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2/7/09  Updates between June 2008 to January 2009:

Chapter 56: The Tea Party

Chapter 57: The Gathering

Chapter 58: Eternal Rivals 

Chapter 59: Thundercloud 

Kaitou Magician Origins

Chapter 60: Re-memory

A bunch of fanart at http://wishluv.deviantart.com/gallery/

2008 has been a pretty good year for New Trials, nee?

From now on, Ill be posting news of updates at http://wishluv.blogspot.com as well as the Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/newtrialsring/ . Hopefully updates will be easier that way. J I always update the Yahoo Group first, so thats probably the quickest way. On a side note, Im opening up the blog for a place to write random ramblings. Anyhow, bye-bye old update page, the ugliest page in the history of update pages! Someone has kindly offered to redo this site. I should really take up the offer, but it takes me so long to adjust to new things. Lol Anyhow, cheers to the Year of the Ox!



4/6/08 Ive done a series of updates to the New Trials page, including a new complete Characters List page with new chibi art and a group art of Nadeshiko, Ryuuren, Keisuke and Miara, Cards List compiled by Kirei Blossom and a poll results commentary (completely useless but interesting). Ive also added the link to the new The CCS New Trials Forum and updated the Links page correcting a typo I made with The Right Choice: A Escolha Certa translation in Portuguese by Daniel Martin. I have new fanart up at http://wishluv.deviantart.com of Sakura and Syaoran in Seijou High uniforms and Sakura modeling for Vogue Nippon.

4/1/08 Happy Birthday Sakura-chan! Arc Four has finally begun. Chapter 54: Cherry Blossom Branches Shake and Chapter 55: Platinum are up!  Also check out the Li-Clan Hierarchy and Character Guide Version 2. Check out young Leiyun and Syaoran up at http://wishluv.deviantart.com/art/Young-Li-Syaoran-in-Hong-Kong-75444643 More Arc Four fanart coming up!

12/5/07 I updated the New Trials Links Page and Wish-chans Reflection 2007 Page, which I think includes all the major characters in New Trials now, as well as the 2007 Fanart Page. If you dont want to read me ramble on, just check out the hot, shirtless scan of Syaoran from the latest Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle chapter. The only thing not up is the New Trials Chapter 53 Trailer fanart. Its such a pain to upload. >.< I used over 80 frames to put together the trailer, though of course Im not posting all of them up. Actually, do people even want them up? Bleh Will just take up bandwidth. Check out the Fanart 100 Project going on in the New Trials Group organized by Amethyst Beloved! Such a fun idea—and amazing to think theres so many fanarts associated with New Trials now. Many new fanarts up now—check out the Files section! Exciting! Ive drawn a bunch more of S+S fanart that I will scan up eventually. Dear Santa—I would like a scanner for Christmas. Lol. Question—if I draw art for New Trials, is it still technically fanart? Hmm Thanks for all the wonderful comments through emails, fanfiction.net reviews and youtube and the Yahoo Group. Ah, so many different mediums now, so hard to keep track of everything. @.@

11/28/07 Chapter 53: Yesterdays Letter and Season Three Finale uploaded. Also, a New Trials Trailer: Hontou no Ichiban that I made is up in Youtube. And Im in the process of uploading all the new fanarts I have. 

10/4/07 Celebrating 8 years of New Trials, I FINALLY updated the New Trials page layout over the past two days and added a links page which is quite extensive. I fixed up all the broken links—if there are any broken ones left, please let me know! Its not really any prettier than before, but I think the new New Trials page is definitely more organized before. And I was so sick of that pink background—Im sure yall were also. Plus, I had so much trouble putting it all together with all the hyperlinks. Sigh That is why I am not into the whole website making business. Im ashamed it to say it took me far longer than it should have to fix up everything. Either way, Im glad I got it done. Some day Ill go back and fix up all the ugly chapters and make them uniform—its because Ive worked on New Trials on so many different computers, all with different formatting. Also, I just added some colored versions of fanarts that I did ages ago and had lying around on my computer like Kai and Meilin and Syaoran snowboarding. The only new fanart is the Nadeshiko Swan Lake one—thats pretty recent, from early this year. Its done in a more realistic style, but I guess I was trying to go for Shings painting mode. Im just glad to have FINALLY put together the links page—if theres anything missing, let me know! Please check it out—lots of fun stuff. And I posted up pretty Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Sakura and Syaoran pics just as incentive to visit the link. P.S. Does anybody even read this page? Lol

8/27/07 Chapter 51: The Third Choice and Chapter 52: On the Night the Lone Wolf Calls have been posted up for a couple days Thanks for being so patient. (And belated happy Birthday Syaoran! 7/13

1/26/06 Happy New Year! And Happy Lunar New Year(coming up in a couple days.) Chapter 49.5: Words We Couldnt Say Finally an update! This is better read after Chapter 50, though it happens before the Christmas special More chapters being worked on!!!

