Chapter 9: Ticket to the Winter Rhapsody

SPOILERS FOR THE ENDING. Try not to read the italics below if you don’t know the ending. It’s just that I need to explain some things to make my fanfic clearer, for those who do know the ending.
NO!!! CCS could not have ended. Sob sob… Okay. I’m calm now. During the time that I was writing this chapter, I learned about what happened to S+S, at last. Wail… it can’t have ended. Now, my whole fanfic is ruined. Okay, just to clear things up… some things might be contradictory in the beginning of this fanfic to what I’ll write in later chapters. I did try and make many predictions when I started to write New Trials… EX) Syaoran go back to Hong Kong. Syaoran come back (in Junior High)… But still, I am not a mindreader of CLAMP. (I wanted to follow as close to the original happenings as possible.) Those who do know the ending, just don’t be too technical in the details. Let’s just say: Syaoran+Sakura do admit *feelings*. Teddy bear exchange. All those stuff did happen and they told each other that they luv eachother. My prologue is messed up, since it doesn’t match up with the manga. But I will try to stick as close as I can to the real details. Someday, I might rewrite it… Right now, the case is, Syaoran has come back, there’s a new enemy, and they haven’t talked to each other about their “feelings for each other,” yet. Overall, I’m glad to know what their junior high’s uniform looks like, and what… gasp… Syaoran would look like when he’s a little older. Yes, we all did complain that he was too young. now…  HANYAAN. But I do hate endings. Why else would I name my fanfic NEW Trials… The New BEGINNING… etc… (Someday i might do some major editing, though)

Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, etc. are about 14 years old right now. They go to Seijou Junior High… Touya and Yukito are in college, and they’re about 20-21. Now, it’s winter time…  Things move on to the rising action…


(******)     =     scene change
(~~~~~~) =    flashback, or the “past”

“Achooo!!! I can’t believe that you make me practice in the winter time,” Sakura moaned during Syaoran’s martial arts lesson in the cold woods.

“Don’t complain. You don’t get better without practice,” Syaoran replied

“And it doesn’t help that Tomoyo-chan found out about these lessons, and insists on filming them, even though it is 5 in the morning.” Sakura sighed, as Tomoyo waved from a corner, bundled in a thick coat, with her V8 posed their way.

“And I don’t think that it helps that Meirin decided that she wants to come, as well.” Syaoran sighed as he saw Meirin sneezing and sniffing in the corner, half a sleep, half swaddled in blankets.

“But most of all, it doesn’t help that Kero-chan wanted to come to because…” Sakura glanced at the yellow Kero-chan, rather blue because of the freezing weather. She counted off her fingers.

1) Kero: Sakura-chan! I ran out of food. BRING MORE NEXT TIME!!!
Sakura: “…”
2) Kero: Tomoyo-chan! Don’t video tape Sakura and the Brat. Video tape me! The glorious, golden eyed---
Sakura: “……”
3) But worst of all… ZAP ZAP. Crackle crackle.
Syaoran: You stupid cotton stuffed doll! Stop interfering with the lesson.
Kero: What! You stupid Chinese brat. Bossy and immature as always. How dare you…
Syaoran: OUCH. Don’t bite my finger you #^&%@*&!
Meirin: How dare you bite my precious Syaoran’s finger, you stuffed animal!
Tomoyo: Wait! Don’t block the view! I can’t videotape Sakura-chan then. And please no profanity, please. I’m going to send this video off to a contest
Sakura: Hoe-eeeeeeee!

They all decided to take a break. Tomoyo handed out steaming hot chocolate to everyone. Sakura gratefully took the steaming mug in her hands, which were numb from the cold and from all the hard punches.

Meirin commented, “You improved a lot, Sakura-chan.”

“Th-thank you,” Sakura said through chattering teeth. If only Syaoran would say that.

* * * * * *

“Class, we have been preparing for the Winter Concert for quite a while now,” the music teacher began. “I hope all of you are practicing a bit at home. The concert will come up in no time.” She gave a special look to Syaoran, who she believed was hopeless in that class.

