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Hehe... I feel stupid picking favorite quotes from my own fanfic... but, there ares some lines that I think strike something, that I want people to notice... Besides I admit that the things I like get drowned in the long chapters, with the stupid things. I have to reread through my fanfics, so it might take some time to pick out all the things I like. Oh yeah... some of the quotes are really long, so I only chose parts of it from a section.  If any of you have suggestions, they are welcome at


~    "Sakura… You are as beautiful as the flower you are named after.” Sakura blushed, surprizedly. Eron was so like Eriol, but so different. Yet one thing similar is that I can’t help falling under his charm. Another mysterious smile drew over Eron’s face and he walked away, with his ponytail switching behind him. He chuckled to himself as his mind began to foil a plan.(Ch1)

~     We’re here now, Little Wolf. The flower is in our hands. What fun it would be to break her, and you’re not even here to help her. Our plan is ready to begin. No one will be able to defeat us, no one. We are the strongest. We have origins deeper than you understand, too smart one. We will win. (Prophetic voice Ch1)

~    “Get up now. We have to fight this thing and being weak won’t help,” Syaoran said gruffly, embarrassed by the affectionate way Sakura was leaning against him. (Ch1)

~    "You’re the Card Mistress. You have the power to make new cards, as well. We have to do something with this thing to prevent it from running around, and the most efficient is to turn it into a card, out in control. Go on!”
    “But I don’t know the spell.”
    “Make up a spell. You have the magic powers. Let it flow out of you. You are strong and
powerful. You are the Sakura Card Mistress. It is your duty.”
    Sakura took a deep breath. Whatever it was, she’ll give a try at it. “Spirit of the dark forces. I, Sakura, command you. Return to a new shape of contract! Sakura Card!”

~    Syaoran trembled while skimming through to see if there were any more words he could decipher. “…their powers left one last force…. They … cruel and heartless… Nadeshiko and I… will never speak to each other any longer… because of them… their evil plots… We are not fated to be… I abruptly… left Japan… returned to Hong Kong… I never told her… not in all the time… spent together… Never told her… had a beautiful smile… the way she gazed at me… her voice… Never took the chance… I am… a fool… Never told her…I loved her.” (Ryuuren's diary Ch2)
~    Sakura gratefully took the thick v-necked dark green sweater and pulled it on over her head. It settled over her school uniform, and she immediately felt warm. Syaoran grabbed another sweater out of his closet and wore it. Laughing, Sakura asked, ”Don’t you have any other colored sweaters? They’re all green.” (S+S Ch2)

~   “You mean she spent the night there?” Meirin exclaimed. She narrowed her eyes at the red Sakura and overly calm Syaoran.(Ch2)

~    Eron shot a poisonous glare at his rival. He never lost. Never. Syaoran caught the glare. He briefly said, “Eron, you are one of the best at soccer. However, I beat you because I enjoy the movement and spirit. You enjoy the admiration of others and the feeling of having to win.” Tossing his chestnut locks, Syaoran walked away with a bag slung on his shoulders, looking tough and cool without realizing it. The girl drooled as they saw the calm, supple figure walk past them.(Ch2)

~    Syaoran shuffled his feet on the muddy ground, then looked up at everyone. “Umm, Meirin? I want to clear up on this. We are no longer rivals, if we ever were. It doesn’t matter who gets the new cards. We have to all work together to face the new evil; it is the only way to overcome our enemies. Then we will be more powerful. I came to Japan, to help all that I can, not for competition. I had a dream of what was to come, an unimaginable evil, and I vowed I would return. They have origins deeper than any of us understand, yet working together, we can prevent destruction.” (Ch3)

~    “Just tell me if you need any help, kaijou. I am still your older brother. Mother trusts me to
protect you.” Touya added darkly, “You seem to trust that Li kid more than me. What is he doing back here, anyway?”
  “Li-kun? It’s just that he always knew about the whole business. It involves him, whether he likes it or not. I trust you oniichan. I’ll tell you when there’s real danger.” Sakura smiled sadly and turned around. She wasn’t going to do anything of that sort. (Ch3)