9/6/05Chapter 50: A Winter Conundrum An Update in a little less than a year.^^

9/8/04 Chapter 49: Venomous Minds FINALLY up

9/1/04 HAPPY INTERNATIONAL NEW TRIALS DAY!!! Visit http://newtrialsgifts.tripod.com/ -- thank you everyone, especially Serenie-chan, the webmistress, for putting it together. ^_^ You can say, this feeling equals to Harry Potter winning a Quidditch match. Haha

7/24/04 New Trials Special: The Legacy of the Five Forces up!

7/13/04 HAPPY BIRTHDAY SYAORAN!!! Actually, its the 14th. Gomen! New fanart wallpaper of Sakura in honor of Syaorans Birthday. It has my favorite poem on it. Please read it!

6/19/04 Chapter 48 has been up for a couple days now. If you cant access in my page, you can check the New Trials ring. I have it posted up there too. I always added a new CG fanart of Nadeshiko. Please check it out. I had a horrible time coloring it because it was from a really rough pencil sketch. The background is from a photo I took in the spring that I edited quite a bit. Thank you for being so patient for my update, everyone! Even if you felt like throttling me, thank you for sticking by! 

3/20/04 Spring Break! Yay, So many people joined the New Trials ring! Thanks everyone for joining, more people come join! Im so happy. Added two S+S sketches. Now, gotta go back to working on the long over-due Chapter 48.

2/29/04 First update of the year!!! Happy Leap Year! New Trials Christmas Special is finally up! Chapter 48 and the Kaitou Magician Special are on its way. (Though I always say this.) Thank you so much for all the support you have shown me everyone. Ive been too ashamed to even check my e-mails or guestbook because Ive neglected this page for so long. Change the world neglect. Found no private time on my own to write. Thats college life. But I have yet a long road to go, and Im not going to abandon my project now. Please stay with me, and I hope readers will continue to love New Trials because it has somehow turned out to be the greatest project that I have ever undertaken.

Kireiblossom-san has been kind enough to create a New Trials ring for me. I dont know how it will turn out, but I thank her for making one. Im going to post a few polls on it, so please check it out and leave posts—it might actually be a quicker method to contact me than it is for me to answer e-mails, because with one post I might answer many of your questions...lets see how it works out. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/newtrialsring. For those of you who havent used Yahoo groups before, its really simple. Just sign up and get a Yahoo ID, and youre set!

See a new S+S, well not exactly, wallpaper I made. I like the atmosphere of it. It refers to a scene which will come out in a future chapter.

And this is a letter to all those who signed by guestbook/e-mailed/reviewed on ff.net. Please read it! And I forgot to mention, thank you old and faithful readers, welcome new readers! Hope you continue to enjoy New Trials! Checkout Digidynastys wonderful songfic on New Trials at fanfiction.net.

10/24/03 Yes, once more Wish-chan goes on with here usual bout of apologies and deepest regrets for neglecting this site for two months. : ( . College really leaves no room for anything else. But do not despair for I will make time. Hehe right now, its really hard to write New Trials because I am at a transitional period building up to more climax pretty soon and Im wondering what approach I wanna take, which relationships I want to explore. Anyway, Im enjoying college and Im happy! Im really sorry—Im like two months behind in replying e-mails, but I received them all and appreciate them greatly, really. Ill try to get around to replying them, please excuse my scatter-brainedness. ^^. Do I ever change. Guess not? Hehe for the first month, people are pretty understanding, then the second month, people start getting impatient and frustrated by my lack of updates, then afterwards, they just end up exasperated. But please continue supporting New Trials and Ill continue to try my best!

Wallpaper for you! Sakura and Sleeping Syaoran Wallpaper. One of my favorite quotes.

8/19/03... I'll be moving to the States for college now. I might not have have internet access for 10 days or so, but probably will be able to check my e-mails in between. Have some new fanart up!!!

Chiharu and Takashi (Dedicated to Amethyst Beloved)

Gypsy Sakura

Sexy Shirtless Eron (Dedicated to Bilal and Revolutionhosting.net)

Mizuki Mayura

Tomoyo and Eriol

I am still working on Chapter 48 and the Character Special... Meanwhile, I will be busy settling into college life in the next month or so. Yes, I dedicated a great deal of my high school career to New Trials and in it is not merely fantasy and a continuation of Card Captor Sakura, but through my characters, I've conveyed my life philosophy, my ideals, my despairs, my desires. And also quenched my love deprived life. Hehe... ^_^. In it are some real experiences too, mixed in with my imagination. Now, I'm moving on to a whole new beginning, sorry for the cliché. Hehe...

Oh and hurrah to 100 entries in my Bravenet Guestbook! ^_^

8/13/03...Well, finally I moved to http://www.wishluv.revolutionhosting.net! Thank you to Bilal and revolutionhosting.net for the free space. Also, thank you for those who have offered me space-- I really appreciated it, but for the first time, I had the time and motivation to move out of Geocities. By the way, my old side is still up at www.geocities.com/wishluv/index2.htm as a mirror site! No change in layout because I'm so fond of my index page. ^_^. Sorry if it's boring! I'm really not good at this whole webpage making business, and my main page design is the only one I like in this entire site, so... ^_^

Also, Tomoyo and Eriol fanart up!