Another teacher announced that day, “Before winter vacation, there will be a dance party for Seijou Junior High Students. We hope all of you will enjoy the ‘Winter Wonderland.’ We encourage couples to make the best of this oppurtunity.”

There was an excited murmur through out the students. Every girl dreamed of their ideal guy asking them to the party. Chiharu blushed and looked expectantly at Takashi.

Instead of asking her to the party, like a normal guy would, he began, “The Winter Wonderland derived from…”

“Takashi-kun baka!” Chiharu ran off.

Meirin sighed blissfully and tugged Syaoran’s winter uniform with hopeful eyes. He ignored her. From the side, Erika was eyeing him, as well, already scheming. Sakura looked around at the fierce competition for a partner and sighed.

Tomoyo commented, “Don’t be too disappointed, Sakura-chan. Many guys would ask you the Winter Wonderland. Why wouldn’t they be won over by your special, cute charm? Thinking about it, Christmas is coming up. We better start buying presents and everything. Sigh. Another beautiful year of videotaping Sakura-chan is almost over. Oh ho ho… And our winter vacation is coming up soon!”

“Tomoyo-chan, you look very pleased about something. Did something good happen?” Sakura asked.

“I’ll tell you after school.”

“Okay.” Then lowering her voice, Sakura whispered to Meirin and Tomoyo, “Isn’t it strange that nothing happens these days?”

“What do you mean?” We’re so busy!” Meirin exclaimed.

“No, I mean, no attacks, no news from the enemy.”

“Maybe, the ‘enemy’ is enjoying the spirit of the Christmas season. Unless he or she is a Scrooge, that person probably wants to have fun, too. Thinking about that, I better ask Syaoran-kun to buy me that pretty dress I saw at the department store, for Christmas,” Meirin was already off in wonderland.

* * * * * *

“So, Tomoyo-chan, what’s the great news?” Sakura asked, as she sat down in the big couch in Tomoyo’s living room.

“Yeah. And why do I have to be here, anyway?” Syaoran asked, taking a sip from a can of coke, trying to move as far away from Meirin as possible.

“Oh ho ho ho. You guys all know that winter vacation is coming up, right?” Tomoyo fiddled with a letter.

“Obviously. That’s what we’re all looking forward to,” Meirin turned starry. “Imagine a cozy winter with just me and Syaoran!”

Sighing, Syaoran muttered, “You should be more worried that Wei had to go back to Hong Kong to look after grandfather. And…”


Wei: Syaoran-sama, look after your cousin well, while I’m gone. Make sure she doesn’t do anything… rash. You are responsible, Syaoran-sama. I’m sure your aunt will trust you with Meirin-sama.

Syaoran: Yes. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of Meirin.

Meirin: Wai!!! I’m not a baby! Syaoran doesn’t need to take care of me!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Really, I don’t know why people don’t trust me. Still, that leaves just Syaoran and me in the apartment. And, you get to cook for me, too! Pure bliss,” Meirin squealed as she hugged a cushion.

“Yeah, I remember how Syaoran-kun was good at cooking,” Sakura commented.

“As long as he puts no poison in the food,” Kero said, as he took a breath while eating a dozen cupcakes, fresh from the oven.

Clearing her throat, Tomoyo began, “Ahem. Anyway, why I called you here is…”

“What?! You stupid stuffed animal!” Syaoran said as he was about to poke Kero.

“Anyway, I hope all of you don’t have any plans for your winter vacation, because…” Tomoyo sighed.

“OWWWWWWWW. Don’t bite me!” Syaoran struggled to pull away his forefinger from Kero’s ferocious bite.

“Hey you!” Meirin slapped Kero.

“Why, you little…” Kero blazed angrily.

Tomoyo said louder, “LISTEN!” Everyone became quiet. Tomoyo rarely raised her voice. “What I’m trying to say is… I have important news…see this letter.” Everyone nodded.