~    “Why are you nice to her but sometimes act like she doesn’t exist? You don’t call her by her name anymore, do you? She doesn’t call you by your name, either. It’s always Li-kun this, Li-kun that. What happened?” (Meirin to Syaoran Ch3)

~    Syaoran. He was always so nice one moment, then suddenly so mean. It was almost like when they first met. Yet, he had gotten so nice later on as the time went by. Now… She didn’t deserve it, when she counted Syaoran as a friend. Glancing at the frowning boy, the ‘bad Sakura’ took over. “Watch out yourself. You shouldn’t stick your foot out like that. If you want to sleep, go home. Don’t snap at others who are as tired, themselves.” Silently she added because of you. 
    Syaoran started to fume. He had a temper inherited from his flighty father. Usually, he was calm, but there was that wild streak in him and he bolted up, slamming his fists onto the desk. “Well, sorry ‘Miss Touchy.’ I can’t help not sleeping because I have important things to research on. I am trying to find more about my father’s past for you. Get it? For you. Does it matter to me if I die? No, I don’t care if I am killed by those enemies who killed father. Yes, father was murdered, far from his family. Your mother died blissfully with her family. Yet, I can’t let them kill you. You know only happiness with all your friends and family; you’re full of life, while I can put up with living in any sort of hell…” Realizing where he was he stopped mid-track with everyone staring at him. He turned red. The sensei cleared his throat and tried to speak and failed.

~    “Excited? Yes, very excited. Don’t you even know that every time we go on a field trip,
some sort of trouble occurs?”
    A bead of sweat ran down the side of Sakura’s head. Syaoran’s words reminded her of
the skating trip, the courage testing and every other imaginable trip. (S+S? Ch4a)
~    Takashi began to clear his throat, “What we are doing here will be a very valuable experience. In the ancient tribal day, boys coming of age were sent off to the wilderness with nothing, absolutely nothing to survive for a year. If they did survive in the wilderness, they were accepted as respectable and courageous men, and if not, they were failures left to die. It was almost like how family clans sent their boys to accomplish a mission vital for their family, and if they failed, they were disgraced as the black sheep.” (Ch4a)

~    Chiharu turned red and stammered, “Ahh, I love you… because…” She looked down and said, “Though you don’t look me as anyone but an annoyance and pain in the butt, I still like you because you were my friend for a long time and you were always there. I like you even if you have so many odd faults…” she added silently, and I like you even if you named the bear I gave you Suama, and not “Chiharu.” (Truth or Dare Ch4a)

~    Terada-sensei was angry and scolded, “What were you doing, Li Syaoran? Don’t you know it’s dangerous? You could have fell and broken bones, or died!”
    Syaoran stared back with grave amber eyes clouded, “I’ve faced greater and more perilous death before. I can deal perfectly well with the beauty of nature, unmarred from the evil forces. I’ve been climbing trees since I learned to walk. I apologize if you were worried, though.” (Ch4a)

~ “You’re lucky you’re so good at fighting. I never learned.”
  “Do you want to learn? I’ll teach you sometime.”
  “Really? I would love to learn.”
  “Well at your service, anytime.”
  “Thanks… How’d you know it was me?” Sakura asked curiously.
  Almost chuckling, he said, “Don’t I always know? Anyway, what are you doing up so
early? It will be hours before anyone wakes up.” (S+S Ch4a)

~“Hoe! Of course not. I just couldn’t. Oh yes, thank you for helping me in truth and dare last night. I don’t know what I would have done if you didn’t write out that thing about Yukito-san in Chinese characters.”
    “It’s all right. I had to help you or else my own identity would’ve been ruined as well. Or
you might’ve been haunted by ghosts forever if you lied. Somehow, you’re business
became my business, whether I wanted it or not.” (S+S Ch4a)

~    Weakly, Sakura smiled up, “That was a close call with the tree branch. My head is still swirling. Well, thank you, again, Li-kun. You always manage to save me at the worsttimes. Sometimes, I don’t know what I would do without you.” (Sakura to Syaoran Ch4a)

