The Couples of CCS

Hello~ Read more about the various couples in CCS... There's more than you think!!! Find about their love story and how it all began, what I think about it, and what kind of love it is! As well as key episodes or mangas to learn about their love story in. I might add more people as I analyze CCS over again, but I included the obvious one. Oh yeah, for simplicity's sake, I only included umm... the straight couples so far. Cuz it's easier to analyze and write about. SPOILERS!!!

Sakura and Syaoran

Well, I guess this is our fave couple~ sorry for my bias. Yet, these two didn't start out as a couple. You know how some pairs, you know right from the beginning that they're gonna end up together? (Though we all wished so~) Well, to tell you the truth, I hoped and hoped, but I wasn't really sure, especially with all the rivalry and everything. (Also, I know CLAMP's notorious for twisted plots. ^_^) So, I was scared, but then, by the second arc, I felt a little more reassured since Syaoran had developed a huge crush on Sakura. To tell you the truth, I'm not really into love at first sight, passionate romance. I like friends which gradually turn to love, or even rival turned friends the best. It was sweet watching S+S's different stages, rivalry, slowly starting to trust each other, depending on each other, understanding, loving... *_*... Cuz that's just plain interestin' and exciting to watch as you go along. Err... most of my webpage is dedicated to these two, so I won't go into more depth. Key episodes/manga: EVERYTHING!!! See how their relationship develops! This is really random, but since no one that I know of has mentioned it, in the Dream Episode, Syaoran, Sakura, Meirin, and Tomoyo watch a romantic movie on a day out, and the Dream card takes action for Syaoran. In the same setting of the movie, sunset, beach, and everything, instead of the main couple, the scene is replaced by Syaoran and Sakura. In it, Syaoran hands over his cards to Sakura. The real Syaoran is like "what the heck am I doing?" Then, Sakura-in-the-movie looks up with beautiful, grateful eyes, and then we see a shadow on the sandy beach of them hugging. (SOO KAWAII AND ROMANTIC!!!) Then, the scene is interrupted as the real movie ends. Anyway, just a random episode recommendation. For more details go here... Character~S+S,  or here, Love Story 1.

Syaoran and Meirin

I can't believe I hated and loathed Meirin in the beginning. That's probably because I was soooo scared that Sakura and Syaoran might not end up w/each other. Yet, now, I really like Meirin. She's really pretty, too. Also, I have a soft spot for people who's love doesn't work out. Well, you might look at Syaoran and Meirin's relationship kind of like brother/sister. She clings onto him and embarrasses him, while he sorta looks after her. When they were little, they used to live next doors to each other in Hong Kong and practiced martial arts and stuff together. (Meirin practiced hard especially since she didn't have any "powers" even though she was a Li. At first, Meirin didn't know Syaoran too well, because he was silent and serious (even more than now!) and he didn't play and associate w/other people. Aww.. How cute. Anyway, then one rainy day little Meirin was crying because her bird escaped from her cage. Then someone handed her a handkerchief, and it turned out to be little Syaoran! Then, he said that he'll find it for her and runs out of the house, into the rain. After a while, Meirin waits and waits. Wei said that Syaoran would surely come back. Finally, a soaked, dirt covered boy comes running back to the house, holding something protectively in his hand. It was Meirin's bird. Crying little Meirin hugs Syaoran. After that, little Meirin states forcefully, "I like you. I like you so when I grow up, I'm going to marry you. So, so until you find another girl that you like better than me, consider me as your fiancee! So, that's how Meirin became his fiancee. Later on in the Sakura Arc, Meirin comes back to Japan and breaks her  "engagement" to Syaoran because he likes another girl, guess who. I really feel bad for Meirin, but Syaoran does care for her in his own way. Just not the way she wants him too. Anyway, I really like Meirin now. She has depth and development in her character. Key episodes to watch: "Farewell to Meirin," (the Twin Card.) And the Sakura Arc, "Meirin's Return." Oh yeah... I'm planning on doing a survey of who Meirin should end up w/ in my fanfic New Trials. E-mail me at and share your opinion!!!