She read it out loud. Everyone listened.

“Dear Miss Tomoyo Daidouji,

We are pleased to announce that you have won grand prize for our “Talented Young Director” Contest. CompTech and co. was amazed by your stunning movie entry “Card Captor Sakura.” Till this day, we have never viewed such an amazing home made movie, directed and arranged by such a talented young adult as you. The filming, costumes, story plot, dialogue, and special effects were simply enthralling and original. Such special touches are rarely seen even in Hollywood! What a unique idea of catching cards, magic, hidden enemies; we really don’t see how you could have managed such complex details! Having a stuffed animal talk was remarkable and actually taming a wild beast as “Kerberus” was amazing. We can’t even imagine how you got actors for all those cards. The actors playing your fascinating, believable characters were chosen to life. It was touching to see how their personality and feelings develop and mature. The catchy script was astounding! In ways, Li and Kinomoto’s blossoming feelings for each other may make the decade’s greatest love story. “Card Captor Sakura” is a great action/romance/drama/comedy movie that will touch the hearts of many people. Your talent has exceeded everyone else to make the most convincing, fascinating video of the year!”

Sakura burst in, “Wait a moment. I don’t get it. The movie ‘Card Captor Sakura?’ CompTech and co., that BIG company? Grand prize?”

Tomoyo said, “Well, I guess I better explain from the beginning. Last year, I spotted the ‘Talented Young Director.’ It’s a contest for young people to enter home made movies to the big company, CompTech. It’s for people like me who like to videotape and arrange things and etc. Anyway, I thought, aha. There are all those tapings of dear Sakura-chan as Card Captor. So, basically, I arranged and coordinated things together to make it into a movie and sent it off to the contest, calling it “Card Captor Sakura.” Just to give it a try. And it seems like, CompTech has chosen me the grand prize “Talented Young Director.” Of course, how can they not pick a video with our cute Sakura-chan in it?”

Frowning, Syaoran said, “You better give more than that. ‘Card Captor Sakura?’ You don’t mean to say that you just sent off to strangers all those scenes where she’s catching Clow Cards? All the complex magic things? Those secret, confidential things, for strangers to see?”

“Oh ho ho. Don’t get hysterical. Everyone just thinks it’s all made up. No one know that there really is a ‘Card Captor Sakura.’ The company thinks that I created everything.”

“Still.” Syaoran added getting a little overexcited, “And what the *%*&^ do they mean by the ‘blossoming feelings for each other may make the decade’s greatest love story.’”

Meirin said, “Of course, they mean to say ‘between Meirin and Syaoran, right?”

“Oh ho ho ho. Umm well you see…” Tomoyo sweat dropped.

“Really. Where in the world does the idea romance come from?” Syaoran pushed.

“Tomoyo-chan. I hope you didn’t put the thing about my err… feelings for Yukito-san,” Sakura said.

“I really hope you are joking…” Syaoran muttered.

Meirin added, “The romance has to be between Syaoran and me!”

“They called me a stuffed animal and a wild beast. How dare they?” Kero said.

Sighing in exasperation, Tomoyo said, “Why don’t I read you the second part of this letter? You’ll get my point, then.”

Miss Daidouji, we warmly congratulate you on your success as the “Talented Young Director of the Year.” Your grand prize packet includes an all provided 7 days/7 nights trip to New York City with you and 7 guests of your choice preferably including some of the cast in ‘Card Captor Sakura.’ We would definitely want to meet Miss Kinomoto and Mr Li for their astounding performances. The grand prize package includes 8 first class airplane tickets to and from New York, suites in the Plaza Hotel, and all meals, visits, and touring prepaid. We would also like to invite you to our companies’ head quarters in Manhatten, where important guests would be viewing your movie and you would receive an award, plus have an interview. This doesn’t include the $2,000 cash you would receive on the side. Further notice would be sent at a later date this month.