    At that moment, a hand grasped hers. Rocks and sand tumbled down to the far off
bottom, while Sakura dangled in the air, with a supple hand supporting her whole body
weight. Her heart wrenched, and she opened her clenched eyes.
    After she caught breath, she stammered, “Is that you, Li-kun? It can’t be. Am I already
    Syaoran managed a weak grin and said, “Silly, it’s me. Until now, I never believed that there was something called ‘just in time.’ I thought it was only in books. Now, I believe in anything and thank my lucky stars. Here now, hold on. I’ll get you up now. Give me your other hand.”
    “Just let me go. You’re going to fall as well if you hold on to me. It’s okay, I’ll survive,
somehow.” Sakura could see the strain that Syaoran was under. Most people wouldn’t
have been to endure it so far.
    “No! Sakura, I’ll never let you go. Just hold on tight and I’ll get you safe. Trust me.” (S+S Ch4B)

~    Yet, she added with great enthusiasm, counting off her fingers, “Actually, considering that I have been caught in a storm, gone through a thick forest, slipped down more than half the mountain, almost fell off a cliff, not to mention being attacked by rocks, with a concussion on my head and being lost, I’m in a great condition to be at least alive!”
    “Humph. Always optimistic aren’t you. At least I have all my articles of clothing on me.
How are you going to walk barefooted? And umm… I think you better cover yourself up more.” Syaoran raised an eyebrow at Sakura’s torn shirt. “Here, have my jacket.” (S+S Ch4B)

~    Why’s she doing this for me? Why would she care whether I’m hurt or dead? Syaoran blurted out, “Why?” Sakura stared back blankly. He continued, “Why are you doing this for me. I’m fine by myself. You don’t have to nurse over me like I’m some sort of invalid!”
    Looking down, she said, “In the first place, you got hurt while saving me, and I want to do
at least this in return. Besides, you’re my friend, or at least I count you so. It hurts me
when you’re hurt.” (S+S Ch4b)

~    Suddenly, Syaoran clasped her into a tight hug, squeezing his arms around her. She gasped. Then, he whispered into her ears, “Why do you always try to exceed yourself? Crying doesn’t make you weak. Though I don’t want to admit this, sometimes, I admire your persistence and ability to go on. So, cry hard as you want, when you are exhausted and tired from all the hardships you face. It will make you feel better.” Sakura’s tears continued to well out. “But,” Syaoran paused. . God, I can’t believe I almost lost you. Still, you are safe, here with me.  “Don’t ever cry because you feel lonely, because you are not alone, Sakura.” (S+S Ch4b)

~    For the first time in a year, Syaoran smiled one of his rare, true happy smiles. “It’s all right. You know what I like about sunrises, Sakura? It’s a new beginning of another day, where anything can await. A whole new day to forget the darkness of the night and erase all the pain and bitterness. It is something you can look forward to with a yearning smile.Do I make any sense?”
    “Yes, I think I understand. Even if the day before went wrong, the sunrise can bring another chance to mend all the hardships. You can face a whole new day to start over again. There is never a dead end if there is a sunrise. You can seize the day and…” (S+S Ch4b)

~     Then, Touya’s brain finally clicked and he shouted, “YOU! You possible can’t be the little
Chinese brat! What the hell are you doing at my house! Actually, what are you doing in Japan, anyway? Get OUT!” (Touya to Syaoran Ch5)

~    The old man then drew out a long, shimmering sword and placed the flat of it onto the younger man’s shoulder. “Take the Sword of the Li clan. It has been handed down for many generations, through your great ancestors. Use it well, to fight off any foes that may prevent your mission. Remember, accomplish your mission faithfully and hold honor to your name. You are a ‘chosen one.’ Take that liberty to excel your powers.” (Li Elder to Ryuuren, Ch6)

~    With frightened, yet cool emerald eyes, Nadeshiko asked, “You don’t plan on striking a girl, do you? That will be the act of a coward.”
    “I’ll do anything to get that scroll, and since you are an obstacle, I’ll be violent, if I can get it.” (Nadeshiko and Ryuuren Ch6)

