The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura, Syaoran, and Friends

A Card Captor Sakura Fanfiction by Wish-chan

Set two years from the events of CLAMP’s popular manga and anime Card Captor Sakura, this fanfiction started in fall 1999, continues the journey of Kinomoto Sakura, Li Syaoran and their numerous friends as they face new enemies, self-proclaimed as the Dark Ones. As Sakura and Syaoran seal new dark forces, they unravel secrets about of their parents’ past while striving to understand what the future holds as whole new adventure, romance and drama unfolds with old and new friends.

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New Trials Chapter Summary by Amethyst Beloved

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First Arc


Prologue  NEW
Chapter 1: The New Beginning 
Chapter 2: The Mysterious Past 
Chapter 3: Of Ghosts, Statues, and Quarrels 
Chapter 4: The Camping Trip
Chapter 5: The Five Force Scroll 
Chapter 6: First Meeting of Rivals (Or Allies) 
Chapter 7: Melody of Loneliness 
Chapter 8: The Angel of Hollow's Eve 
Chapter 9: The Ticket to the Winter Rhapsody   
Chapter 10: Icy Barriers 
Chapter 11: It's So Hard To Say Good-bye (To Yesterday) 
Chapter 12: Till You Turn To Me 
Chapter 13: The Twisted Winter Concert 
Chapter 14: The Winter Wonderland  
Chapter 15: Hang a Shining Star 
Chapter 16: Running Out of Time
New York Saga 
Chapter 17: A Small World, After All 
Chapter 18: Stalked in New York 
Chapter 19: Dazzling Countdown 
Chapter 20: Picture the Past 
End of First Season


Second Arc


Chapter 21: Blown Away Roses  Valentine’s Day  
Chapter 22: No More Solitude 
>>New Trials Special: Sakura's Birthday 
Chapter 23: Kaitou Magician and the Diamond Necklace 
Chapter 24: The Mirror of Truth 
Chapter 25: Parting Friends 
Chapter 26: Living Together 
Chapter 27: Galloping Through Thundercloud 
Chapter 28: My Prince Will Come 
Chapter 29: Never Want You To Hurt 
Chapter 30: The Lone Thief of the Night
Summer Adventure  
Chapter 31: Unraveled Secrets 
Chapter 32: Believe Me When The Sun Rises 
>>New Trials Special: Eron and Erika's Promise 
Chapter 33: Finding You 
Chapter 34: Beyond the Widest Ocean 
>>New Trials Special: Chiharu and Takashi: Sincerity 
>>New Trials: Syaoran's Special 
Chapter 35: It Must Rain 
Chapter 36: For There To Be a Rainbow


New Trials Ending Theme: Maaya Sakamoto - Strobe no Sora

Third Arc


Chapter 37: Challenge of Friendship 
Chapter 38: Identity Crisis 
Chapter 39: Impulse 
Chapter 40: The Fate Determined by the Stars 
Chapter 41: Star-Crossed 
Chapter 42: A Little Girl's Dream
Chapter 43: Not A Perfect World   
Chapter 44: Like A Child 
>>Reference: Li Clan Hierarchy Version One
Chapter 45: The Silence of  Darkness  
Chapter 46: Spinner of Cobwebs
Chapter 47: Shredded Fantasy 
Chapter 48: The Duel of the Sun and Moon
Chapter 49: Venomous Minds
Chapter 49.5: Words We Couldn’t Say
Chapter 49.75: Christmas Special

Chapter 49.9: New Year’s Eve Special
Chapter 50: A Winter's Conundrum
Chapter 51: The Third Choice
Chapter 52: On the Night the Lone Wolf Calls

Chapter 53: Yesterday’s Letter


“Hontou no Ichiban” New Trials Season Finale Trailer

2007 Wish-chan’s Reflections



Fourth Arc


Chapter 54: Cherry Blossom Branches Shake

Chapter 55: Platinum 

>>Reference: Li Clan Hierarchy Version Two

Chapter 56: The Tea Party

Chapter 57: The Gathering

Chapter 58: Eternal Rivals 

Chapter 59: Thundercloud 

Chapter 59.5: Halloween Special

Chapter 60: Re-memory

Chapter 61: Fantasia in Memoriam

Chapter 62: Designs in Crime

Chapter 63: The Joining of the Circle

Chapter 64: A Christmas Miracle

Chapter 65: Cohabitations, Part Deux

Chapter 66: The Truth in the Heart

Chapter 67: The Sacrifice

Chapter 67.5: Valentine’s Day Special – The Ring  

Chapter 68: Regeneration  

Chapter 69: The Betrayal  

Chapter 70: Eye of the Dragon

Chapter 71: The Alliance of the Stars 

Chapter 72: Almost Left Behind NEW!!!

Chapter 73: The Other Side of Midnight NEW!!!

>>Reference: Li Clan Hierarchy Version Three NEW!!!