CompTech would sincerely hope that you would enjoy your trip and would keenly watch out for your success in the future. ‘Card Captor Sakura’ is a jewel of a movie which we run into once in several decades. We would enjoy meeting you in person, at our head quarters in New York City!

With Best Regards,
Mr. W. Tanaka
“Coordinator and Representative”
 CompTech International

As Tomoyo read the grand prize, everyone’s mouth grew wider and wider.

Sakura murmured in awe, “Wow, that must have been one big contest. I can’t believe it!”

Tomoyo smiled, “Neither can I. But, CompTech, is a big company. And who else wouldn’t be won by Sakura-chan’s cute smile?”

“Wow… New York City. First Class tickets. The Plaza. $2000! You sure are lucky, Tomoyo-chan,” Meirin said. “Think of all the shopping that can be done.”

“I always knew that Tomoyo-chan was wondrous,” Kero said. “I’d like to visit America. You sure are lucky.”

“Well, don’t you guys get why I called you over?” Tomoyo asked. “Remember, I get 7 guests, besides my self. So, the first 3 guests will be you guys.”

Sakura, Meirin, and Syaoran’s mouth dropped open again. The news seemed just too good to be true.

“Unbelievable… Me… going to New York? And all that luxury! Hoe-e!” Sakura said.

Meirin said, “But…”

“No buts. You guys are all part of the movie ‘Card Captor Sakura,’ and you guys must be coming with me,” Tomoyo said forcefully.

Sakura flung her arms around her friend. “Truly, you are amazing.”

“This is going to be one amazing winter vacations,” Meirin said.

“You want to invite me?” Syaoran asked after a moment of silence.

“Yes. They even said, they wanted to meet you.”

“Err… Thanks… I’ve always wanted to travel… around the world…” Syaoran was stammering because he was embarrassed, gratified, yet annoyed because he wondered what kind of movie ‘Card Captor Sakura’ was.

“Hey, I want to come, too!” Kero said.

“We’ll smuggle you in, too,” Tomoyo said reassuringly.

“Then, what about the remaining 4 guests?” Sakura inquired.

“Well, it says I need a guardian. Since I am not 18 yet. Mother is too busy to come so… Well Sakura, how about asking your brother to come as guardian? I’d really like it if he comes. I’m sure he’d like to come.”


“Yeah. He’s 20. And so that he won’t be bored, Tsukishiro -san can be the 5th guest.”

“Wow. Yeah. They’re not doing anything during vacation. I’ll ask them. They’ll surely come.”

Meirin asked, “Then what about the remaining 2 guests?”

Dropping her forehead onto her hands, Tomoyo sighed, “That’s the problem. I’ll figure it out, but if I ask one of our friends, the ones left behind will be jealous. I’ll think about it. Hope that Kinomoto-san and Tsukishiro-san would be able to come. Oh yeah, you guys might want to see the video that won me this great luxury. Err… So that there would not be any surprises when we get to New York. They plan on showing it at a special conference, where we are invited.”

Everyone nodded. They sat back in the cozy living room, and Tomoyo turned on the VCR. Immediately the opening came on the large TV screen.

Sakura sat spellbound and wistful as she watched the recaps of all her Card Captor days. To her surprise, there were many scenes that she didn’t even know Tomoyo had taped.

“Sigh. Sakura was so cute. She’s still cute, but she’s a little older now,” Tomoyo sighed as she saw Sakura jumping around in her costumes.

“Look, there’s me!” Kero commented.

“And there’s Syaoran,” Meirin said as he came on.

They all sweat dropped when they saw the fierce glares of when Li Syaoran first met Sakura. There was that scene where he was trying to force Sakura to give up the cards, and called her stupid and everything. They could all see the hurt written over Sakura’s face. Then Touya came and got into a fight with Syaoran.

Meirin exclaimed, “Syaoran, you never forced Sakura to give up the cards, did you? You were so mean to her! And whenever you come on, it’s always saying ‘it’s a Clow Card’ and dissing Sakura-chan about her stupidity, which is true sometimes,(HEY!) and always that frown and glare. Plus, you run off every other scene. And you liked Tsukishiro -san? ICAN’BELIEVEIT!”