~    “First was the ‘power of the heavenly bodies.’ This was borrowing power from the sun, moon, stars, and celestial events. Second was the ‘elemental power,’ the force drawn from earthly aura. Power was drawn from wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, the Five Elements Theory. Third was the 'sixth sense,' or sometimes called the second sight. This was the gift of seeing the unearthly spirits, telecommunication, fortune telling with dreams, and the magic with one’s will and mind power control.”  
    "And next was 'contract magic.' This was the power drawn from complex spells,
like magic circles, scrolls, incantations, ward papers, etc. And last was…”
    Sakura interrupted, “I guess then the last one was the 'power of darkness'.”
    “Yes. It was the 'power of the dark and light.' By itself, it was fine… but with this power, if
a corrupt, greedy person used the black arts, it often lead to disaster.” (Kero explaining the 5 Old Categories of Magic)

~    Syaoran replied coolly, “You don’t understand, do you? I am different. I was brought up differently, and I was brought up to be alone and count on myself, and not to trust. I was taught to not lean on others. That’s why I was named after the wolf. No matter what, to survive, a wolf has to be strong on its own. It runs in a pack, but all the same, a wolf is a lone dog, always gazing at the moon, wondering when it will get there. A lonely life is one that I take, and the one I choose to take. That’s my decision, now. So, if you don’t understand, don’t intrude. Let me be!”
    “But what of the little wolf when it dies? Does it finally reach happiness then?” Sakura smiled wistfully as she turned to face him again. “Or can it find happiness in its forlorn search, during his lifetime? Does he find that there were others who did care, that he wasn’t alone, after all?” She then sat down on her chair and looked over the music composition, facing her back to Syaoran.
    “Why would anyone care for me? It is better if they stay away! There’s no hurt, no confusion then. I tried and tried, but I can’t escape from this road, and I don’t care anymore!” Syaoran said with a strained voice. Don’t you know how hard it was for me to realize all this? I’m no longer the stupid boy I used to be. Now, there’s no escape.
    “But I do care!” Sakura shouted. For a moment, a look of surprise masked over
Syaoran’s face. The corner of his eyes softened, then hardened again with pain, pain
from the bottom of his soul. (S+S Ch7)

~     “Don’t be silly. You’re one of the bravest, hot tempered, determined girl I’ve ever seen in
my life. In some ways, I admire you for that. Even though it does exasperate me at times. Now don’t cry. You look prettier smiling. I don’t believe I ever saw you cry, even in the worst situations. You didn’t cry when I slapped you, nor when I broke your arm. You didn’t even cry when you fell of the tree, or when I was mean to you. This is nothing, there’s no reason to cry, at all.” (Ryuuren to Nadeshiko, Ch7)

~    Then the gentleness in his sapphire eyes disappeared as quickly as it came, replaced
by a glinting coldness. “Hate? I’m not so sure. Yeah, you’re my obstacle and rival. You
are a nuisance, too. But above all, an interesting, emotional nuisance.” (Ryuuren Ch 7)

~    "Syaoran was never the sociable, amiable type, yet after the death, he closed up even more. His face took a mask, with the deep frown and cold, defying eyes. He never smiled or laughed, and his voice was cool and short. The kind, caring side that I knew he possessed was hidden more than ever. But then, he came to Japan, and he changed again. He changed back more to someone that he
might be, if he did not have to face so much tragedy. His hurt was starting to get healed again. He learned to open up his heart and love again. Thanks to… Sakura.” (Meirin Ch 7)

~    The actors playing your fascinating, believable characters were chosen to life. It was touching to see how their personality and feelings develop and mature. The catchy script was astounding! In ways, Li and Kinomoto’s blossoming feelings for each other may make the decade’s greatest love
story. “Card Captor Sakura” is a great action/romance/drama/comedy movie that will touch the hearts of many people. Your talent has exceeded everyone else to make the most convincing, fascinating video of the year!” (Tomoyo's letter from CompTech, Ch9)

