Special Relationships in CCS

I've been wanting to do this page for a long time now. (Three years???) Here, I listed some of the special relationships in CCS that I observed. Not all of them are romantic, nor opposite sex. I included relationships such as friendship and rivalry, also. Some of the relationships are ones that CLAMP made explicit, others more implicit. And by no means is this list complete. I wrote things off memory so the quotes may not be 100% exact, but they capture the main idea. This page also is more of an insight on my views on the relationship of the characters, pre-New Trials. It helped organize my personal opinions on some of the characters.

Sorry not all the pictures are up. I simply got lazy. 

Touya and Yukito
These two have been best friends ever since Yukito transferred to Seijou High, and they are always seen together. They seem to have a mutual understanding and genuinely care for each other. Seijou High students always question why Touya, who is so handsome and talented, never goes out with anyone. When Mizuki-sensei returns to Tomoeda, she says, "Remember last time, when I left, the next time we meet, we will be really good friends. Also, we would both have someone we like." CLAMP probably is implying Yukito and Eriol. Sigh, I really liked Kaho and Touya together... They were really cute... Especially in the manga. Later on, when Yue is on the verge of disappearing because Sakura's power is too weak to maintain him, Touya gives all of his powers to Yue. Yukito always teases Touya about having a sister complex. ^_^. When Sakura confesses to Yukito, Yukito finally admits that the person he likes is Touya. There is a point that Yukito gets really depressed when he finds out that he is Yue, because he realizes that his whole life has been be pretense. The whole reason he moved to Tomoeda with his grandparents (whom we never see) was so that he could be near Sakura for Yue's Judgment, which was also why he became friends with his future mistress' brother. Anyway, many things are implied about these to in CCS, and they indeed have a strong binding.

The Mirror and Touya (this guy sure does go around)
I haven't seen these two mentioned often. Did I mention before? My favorite card is the Mirror, mainly because she seems the most human. On to the main point. There are quite a few episodes in which the Mirror and Touya encounter each other. The first time is when Sakura first captures the Mirror. The Mirror takes Sakura's form, and lures Touya into danger-- in result, he falls off a cliff and injures himself. Touya realizes that she is not Sakura some time before. At this point, the Mirror Card is truly rueful and that's why she gives hints to Sakura, speeding up the sealing process. This picture is from that episode; as the Mirror returns to her original form, she kisses Touya on the forehead before becoming sealed. Even after this, there are a few times that the Mirror and Touya meet. The next time they meet is when Sakura, who is sick, goes out to capture another card, and makes the Mirror take her places. Touya, comes up with porridge and medicine, and so the Mirror (pretending to be Sakura) eats the porridge. When she asks for the medicine, Touya replies, "You shouldn't take medicine when you're not sick... You're not Sakura, right? We've met before." I'm pretty sure that the Mirror secretly loves Touya-- she always has a sad, wistful smile when looking at Touya. Meanwhile, Touya doesn't exactly know what she is-- he realizes that she is not human-- but he still has a soft spot for her, though probably not romantically. For Christmas (when once more the Mirror is pretending to be Sakura), Touya gives her long green ribbons for her hair, stating, "You have long hair in your original form, right?" I thought it was a really sweet moment, and the Mirror was very happy. Henceforth, the Mirror green ribbons woven onto her long, pale, pretty hair.

Sakura and Tomoyo
Sakura and Tomoyo are the best of friends, ever since third grade. Tomoyo has an obsession over videotaping Sakura and providing battle outfits. More than that, Tomoyo also is understanding, mature, supportive, and always is there for Sakura. In fact, I think Tomoyo is the best kind of friend anyone can have. She once said the most popular quote in all of CCS, "I will give up my own love for the sake of Sakura's happiness." From the beginning, when Sakura liked Yukito, Tomoyo supported Sakura, and when Syaoran loved Sakura, she supported him. As many people point out, though, it is time for Tomoyo to find her true love-- and I plan to give Tomoyo a chance to discover it in New Trials. ^_^

 Sakura and Yukito

Well, tadaa~ As we all know, Sakura liked Yukito very much~ "Hanyaan~" describes her emotion when she sees her brother's best friend. In the beginning of the series, she used to wake up early in the morning each day to go to school with her brother, which meant she could walk (roller blade) to school with Yukito as well. Often times, Yukito threw her a candy before she headed off to Tomoeda Elementary, which always made her blush. Sorry I'm talking in past tense. In the Sakura Card Arc, Sakura finally confesses to Yukito, who gently tells her, "The feeling you get for me is the same feeling you get for your father, isn't it?" (Something along these lines ~_~) And Sakura says yes, though deep in her heart, she knows it's not the same. Then, she asks Yukito if the person he likes is Touya, and he looks a little surprised before replying "yes." And, then follows one of my favorite, if not my favorite CCS scene, when Sakura cries on Syaoran's shoulder because of her unrequited love. Little did she know how much Syaoran was suffering from concealing his feelings for her; for a brief second, there is a pained expression on his face, (which we all brood over), and the expression holds a mixture of pain, because Sakura is sobbing so heartbreakingly, and a little bit of anger, and maybe a bit of wistfulness. 