Syaoran turned red. “You weren’t much better, Meirin.”

They watched as Meirin came and started challenging Sakura, getting on the wrong side of Kero-chan, and clinging on and chasing Syaoran tirelessly.

“Open your mouth, Syaoran. See I made this lunch box for you. Syaoran! Syaoran! SYAORAN!” Meirin chased Syaoran everywhere.

“He he… I never was like that, was I?” Meirin asked.

“You still are,” Kero commented.

“Shh… look at it. There’s Syaoran-kun’s first smile!” Tomoyo said. “And there’s Syaoran-kun running off from Tsukishiro-san. And there’s Syaoran blushing for Tsukishiro-san, while competing with Tsukishiro-san. And there’s Syaoran’s… FIRST BLUSH FOR SAKURA-CHAN!”

Glaring at Tomoyo, Syaoran said, “It’s just the light effects.”

“Look at that Sleeping Beauty scene! Ahh, Syaoran made such a kawaii(cute) princess. Too bad the kiss never took place. I wanted to capture Sakura’s first kiss. And see Sakura, the brave, noble prince! Look, she’s hugging Syaoran-kun after she finally captured the Light and the Dark!”

Syaoran gulped down his Coke as he recalled the embarrassment of that play. He was turning redder and redder as he saw himself on film and all the stupid things he did. Someday, I will kill Tomoyo… God, this is so embarassing.

“Oh ho ho ho. And look, there’s Syaoran calling Sakura’s name for the first time,” Tomoyo was in absolute heaven as she recounted all those thrilling moments. “Look, Sakura has won over Yue! See that determination in her eyes?”

“Look look! There’s me in my real form!” Kero said excitedly. No one listened.

“Ha. And there’s Eriol-kun. Look at Syaoran fuming when Eriol-kun pays special attention to Sakura-chan,” Tomoyo was getting more and more excited as the climax built up. ”And there’s Syaoran-kun starting to realize his feelings for…”

“Ahem!” Syaoran cleared his throat loudly and finished off his can of Coke, then slammed it on the table. Everyone was getting more tense because of the rising action.”

“It’s cool how the Brat started out as a rival, but ended up helping Sakura-chan as Eriol came along and everything,” Kero commented as he saw Syaoran and Sakura fighting side by side. “Not that he was much help.”

“You…” Yet, Syaoran’s shoulder’s were getting more tight for he knew what was coming up.

They watched on the screen how sad and wistful Sakura’s emerald eyes looked after her rejection from Yukito. And they saw how Sakura wept into Syaoran’s arms, as he comforted her. They saw the gentle look in his warm amber eyes as Sakura’s tears flowed out. And they all saw *true love.*

“Y-you…” Sakura was choking over her words. “Wh-when did you tape that?”

“Oh. I taped everything. Whether you knew I did or not. Sorry to intrude on privacy, but… Oh ho ho ho… How else would this movie be made?” Tomoyo did feel kind of bad, yet she still was enthralled by the moment.

“Wai! Syaoran looks so cute in his yukata!” Meirin was charmed by all the events, since she had not been present, to the point that she was following it as a person would to a new movie.

“He only looks okay because Sakura made it for him. She stayed up all night for the whole week, too,” Kero said.

“How sweet. The token of gratitude!” Tomoyo said. “And there’s the final battle. Sigh. I was unconscious at that time, but at least my video camera caught all the events. See, I love to see how Yue, Kerberus, and even Syaoran struggle to protect Sakura-chan. Look at Syaoran-kun struggling against Eriol’s spell, to stay awake. Ahh the power of love.”

Sakura and Syaoran guffawed.

“Wow see it’s so sweet how he puts his arms around Sakura’s to help her change the cards, to conquer the darkness,” Meirin’s eyes were shining.

