~*Wish-chan Q&A*~
Over the years, I have received many e-mails, some with quite intersting questions, some wih similar ones. I thought I'll just make this section to clear things up.

Q: What is your name?/ Who are you?/ How old are you?
A: There was an interesting person in my guestbook who called me a "coward who doesn't even say her real name." Obviously my pen name is "Wish-chan." I tell my real name to whom ever asks me for it through e-mail. ^_^. Otherwise, I'm just "Wish-chan" because that is the pen name that I chose when I began this series. Obviously, I'm female. I'm Korean-American. Currently, I live in Korea; I'll be moving to the States this fall for college. Right now, I'm a high school senior-- however, I began on this series back when I was around 13 years old. I think I began planning this series when I was 12, before I gained courage to try writing it out. Little did I know that I will spend so much time writing it. ^_^.

Q: How long have you been writing "New Trials"? How long is New Trials going to run?
A: As I mentioned above, I've been writing New Trials for approximately four years now. I think. I'm not even sure myself. ^_^. Right now, there are three arcs in New Trials. I think it'll run until the fourth arc. At least, I have enough ideas to last until then. Hehe. Actually, things are just getting started now, or so it feels, and I'm already in the middle of the third arc!!!

Q: How often do you update New Trials? When will the next chapter be posted?
A: Fans who've been reading New Trial for a long time will know by now that I am a rather unpredictable person. I've updated chapter between intervals of a few days to the longest ever, four months or so... I guarantee that four months was a real extreme, because that's when college apps, SATs and everything was due, and I apologize for that. I still update pretty regularly, and I'm not the irresponsible sort of person who would just give up on New Trials in the middle with a cliffhanger. ^_^. I would say I was pretty constant with updates until I became a junior, more so when I became a senior. Personally, I think a month is a reasonable time to finish a new chapters. I used to be able to post chapters up at 2 week intervals when I first began, however, if people noticed, my chapters have been getting longer, compared to the beginning. So thank you readers, for being patient and always giving encouragements. I will continue to try my best!

Q: What are your interests?
A: Obviously, I love to write, read, and draw. I'm a humanities type of person. I love debating, reading manga, watching TV, surfing the net. I'm also interested in designing, fashion, etc. etc.

Q: Can I post your fic up at my site?
A: Sure, just e-mail me first and tell me your site address so that I can visit it. I haven't turned down anyone to date.

Q: I e-mailed you before. Why didn't you reply?
A: I read everyone's e-mails with the keenest interest. However, at times, I read e-mails on the run so that I don't have time to reply to them and when I come back later, I forget which ones I replied to. Sigh... And these days, I get so much junkmail, it's so annoying. Anyway, please inform me if I haven't e-mailed back and you wanted a reply. Usually, I'm pretty good about it, but this past month, I have to catch up on replying.

Q: Your links page isn't working-- hasn't been for the past four years. When will it ever be up? Will you ever update the other parts of your site.
A: Someday, I plan to have it working... My plan is to link to all the sites that have NT posted up. However, I have my hands full with writing the next chapter for now, so it might take some time. Actually, I have updated the Couple sections... just haven't uploaded it yet. It will be a slow process. I must say, updating the New Trials section keeps me busy enough.

Q: Why do you bother writing this? What do YOU get out of this?
A: This is one of the favorite questions that a fan asked me and really made me think. So, why am I devoting so much time to New Trials. Truthfully, in the beginning, I wrote simply for my own pleasure, because I had ideas bubbling in my head, and I liked to write. As simple as that. If I had one reader, I would be ecstatic. However, over the years, I began realizing that through my writing, I could actually touch people, reach to people all over the world.  There were people who wanted to read New Trials, who demanded for more chapters. When readers told me that through reading New Trials, they laughed, cried, felt giddy or sad, and sat at the edges of the chairs while reading it, or at least passed the time pleasurably, I realized that in my small little way, I could influence people's lives positively. I was really amused when one person told me that her friend used Eron's love action plans on the person she liked. So, if people enjoy New Trials the way I enjoyed writing it, I would be really glad. The fan feed back is what keeps me going now. ^_^.

Q: When did you start reading/watching CCS?
A: I first heard about Card Captor Sakura when I was in fifth, sixth grade-- a Japanese friend gave me a Sakura sticker and a Sakura/Tomoyo stationary. I began watching CCS anime on Korean TV in seveth grade for the next one or two years... Simultaneously, I watched the third season of CCS on NHK-- the Japanese broadcasting system which CCS was shown on when it was running. Since then, I've watched CCS anime over several times, read all of the manga, and watched both movies. Oh, and I watched an episode or two of the American version and was disgusted.

Q: Why do you spell Meilin, Meirin?
A: Hehe.. I know, I know. I've known for years now. However, when I first started writing NT, I used "Meirin" because that's the way several sources spelt it. And for the sake of consistancy, I continued using "Meirin." I'm half tempted to just call her "Meilin" from Chapter 45 onward, since it seems to bother so much people.

Q: What's going to happen next?
A: Hehe~ Secret~ But then, I alway foreshadow things, so some people who e-mail me are really good at predicting what's going to happen next. After all, isn't that the fun of suspense?

Q: I don't get the Japanese school system.
A: In Japan, the school year starts in the spring, not autumn like in America. From 1st to 6th grade is elementary. The next three years are spend in junior high. So, right now, by "third graders" I mean third year of junior high-- which will be equivalent to ninth grade in the States. High school is also three years. As for the age approximation, in 4th grade (when CCS starts), Sakura was 10 years old, since her b-day is April 1, so with the start of a school year, she gains one year. In 5th grade, she was 11. So, calculating her age, now that she is in junior high third grade (9th grade), she's 15. When she enters high school first year, she'll be 16. So no, she didn't flunk or anything. ^^. Unlike a certain criminal we know.

Q: Isn't there already a Wave card?
Yeah, people have kindly informed me that there already is a Wave card, however it was never shown in the series how it was caught. So, I don't see any fault in me writing about how it was caught.^_^.

Q: What are your ultimate plans with this fan ficion?
A: I'm not sure if this is possible, but my ulitimate plans is overcourse to leave behind a solid work. I want to finish until the fourth arc, at least. In between, I want to have special chapters for several more characters, including Tomoyo, Clow Reed/Eriol, and Meilin. My other big project will be a Kaitou Magician fanfic, describing his life until the point we meet him-- I don't think this will be one shot... I think it might be a mini-series kind of fic. Anyway, I have had all these ideas for a long time now, but didn't have time to write it. I also want to do a Nadeshiko and Ryuuren special. Not to mention the long promised Christmas special. Once I've finished these, if ever, I want to go back and re-edit all the chapters; as I mentioned before, I am dismayed at all the typos and errors from the past. Oh yeah. I also want to finish "Voice of the Wolf," Syaoran's special. Started on it and never got to finish.

Well, these are all the questions I could think of for the moment. I'll add more later. If you have further questions, please e-mail me at: hopeluvpeace@hotmail.com.