~    Syaoran’s face contorted and he screamed in a cracked voice as he bent over the ice, “Sakura! Do you hear me? If you do, do something. I know you can. Break the barrier. If you don’t… If you give up, I’ll take your goddamn body and kill you over again.Sakuraaaaaaaaa!” He gave a desperate punch on the ice. (Syaoran Ch10)

~    “Then I think of all the people that I care for, and I think everything will turn out all right Syaoran, no one understands, but you might. What might happen if you lost all yourpowers? If I had no power, and all my cards were gone, I will not be able to protect the ones I love. Then, the destruction might occur after all. I hate feeling helpless. Yet, what will happen if I can’t do anything? Sometimes, I’m so scared of what might happen.” (Sakura Ch10)

~     “Your feelings for Sakura. It only took you so long to figure it out. You left Japan, telling her that you loved her. She loved you back. Now, you come and say that you don’t love her anymore, though you didn’t tell her yet. Yet, your actions and words are completely different. You save her and protect her. You keep her warm with your clothes. You get hysterical when you are about to lose her. You hold her in your arms. You look at her with gentle eyes.”
    “So, get on with your point.”
    “Are you sure about your feelings? You shouldn’t run away from them. Face it like a man.” (Tomoyo and Syaoran, Ch10)

~     With beautiful glinting gold flickering eyes, Erika asked, “So. What exactly is your relationship with Syaoran-kun? Of course, you don’t have to answer if you feel uncomfortable.”
    “My relationship with… Syaoran-kun?” Sakura squeaked. Her heart pounded faster. What is my relationship with Syaoran? Rival? Friend? The person that I used to like? All their moments together vividly flashed back to her memory. The time that he told her that he… liked her. His smile. The way that the sun light highlighted his dark brown hair. His level amber eyes. How he told her he loved sunrises… for they marked another beginning… which may bring anything. How he had turned a cold shoulder on her. His distant eyes. Silly childhood memories.
    Laughing an octave higher, rather nervously, Sakura said as if in amazement, “Me and
Syaoran-kun? Oh, we’re only classmates. I just know him from before he went back to
Hong Kong. But we have absolutely no relationship.” (Ch11)

~     “Long ago, whenever I thought about Syaoran-kun, I just had a happy, warm fuzzy feeling.
But,” She wrapped a wool scarf around her neck. “But now, I just have an empty, wistful
feeling.” (Sakura Ch11)

~     He laughed mockingly. “Funny how we can look back to yesterday and realize how silly it was. It seems like another life time.” (Syaoran Ch11)

~    In a softer, gentle voice, Touya continued, “At first, when Kaho-san left, I was hurt and confused. Maybe, I still am in an unknown corner of my heart.” He looked down at Sakura’s soft face, with shut eyes. “At first, it was so hard to forget our time together. I never thought that it would end that way. But eventually, I got over with it. She told me that it was important for me to get over it, quickly, that I’ll find someone else. And the next time we meet, we will become really precious friends. In ways, I’ve hated her—no that’s not the right word, held a grudge, because she was always right. I got over her, knowing that it was time to say good bye when she left, but I think that I will always remember how I did love her, once, so long ago… but that’s gone by. I went on with my life, and I’m glad I did. Her friendship will last longer for me.” (Touya Ch11-- the whole scene!)

~     “That’s not what I mean.” Sonomi said in a murmur, “He’ll hurt something deeper.” (Ch12)

~    “It’s too late to back off. I am trapped too far in the other end of this. It has become my
fate which I cannot escape from. Besides—“ All was silent. “I—“ She blurted out, “I like
you, Ryuuren-san!” (Nadeshiko Ch12)

~     “You’re wrong, you’re ever so wrong, Ryuuren… I’ve tried, yet my feelings won’t change.
Of course, what would a perfect guy like you want from an immature girl like me? I wish I
didn’t say anything, so that things would remain the way it was before, so I could always
fight by your side. I will always love you Ryuuren, and will wait till you turn to me…” (Nadeshiko Ch12)