SYAORANNNNNNNNNNNN! Sakura called when Syaoran collapsed. Immediately, she found determination and changed the Light and the Dark, and technically won over Eriol, aka Clow Reed.

“I don’t get why the Brat gets the loudest scream from Sakura,” Kero grumbled.

“That’s cause though Sakura didn’t realize it then, Syaoran-kun was the one that she lov---“ Tomoyo was cut off.

Sakura, blushing furiously, cleared her throat, “Err… I think that I need to go home now.”

“Oh no! The ending is coming up!” Tomoyo said.

That’s exactly why I don’t want to stay and watch it. It’s too much of a torture. Sakura clasped her hands around the mug. Syaoran was starting to crush his drink can with his hand. It’s coming up. I know it is.

“Did you tape everything? Everything?” Syaoran asked.

“Yes. I taped the thing you are referring to,” Tomoyo replied calmly. Anyway, those two need a boost in their relationship. They haven’t been progressing anywhere, so far. My wish is that Syaoran would gather enough sense to ask Sakura the Winter Wonderland. Maybe watching this video would give them some practicality.

“Err… I’ll go to the bathroom,” Syaoran said.

“But, this is the most important part!” Tomoyo exclaimed.

“It’s okay. It’s only childhood silliness,” he replied coolly. And he left.

Childhood silliness. Sakura’s eyes opened wide. She couldn’t stand watching the video any longer. It brought back to many bittersweet memories. “Ineedtogotothebathroomtoo,” she muttered and left the living room as well.

Meirin, Tomoyo, and Kero remained, watching the end of the video. By that time, all of them were wiping the corners of their eyes with their handkerchiefs.

“Sniff sniff. So lovely and sad. Look at Syaoran finally gathering courage to tell Sakura that she’s the number one person for him. And the teddy bear exchanging is so sweet… and and… so romantic… sniff sniff,” Meirin was so romantically touched, as she blew her nose.

Tomoyo noted wryly that Meirin had forgotten that she was chasing Syaoran too.
I would be more hurt if I saw the person I love confess his love to someone else.

“This is the best movie I ever saw. Even if the Brat comes out in it. It’s so… touching. Of course, what else would you expect from Tomoyo-chan” Kero was completely touched be the video and was dabbing the corner of his eyes.

“Too bad Sakura-chan and Syaoran-kun didn’t stay for the ending. This was meant directly for them. I thought that it would knock some sense into them. After all, they did admit their love for one another. It’s time that they move on. Oh ho ho ho. I have a feeling it’s going to be a very interesting winter,” Tomoyo was very excited.
* * * * * *

“New York City? All expenses paid?” Touya’s eyes were bulging out when Sakura explained the situation. “You must be joking!”

“Hoe! No. I’m dead serious. Tomoyo-chan won the grand prize. Please come as our guardian. Please?” Sakura looked beseechingly.

Yukito said, “Well, I think we’re getting the better end of the bargain here, Touya.”

“So, you think we should go with them to play ‘guardian?’” Touya asked crossly.

“Actually, I think ‘niichan would certainly never let his little sister go across the ocean to another continent,” Yukito said as he drank up the pot of tea.

“No! I want to go!” Sakura said. “It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!”

Yukito continued, “That is, Touya would never let his little sister out of his sight, so of course he would follow along. Even if you try to stop him.”

“That means yes! Right? Thank you! Thank you!” Sakura jumped up and down joyfully.

“I never said yes, kaijou,” Touya said, slitting his eyes.

“But you will, won’t you oniichan?”

“Fine okay. I don’t really trust being a guardian for a bunch of kids, but better me then anyone else. Just mind you, kaijou, don’t get into any trouble.”

“Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I love you ‘niichan!” She gave Touya a big hug. “Tsukishiro -san. You can come too, right?”

“Sure. It seems like a great vacation, especially after all the stress over college.”


* * * * * *

“They agreed? Great!” Tomoyo sighed happily. Sakura nodded in agreement.

“I really can’t believe it, either,” Meirin exclaimed, as she sat down on her desk.