As hard as I want to deny it, Sakura's first love isn't Syaoran-- she truly did like Yukito, though I wouldn't say it really is "love love"-- it's more like a child's puppy love, when one admires someone who is perfect, nice, good-looking, and cordial. Supposedly, Sakura was attracted to Yukito because the power of the stars is attracted to Yue's power of the moon. However, there is more to it, or so she believes. Also, it seems to be that Clow Reed had planned for these two to get together-- and Eriol says near the end, "There were many unexpected surprises"; he is implying his distant relative, Syaoran, falling in love with Sakura, instead of Yukito.

Syaoran and Yukito/Yue

In the beginning, the moments that Syaoran blushes and runs off whenever he sees Yukito are hilarious. It's clear that he really likes Yukito also, though I wouldn't say it's romantically or anything. I would rather think, Syaoran really respects Yukito and sees him as almost a father-like figure (poor Syaoran lost his father at a young age-- or at least that's my assumption) and Yukito seems to be one of the rare people who is actually cordial and nice to Syaoran. Later on, we learn that Syaoran was attracted to Yukito because of the power of the moon. Yet, the tension caused by this attraction just adds to the rivalry he feels against Sakura.

Eventually, Syaoran realizes that he likes Sakura, and Yue seems to be somewhat of a mentor for Syaroan-- which is really unexpected coming from Yue's personality. Yue kinda gives Syaoran some sound advise to discover who he really likes (Sakura of course.) Anyway, Yue is really cool. Though he sounds really nonchalant, he really loves his mistress, Sakura, which is probably why he wants to help out Syaoran also. And Syaoran continues to respect Yukito as an older brother figure, which is really a difficult position because if you think about it, Yukito is his rival for Sakura. Yet, one can't exactly feel rivalry with Yukito. Anyway, I really felt sorry for Syaoran during the Sakura Card series, when he has to watch Sakura from afar, liking Yukito and supporting her. But this is more of a reason to love Syaoran-- as I mentioned before, I always have a soft spot for characters with unrequited love.

Tomoyo and Eriol

I did include this pair, despite some people's comments that CLAMP never made them really interact with each other. Actually, I think this is wrong. Clearly in the manga and anime, these two do have special moments, though I can't really say if it's romantic or not. These two seem to have some sort of mutual understanding and I think their minds operate on a similar level. They both look over Sakura with a protective eye-- Eriol once tells Tomoyo, "You always look over Sakura in a gentle way," and Tomoyo replies, "So do you." Eriol looks really surprised for a second (one of the rare moments he does) before he smiles. They both have their queer spots also, and often exchange mysterious looks, as if they know something that the rest of the cast don't. In fact, I like these moments a lot because one looks says a whole lot more than a few words. There is one part near the end, after Eriol explains his purpose and everything to Sakura and the rest, and he asks Tomoyo, " Did you know my real identity?" And Tomoyo smiles, saying, "No. But though I don't have any magical powers, I have a clear heart and sharp instincts." Anyway, these two have their interesting moments. Hehe... And readers can imply whatever they wish from it. One thing for sure is that I think Eriol genuinely respects and admires Tomoyo.

Eriol and Sakura and Syaoran

It's true that Eriol is always watching over Sakura with a gentle eye, which makes Syaoran really jealous, but otherwise, it's clear that Eriol is not attracted to Sakura romantically, though he does give her flowers, and make her blush and stuff. Eriol looks over Sakura in rather a fatherly manner-- after all, his other half is Sakura's father-- and I think he really cares for her and doesn't want her to be hurt. Sometimes, he creates problems and then helps her out, just to make sure that Sakura doesn't come to harm. I think it's really interesting to watch Syaoran get mad whenever Eriol and Sakura are together, however-- Eriol is the reason Syaoran didn't return to Hong Kong after the Clow Cards were captured. Eriol is very  amused by Sakura and Syaoran however, and I think at times, he likes aggravating Syaoran for the sake of it.

Tomoyo and Syaoran

As I mentioned before, not all the relationships on this page are romantic. I included these two because someone suggested to, and also, I thought that their friendship is worth noting. Though Tomoyo was an avid supporter of Sakura and Yukito in the beginning, towards the Sakura Card series, she begins to support Syaoran. She was the first one to guess that Syaoran had special feelings for Sakura, and ever since then, she continued to support him and give him advise. She once told him that he should go ahead and confess to Sakura, because being the person Sakura is, she would never know unless she is told straight out. And when Syaoran worried, Tomoyo told him that Sakura would give him a very "Sakura-like advise." Yet, Syaoran couldn't confess to Sakura till the very end because of Yukito. Sigh... Poor Syaoran.  A real funny scene in the manga was the sheep episode, where Sakura was trapped inside a hole in King Penguin Park, and because of a barrier, Syaoran couldn't enter. So, he pounded on the barrier, shouting, "SAKURA!" (in those days, it was rare that he called her name) and Tomoyo videotaped this. Later on, she replayed this over and over again much to Syaoran's vexation. Another point I would like to make is that many people often turn to Tomoyo with their problems, ie. Sakura, Syaoran, and even Meirin (when she was rejected by Syaoran, she went to Tomoyo and cried on her lap.) : (. Well, Tomoyo really is a dependable, compassionate, and kind friend!

