The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura, Syaoran and Friends




Wish-chan (September 2012): “The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura and Friends” is a Card Captor Sakura fanfiction that started in the fall of 1999. Spanning four arcs, the story chronicles the adventures of Kinomoto Sakura and Li Syaoran after the events of the Card Captor Sakura manga and anime by CLAMP. With both new and old friends, Sakura and Syaoran now face the returned Dark Ones and battle against the rising dark forces. In the process, secrets of about their parents’ past and the mystery of the Great Five is unraveled as they strive to understand what the future holds for them, unfolding new adventure, romance and drama.


When I began writing this fanfiction, I was a thirteen-year-old in my freshman year of high school with a nom-de-plum of “Wish-chan,” and somehow, thirteen years has passed since then. The Card Captor Sakura anime came to an end in March 2000 and the manga in June 2000, hence when I began this fanfic, CCS had not come to an end yet, thus I had to logically surmise the end. Most of New Trials tries to stick as faithfully to the original source as possible, besides a few inconsistencies in the beginning, due to my taking creative liberalities guessing how the CCS anime was going to end. I have always promised an edited version of the story, and I had always debated whether to completely rework this prologue or just leave it as is, for nostalgia’s sake. For the time being, I have decided to just edit the minor, technical details. This story has lasted over a decade because of the dedication and support from the fans, and this story is dedicated to all of you. Without further ado, I present to you the newly edited version of the Prologue in celebration of the thirteenth anniversary of the fanfiction. Please enjoy.










How long have I stayed in Japan? Has it already been two years? Li Syaoran frowned slightly as he stared out the window of his room. The leaves were beginning to take hues of golden and brown. Things had been quiet for several months now. He was starting to lead a more normal life without worrying about Clow Cards, Clow Reed, or any of the complex problems that evolved around battling. Looking at a leaf falling gently with the breeze, Syaoran ruefully smiled. Anyway, though it had been hard, it was fun while it lasted.


Ring, ring! Syaoran’s thoughts were interrupted. He could hear his butler Wei get the phone. He walked to the living room. “Who is it, Wei?”


“It is your mother.”


“My mother!” What could she possibly want from me? With shaking hands, Syaoran took the receiver. “M-mother?”


“Syaoran, my loved son! How long it has been since I last heard your voice! So, how are you these days? You aren’t sick? Do you eat well? Well, I’m sure Wei is taking good care of you,” Li Ielan said.


Syaoran frowned. It wasn’t like his mother to babble on. “Mother, why did you call? It’s not my birthday, nor any special occasion.”


“Why, can’t I even talk to my own son! Well, actually, I do have a reason.” She paused, “I want you to come home.”


“Home?” Syaoran’s mind raced. Home. Japan was his home now, with all his friends and sense of happiness and belonging. There was no way he possibly could leave it. Hong Kong seemed miles away, another life. “I-I can’t!”


“What do you mean? The Clow Cards are captured, though I am disappointed in your part of it. You were supposed to represent the Li clan. Anyway, I’m sure that you don’t need to stay and help that girl, the Clow Card Mistress any longer.”


How does she know that I helped Sakura?


“It’s time that you returned home to your family and relatives. It is ridiculous to have a boy your age living all on your own.”


Suddenly, he felt tired and worn out. “Yes Mother, whatever you say…Good-bye.”


Syaoran sighed heavily as he put the phone down and trudged back to his room. Taking out his long neglected sword form his closet, he did a few whipping passes with it to cool off his frustration. Then he slammed the sword into the floor and plopped upon his bed.





*           *           *           *           *           *





“Sakura-chan, doesn’t Li-kun seem strange, today?” Daidouji Tomoyo asked. “He’s been frowning and sighing.”


Kinomoto Sakura laughed. “Doesn’t that mean that he is in his usual mood?”


“No, there’s something on his mind.”


Yanagisawa Naoko butted in, “Maybe he’s haunted by a ghost!”


“No, maybe he’s in love. He’s thinking how to propose!” Sasaki Rika exclaimed.


During break, Sakura walked up to Syaoran. Gently, she asked, “Syaoran-kun, is anything the matter?”


Abruptly, he replied, “I’m going back to Hong Kong.”


To cover up her astonishment and disappointment, she stammered, “Oh-oh. I guess that’s wonderful for you. You must miss your family and home. After all, you have no reason to stay in Japan.”