“Yes. And I already told you that you don’t need to start packing, when it’s weeks away,” Syaoran said as he set his bag on the table.

“Hmmph.” Meirin stuck out her tongue at him.

“Anyway, it’s ages away and we need to survive through school and tests and the Winter Contest and Christmas and the Winter Wonderland. Hoe-e. We’re going to be so busy!”

The music teacher came in and the class quieted down to practice for the winter concert. As usual, Eron was praised, and as usual, Syaoran did not try as they practiced violin. Then, as usual, the music teacher frowned at Syaoran, who scowled back.

Sakura brought the bow to the violin, to join in with the instrumental group as they practiced the tune for the concert. Yet, I know. Syaoran played the most beautiful music from the violin. It was so beautiful. Just like when Ryuuren-san and my mother played. Oniichan’s good, too. That’s why I’m practicing so hard, too. Still I feel so confused these days. I’ve tried to ignore it and ignore it, yet… Syaoran. He’s like a chocolate covered almond caramel. Hard on the outside, sweet in the outside, with so many unexpected touches thrown in. Layer after, layer, I don’t know who he really is. Once, I thought I knew… I thought that we finally found out the truth about each other. Yet those are all “silly childhood memories.”  That’s what he said. So, that’s what his feelings for me were? Why is everything so twisted and complicated? I wish I knew what to do, what to say.

“Sakura-san!” The teacher looked annoyed.

Sakura realized that she was still playing the violin, while the whole class was silent. “Hoe-e!” She sweat dropped. Then, she joined in with the class again, running the bow lightly over the strings. Her brother would be impressed by how much she improved. Strange. I think I feel some power… Yes, I was right. It was strange that nothing had happened till now.

She felt something snake around her neck. It tightened. Trying to stifle a scream, she dropped her violin to the floor with a clatter. The whole class stared at her and the teacher was about to scold. Something like a rope was choking her, but when she ran her fingers to it, there was nothing. She doubled over when it tightened. I can’t breathe!

“Is something the matter?” Tomoyo asked.

“Here. I’ll take her to the nurse,” offered Eron.

“That’s very kind of you. Go ahead,” the sensei said. Eron put his arms around Sakura to support her and led her to the nurse. His eyes glinted, and the Rope disappeared from around her neck. Sakura breathed in relief.

* * * * * *

“Really! It was a Power,” Sakura said. “I felt like I was being choked.”

“I guess They weren’t satisfied enough with the Five Force Scroll,” Syaoran said. “But really, you should have been more careful in class. People were suspicious.”

“It’s not like I could help it! It just happened.” Sakura put on her coat. Why is he so mean to me these days?

Tomoyo exclaimed, “But this is great news! It means, Card Captor Sakura and Crew can proceed tonight!”



Wish-chan: ^_^. He he… so what’s with the Talented Young Director contest? What a cool grand prize, huh? This is the introduction to the CCS crew’s fun, exciting, and (confusing) winter. Lotsa things are just introduced. Ex) Winter wonderland, Winter Concert, and the New York trip! Keep all these in mind. The “Card Captor Sakura” movie? So, what else did you think that Tomoyo did with all those video clippings? She entered it into a contest! (and won) By the way, no way did her video come out in North America to be broadcasted as “Cardcaptors.” He he…It was uncut, and true to the point. Sorry for many spoilers. I tried to keep them minimal. But, the point of S+S seeing the video and all their “past adventures” is to remind them of “those happy days gone by.” If you aren’t very familiar with the details in this story, that part might have been confusing, since they were just references. (To keep spoilers minimal) But… sigh… It’s a hard life. By the way, it’s a very hot summer right now. Why am I writing about winter, when it’s summer? Because… I heard somewhere that to keep from getting hot, you should think about cold things. Actually, I planned out these following chapters last winter (1999) but I never got around to writing them till now… Now, watch out for next chapter… Don’t kill me. Comments welcome at You may notice that the story is finally moving on…