Touya and Nakuru

Without doubt, Touya is fed up with Nakuru-- I think he senses something weird about her because of his second site. Nakuru thinks of Touya in terms of "delicious," and her favorite hobby is the bother Touya and cling around his neck. Her real motive is, as Ruby Moon, prevent Touya from giving his powers to Yue. But she fails. Oh, and she doesn't like Yukito at all because he is Yue, and always interrupts Touya when he's trying to tell Yukito that Yukito is disappearing (because of Sakura's power not being strong enough to maintain Yue).

Touya and Syaoran

This is my favorite comic combination in CCS, for these two literally hate each other. The are never in the same scene without glaring at each other. Part of the reason is because the first time they meet, Syaoran is harrassing Sakura, trying to get the Clow Cards, and then, Syaoran, with his Chinese martial arts skills kicks Touya. Later on, Touya states that the real reason he hates Syaoran so much is because Syaoran is taking away something very precious from him, meaning Sakura. Ah, brotherly protection.

Besides this, I think the main reason Touya and Syaoran don't get along is because they are too similar. They both have problems expressing their true emotions (ahem... Touya being so mean to Sakura is because he loves her), they both seem cold and distant on first appearance, but they have warm, affectionate hearts once you get to know them, they both have an innocent aspect about them (you can see this with Touya in his relationship with Mizuki-sensei), they both are really athletic-- both of them play soccer, both of them are fast runners, both have sharp tongues and trouble expressing their selves, both feel protective over Sakura, both hate Kero-chan, both get freaked out by Eriol, both like Yukito, and so the list goes on. But someday, I think these two would get along well because they seem to agree on so many things. ^_^

Clow Reed and Yue

Many things are implies about these two and things are left rather unclear. One thing for sure is that Yue really loves Clow Reed, his creator and master, and felt really betrayed when he had taken a new mistress, even when Clow was reincarnated. Similarly, Clow really cared for Yue-- though in the same way he cared for Cerberus, because after all, they were his creation and Clow was a very lonely man. Eventually, Yue forgives Clow because he truly does care for his new mistress, Sakura, though he tries not to show it.

Fujitaka and Sonomi

Another interesting pair. Sonomi has an undying one-sided rivalry against Fujitaka-sensei because he took away her beloved cousin, Nadeshiko, and Nadeshiko, at such a young age died with Fujitaka by her side. In fact, the real reason she hates, yet can't hate Fujitaka is because he's so perfect-- he's nice, intelligent, good-looking, great at domestic chores, and always polite. I don't think Sonomi really HATES Fujitaka. In fact, she probably respects and admires Fujitaka-- who wouldn't? I don't think these two have any chance romantically, because I think Fujitaka loves Nadeshiko too much, yet I think in the future, these two can get along and support each other as "family."

Touya and Sakura

Obviously, these two are sister and brother... I really wanted to write about them because I really love their sibling relationship. On the outside, they're like any typical siblings, always squabbling and insulting each other. Touya always calls Sakura "Kaijou," meaning monster, and Sakura dreams of becoming taller than her brother and squashing him. Yet, without doubt, Touya really cares for Sakura and feels really protective over her, especially because their mother died when Sakura was only three (3 in the manga and 5 in the anime). The reason he's so gruff with her is because he's too embarrassed to show how much he worries about her. The reason Sakura is so scared of ghosts is because when she was little, Touya used to tell her all these scary things about the forest full of ghosts (after all, he has second sight). This was because he didn't want Sakura to wonder off into dangerous places... Aww... And also, in the manga, Touya bought a motorcycle from the money he saved from his part-time jobs. Yet, he never rides it in the morning to school-- why? Because, as Fujitaka knows, it's dangerous for Sakura to chase after a motorcycle on her roller blades, so Touya simply rides his bicycle, so that Sakura can easily catch up. Also in the manga, he takes Sakura to the bus stop when Syaoran's leaving back to Hong Kong... That was really sweet, considering how much he hates Syaoran. Hehe. Oh, this is my own personal theory about why Touya has so many odd part-time jobs. Ever wonder why Touya always pops out in random places that Sakura goes to? My theory is that he takes part-times jobs in places that Sakura goes to so that he can keep an eye on her. When he gives his power to Yue, he asks Yue to protect his sister because Touya isn't capable of doing so anymore... Sniffles... Anyway, I would love to have such a caring and considerate brother as Touya.

Similarly, Sakura really does love her brother-- we can especially see this when her brother is unconscious after giving his powers to Yue, and she cries, reproaching herself for not being able to be stronger. She also panics in the Mirror card episode, when she realizes that her brother is in danger. Sakura really is a lucky girl though, having such a nice family. ^_^

This is still incomplete, but I think I still covered quite a lot of relationships in CCS, huh?

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