Syaoran scowled. Suddenly, from behind him, Takashi Yamazaki interrupted, “In the ancient Asiatic days, the Chinese warriors often traveled to accomplish their missions. They had to adjust to many places to fight nobly. They were honored and welcomed by the people where ever they went, since they were legendary. Yet, they say that one’s true home is where their heart lies. Their heart lies where their most loved one, their soul mate…”


Syaoran stalked off to the classroom and Sakura looked in puzzlement.




*           *           *           *           *           *





“Hoe-e! I can’t believe he left without saying good-bye!”


Tomoyo chuckled and said, “Maybe he was afraid that he would fall apart if he had to face you before leaving to Hong Kong.”


Sakura gave a glare that rivaled Syaoran’s own death glare.


“Ohohohoho! You kind of look like him right now!”


Sakura sighed. There was no point in talking to Tomoyo in this type of mood.





That night, Sakura lay awake, tossing and turning in her bed. He could have at least said good-bye. He just left. I’ll probably never see him again. For some strange reason, her eyes were glassy. How fierce he looked when she first met him. But he had a kind, caring personality after his first appearance. All those times together, trying hard to capture the Clow Cards, facing Yue-san, and overcoming Eriol-kun, he was always there for me. He’s my good friend. All the memories flooded her. Despite all the hardships, those were the happy, exciting days. She remembered how he… no. She will forget. Forget him. He’s gone from your life now.


Gradually, Sakura drifted into a turmoil of dreams. Her heart began to beat faster. A boy and a girl her own age were standing on a high cliff, laughing cruelly. Yet, she could not see their faces, which were dark under the full moon, except for their flickering golden eyes. The girl said, “We’ll get you, Cherry Blossom. You and the Little Wolf, also. Just wait and see.”


Suddenly, Sakura screamed. Syaoran was falling down the edge of the bottomless cliff, his hand desperately stretching towards her.


“No! Syaorannnnnn!”


She bolted up in bed, screaming. Kinomoto Touya and her father came running to her room.  “What’s the matter, Sakura?”


“I-its nothing, onii-chan. Just a nightmare, that’s all. Really, I’m fine.”


Yet, Sakura had an uneasy feeling about the future.





*           *           *           *           *           *




“Are we ready, my dear brother, Eron?” Chang Erika asked with an evil gleam in her hazel eyes flecked with gold.


“Not yet, my dear, not yet. Just wait a little while longer for our powers to reach its fullest. Then… then you know our plans.” Chang Eron smiled a charming smile, except for that mysterious flickering in eyes that matched with his twins’.







First author’s note originally included with the New Trials Prologue (Fall 1999): This is my very first fan fic, ever. I think Clamp is so cool, and I think CCS is so wonderful. (Especially S+S, but everything else, also.) I only saw part of the anime, plus anything I found online, however, I basically know how the whole story goes (except for the ending). I have no idea whether this is crappy or good, but hey, I like it. I have a feeling this is gonna be really long, but the relationships are going to develop! I have a complex plot in mind, and I am going to try and weave it together. Oh yeah! I will use some information based on the anime, like Wei (that butler guy who lives with Syaoran) and Meilin, his cousin. Hope you like it!


Well, this is just a prologue. Nothing interesting, nothing thrilling. It’s just to set a beginning for the rest of the story. Oh yeah, isn’t my title crappy? If you have any suggestions, or comments about my story, e-mail me at: Who are Erika and Eron, and what kind of retarded name is Eron? I just made it up. You’ll find out who they are later on. How can this be a S+S fanfic if Syaoran’s back in Hong Kong? You’ll also find out. In Chapter 1, the story moves on. Please read on. It gets more interesting.


Wish-chan (August 2012): I have not been able to bring myself to re-read the Prologue in years, because I was a bit afraid of what I will find. It’s nostalgic thinking back to my thirteen-year-old self; this was before I came up with the nickname “Wish-chan,” hence I referred to myself as “author.” I created the website *Wish for a Star: The New Trials* at in fall 2000 so the earliest few chapters of New Trials were sent to various CCS fanfiction sites to be published online, if I remember correctly. Those sites seem to have long since disappeared from the net. The backup of the original Geocities site can be found at:

Reading back to my original author’s note especially feels like I’m revisiting myself 13 years ago. I sound so young. Oddly enough, I think I’ve finally grown to like the title “New Trials.” Emails are still very cherished at and it is thanks to all the feedback that this fanfiction has lasted over a decade. I am still dissatisfied with the Prologue, and someday when I finish Arc 4 of New Trials, I might completely rewrite the Prologue to make it fit seamlessly with the anime ending, but for now, I have retained it nostalgia’s sake.

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