoran tumbled out in surprise. Luckily, he did a backward flip, preventing any serious injuries. “What are you doing up a tree?” Erika asked.

Tomoyo smiled. “Maybe he’s spying on someone.”

“Who, I wonder,” Eron said.

Sakura sighed, “Hoe. Finally, I can have some fun now. Come on, let’s eat and play!”

“Sakura, I’m very sad to say this, but,” Meirin started. “The Festival is over now. It’s almost midnight.”

“Hoe-e! I was just ready to have some fun!”

Then, her eyes met Syaoran’s. She looked questioningly. All of a sudden, he seemed to return to the cool, aloof state he was in way back when they first met. He glared at her.

“Hoe-e. Did I do something wrong. Why is he glaring at me like that?” Sakura whispered to Tomoyo.

“Oh ho ho. And the climax builds up as love, confusion, and rivals progress,” Tomoyo spoke into the microphone of the video camera.

* * * * * *

“That was an unexpected confusion tonight, wasn’t it?” Erika asked.

“Erika, do you think that anything is unplanned for us? I knew that the Haunting would cause more problem. It has a very restless nature,” Eron replied. “Yet, true. Some things are unexpected. Very.”

“When do you think our full power will return? We still are weak, far from our original state of powers.”

“Soon enough, I believe.” Then, Eron’s evil gleam was replaced by a teasing one. “Erika dear, will you stop clutching at that disgustingly cute bunny stuffed doll?”

“Hey! IT IS NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE GAVE IT TO ME!” Erika hugged the doll protectively.

“Did I ever mention Syaoran?” Eron said, raising a cynical eyebrow.

“YOU!” Erika stuck out her tongue at her twin and refused to speak to him.

Wish-chan: What a random chapter. Ha ha… Seriously… why is Syaoran so bratty, mean, and aloof? You’ll see. Actually, that’s part of his charm. ^_^. Ha ha... I love his scowl as much as his smile. (Syao-chan: Crazy girl...)
Wish-chan: Hey, Li-kun, how’d’you like being THE main character, not the sidekick, in Cardcaptors?
Li: Better than starring in all the junk written by crazy fanfic girls.
Wish-chan: Ha ha… and it’s just the beginning of the torture you’ll be going through for the rest of New Trials…
Okay… Now… gasp! What is up with Syaoran? No comment… Hey, did you notice how Meirin’s starting to become a wiser, more mature character? She still has annoying habits, but she really is not a bad sort. Oh yeah. Apologies for any profanities throughout the story. But then I realized that they do curse in the manga, as well… I’ll try to keep it minimal… By the way, I’m on a marathon New Trials writing session. No offense or anything… but I like Syaoran being a bratty, grouchy, “mean” person. Why? Because I know that he is the sweetest angel inside. Hanyaaaaan. I have a soft spot for those sorta guys. What’s up with the angel and the devil? Too Cloverish? (Or Wedding Peachish?) He he… Thanx to Tomoyo’s ingenious mind. Don’t you think they will look cute in opposite costumes?
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