~     “Remember how long ago, you said that you can’t tell an enemy by looking at them, that
they won’t always look like the bad person?”
    Roughly he said, “I did?”
    Biting back her dismay, (silly childhood memories) she said, “At the camping trip, long
ago. You know, I was scared of ghosts, and I couldn’t sleep… and we talked.”
    “Yeah. So?” Syaoran remembered perfectly clearly what she was talking about. (S+S Ch 12)

~    “Now, why didn’t I think of that?” Syaoran mused.
    “Cuz maybe, it’s time to admit that I’m smarter than I look?” Sakura grinned.
    “Ha. So, I’m the stupid one now, huh?”
    “Yup!” Strangely she felt happy. (S+S Ch12)

~    Shaking her head, Sakura persisted, there must be a mistake. “I may be young and not very experienced, yet I know about love. In that picture, I see a happiness. And I know that you must have loved her once. You loved her so much, that it has turned into hate. Yet, the hate is still love, deep beneath the many layers of your heart…”
    Syaoran added, “She’s right about that. Get a grip and wake up from the nightmare that
you created upon yourself. Wherever Fujiko-san is, if she’s alive, she wouldn’t love a
man that turns to revenge and hate. Though I don’t know much, I know that life is a one
chance opportunity. Either take it or leave it. There is no turning back, so I advise take it
without any regrets. ” (S+S Ch12)

~    “Thank you… thank you. You two are still young. I don’t know what sort of people you are,
magic, swords… Maybe you two are angel from Heaven. But, may you be blessed with
happiness… As long as you survive together till the end, even if you face great
hardships and misunderstanding, just wait till the sun turn’s to you once more…” He
stared out at the bright new day ahead of him. (Man to S+S Ch12)

~    “Anyway, what will an innocent, sheltered girl like you know about feelings? You’ve always been protected and been cared for since you were a baby. You’ve endeavored in an environment, of love, care, friends, and pure happiness. What will you know about a black sheep like me?” With each word, his tone got more bitter. “Well, go home now. Your family will be waiting for you.” With a careless shrug, he left her, trying to gulp down the tightness in his throat. (Li Ryuuren Ch12)

~     “What kind of mess do you always get your self into? I always knew your personality was crooked.” Then Meirin gazed at Syaoran. Her voice was soft and clear. “But, I know your heart is the straightest, truest one of all.” (Ch13)

~     Meirin grinned. “I guess you’ll have a hard time choosing to call your new video a ‘love story’ or a ‘rival story.’”
    Shaking her head, Tomoyo asked, “Don’t you know the world’s best couples argue all
the time? With an acceptation of Romeo and Juliet, that is.” (Ch14)

~   “That’s a pretty good aim with eyes closed, Sakura-chan,” Meirin commented. “You
should teach me that.”
    Smiling, Sakura said sweetly, “Oh, I learned it from Syaoran-kun. He told me to concentrate with my mind and power, not my sight.”
  “Admit it. You’re finally beaten, Syaoran,” Meirin laughed as Syaoran groaned. (Ch14)

~    Looking over Sakura’s head, Syaoran gazed outside the misty window at the sprinkling
of crystal snowflakes. “A White Christmas.”
    “So beautiful. At times like this, I really do feel the Christmas spirit.”
    “It’s a time for peace in heart and happiness,” Syaoran said softly.
    Spinning around to look as Syaoran, Sakura’s evergreen eyes turned round. She
whispered, “To set aside all worries.” They stared outside silently. (Ch15) (Their parents said the same thing.)

~     Then, Syaoran looked up. “But do you know why I like watching snow?” He placed his hand on the cool window pane, leaving a steamy imprint. “Those millions of tiny white snowflakes all seem to be alike. But, even so, each one of them is different, no two exactly the same as another. Each individual is made up of its own crystal formation to make it different, just like each person is different.”
    For some reason Sakura suddenly felt aware that Syaoran was standing directly behind
her. “Yet, they all look the same.”
    “Exactly. They are made up in the same way. So are humans. It’s only a fraction of them
that are different, but never mind that.” Stepping back, Syaoran turned around. “I too only
like winter, when I know that I will be sheltered.” With a second thought, with a heater as
well.” (Ch15)