Chapter 73.5: Special Chapter TBA

Chapter 74: TBA

Chapter 75: TBA


New Trials Season 4 Ending Theme: Maaya Sakamoto - Koucha



New Trials Specials


The Legacy of the Five Forces In Progress…

How everything all began when five of the world’s greatest magicians joined hands during the last years of the Edo Era. Li Shulin, Amamiya Hayashi, Mizuki Mayura, Landon Reed and Chang Ruichi formed the alliance of the Great Five and lived to become legends of both the East and West. 


Kaitou Magician Origins – In Progress…

Miniseries of how Kaitou Magician, the notorious Thief of the Night, came to be.


Voice of the Wolf TBA…

Syaoran’s POV back story of the Li Clan and how he came to go to Japan to capture the Clow Cards, becoming Sakura’s rival then friend.


Clow Reed: The Early Years TBA…

The son of two of the greatest magicians of their era, Lord Landon Reed of England and Li Shulin, Chosen One of Shanghai, Clow Reed has a lot to live up to. But who was this mysterious man before he became to be known as the Greatest Magician of the East and West?




New Trials Reference


Wish-chan Question and Answer... last updated in 2003

Complete List of Charactersspoiler warning

Complete List of Cards Captured… (compiled by Kirei Blossom)

Commentary on Poll Results from Yahoo New Trials Ring

New Trials Music

Some quotes from New Trials



New Trials Translation Project


New Trials French Translation Project… Thanks to French Translation organizer Rikku-chan [on hiatus]

New Trials Spanish Translation ProjectThanks to the Spanish Translation Team Karina, Dessiré et. al.




New Trials of Card Captor Sakura Fanart and Projects


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Sakura and Syaoran Fanart


Sakura and Syaoran – The Veil and Blindfolded


Sakura and Syaoran in Seijou High Uniform


Syaoran, Sakura, Wolfie-chan Omake


Sakura, age 16,  modeling for Vogue Nippon


Young Syaoran and Leiyun in Hong Kong


Sakura and Syaoran colored fanart 2007… S+S First Kiss, New Year’s special, etc…


Fall 2007 Fanart – S+S, Sakura and Touya, Subaru, etc…


Sakura with Bird – Hope Wallpaper


Sakura and Syaoran by the Sea – Yesterday’s Letter Wallpaper


Sakura and Sleeping Syaoran -- Wallpaper


Syaoran Snowboarding… b&w ink Happy New Year 2005 Fanart… Syaoran Snowboarding in color


Syaoran in a Band… If NT characters were in a band


Chibi Syaoran… for Kirei Blossom


S+S in battle costume w/staff and sword, Spring ’04 sketches


S+S cute moment outside school – Syaoran pulling Sakura’s braid


Gypsy Sakura sketch


Valentine's Day Fanart: Sleeping Syaoran w/ Sakura CG


Star-Crossed Kiss Scene/ Sleeping Syaoran w/ Sakura Production kiss scene (2) and Syaoran sleeping on Sakura's lap w/ a teddy bear!!!  


Star-Crossed... Syaoran, Sakura, Erika, Eron, Miara, Ryuuren, and Nadeshiko


Water Color: Yesterday's Letter ... separate Sakura and Syaoran, sitting on a wall... one of my fave 


Various S+S pics... really like all of them 


Sketch and Color of Syaoran's Angel...  


Water-color "Smiling Sakura and Syaoran."


Rough sketches of “Double Image Sakura and Syaoran and Nadeshiko and Ryuuren.”




Other Characters Fanart


Kaitou Magician Night and Day


Tomoyo and Eriol Surrender  


Swan Lake… Painting by Shing-san, model, Nadeshiko, other versions of Swan LakeDaylight: Odette, Nighttime: Odele


Arima and Asuma – in the movie they starred in from winning the Best Couple Contest


Nadeshiko by the Pond: a CG wallpaper of Nadeshiko


Kara— Fourth Arc character


Young Shulin: Tough girl wielding double-swords…


Tomoyo Halloween… as an Egyptian Princess


Miho in the Fantasy… with long hair


Chiharu and Yamazaki-kun dedicated to Amethyst Beloved


Erika with Rose and Erika Wallpaper


Sexy Shirtless Eron… in honor of moving to thanks to Bilal


The Great Five Group Sketch, Mizuki Mayura and Li Shulin – The women of the Great Five, Lord Landon Reed


Pensive Tomoyo and Eriol without glasses inked sketch


CG of Miho and MikaiColored and Sketch


Meilin and Kai close in Chapter 45 and Meilin and Kai Intimate in Color


Sketch of  Li Shulin


Sketch of Eron and Erika as children… refer to Twin Special


CG and sketches of Kaitou Magician and Meilin; Fierce Meilin


Cloaked Magician… CG of Kaitou Magician


Early stage rough sketch of Kaitou Magician, Kaitou without sunglasses and the Wanted Poster


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