Chiharu and Takashi

This couple is the kind that you know are just meant for each other. Chiharu and Takashi have been friends since kindergarten. Often, Chiharu is disappointed because Takashi is better at everything than her including cooking, sewing, sports, quizzes, etc. Still, Chiharu's the only one who knows how to handle all of Takashi's lies. I think they're really cute together, and they're the tight that gives you a fuzzy, happy feeling. They also add a great comic relief. In some ways, it seems as if Takashi doesn't really acknowledge Chiharu's feelings, for when she gives him a handmade teddy bear, he names it "Suama," his favorite food, instead of "Chiharu" to make their love true. Yet, I'm pretty sure that  in his heart, he has a soft spot for Chiharu. Oh yeah, and Takashi does have eyes despite the fact that Chiharu says "you only have lines for your eyes." ^_^

Nadeshiko and Fujitaka

Well, duh, these are Sakura and Touya's parents and you can definitely tell that they love each other very much. Even if Nadeshiko's dead, Fujitaka puts a picture of her up on the kitchen table everyday. (Since she used to be a model since middle school, there's piles of pictures.) Fujitaka and Nadeshiko only married when she was 16 and when he was a new teacher. The Amamiya family and Sonomi all opposed this very much, yet Nadeshiko still married Fujitaka at that early age. When they first met, Nadeshiko (despite her clumsiness) was putting birds back into their nest, up in a tree. Then, she slipped and fell right into the arms of someone. Smiling, Fujitaka said, "I thought an angel fell from the sky." If you haven't realized by now, every single male in CCS is perfect!!! Fujitaka was good at sewing, cooking, household chores, and made up for Nadeshiko's clumsiness. Later on, when Eriol reveals that Fujitaka is the other part of Clow's reincarnation, Fujitaka gains the power to see Nadeshiko again. (Only in the manga.) Manga Volume 3.

Touya and Kaho

These two are yet a shady couple, meaning we're all unsure of exactly what happened in the past. When Kaho Mizuki sensei becomes a teacher at Sakura's school, we soon learn that she knows Touya, *intimately.* It turns out that when Mizuki-sensei had taught at Touya's middle school, and that they went out with each other. Then a year later, Kaho reveals that she would be leaving abroad the next day. Ruefully, she remininces that it has been a year since Touya admitted that he like her. She says that she had really liked him too, and she had been really happy being with Touya. Then, Touya asks, "Why are you talking in past tense?" She replies, "Because those are past events. Let's say good-bye now. Even though Touya's remembering all this years later, he has this really cute look on his face. ^_^. I think that especially in the manga, (in Touya's flashbacks,) they made a really cute couple. Even if she was like how many years older than him? I mean, he was in middle school while she was a teacher! Still, he was like taller than her, and she was really pretty (unlike the anime) and had really cute expressions and it was sweet how she leaned her head against his broad shoulders as she talked to him. Yet, that was all the past~  Still, Touya really loved her then, I think. Key Story: Manga Volume 4. 

Eriol and Kaho

Grr... this is a really creeply couple, the least expected and random and brr.... I can understand up to Kaho and Touya, but this is far too extreme. Okay, maybe Clow (Eriol was his reincarnation )and Kaho would match. But this is just tooooooo extreme. Apparantly, they met in England and that's how Kaho already new everything when she came to Tomoeda. I think that Eriol and Tomoyo match better, since they look good together, (ahh, shallow, but I hope you understand what I mean,) they have a similar personality, they understand each other, they are more similar than they realize. (Kinda like S+S.) Anyway, look at the subtle hints in the manga 11, 12?. Hmm... maybe it's nothing, after all... but if you know CLAMP.. ^_^

Rika and Terada-Sensei... (Have picture, need to add it...) Well, this is another couple w/ subtle hints. Again, I think the age gap is toooooo wide. Oh well. Something w/ teachers in this manga. Anyway, Rika is really mature and grown up, and Terada always blushes and stammers when their eyes meet. He's a cool teacher. In the manga, he gives her an "engagement ring."

More to come probably!!! I hope you feel more organized about the couples now. Umm, there's this things going on between Sonomi and Nadeshiko; Yukito and Touya; Tomoyo and Sakura; Touya and Nakuru, err... Yue and Clow... umm... anyway... get the idea? CCS is more complex than anyone would imagine...

Please e-mail me on who do you think belongs together at Also, I'm kinda wondering which people should end up together for New Trials... I mean like the supporting characters such as Meirin, Tomoyo, Eriol... So, enlighten me! Though I have a basic plot in my head, I still want to hear from everyone else!!!

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