New Trials Poll Results





        Sakura and Syaoran Voted #1 Couple! Arigatou!

You know don’t how much I love the various polls up at the New Trials Ring… It always kills me because I can’t comment much on other people’s theories and such, but I love to see people’s views on various issues. And some of the polls crack me up so much. It also kills me that sometimes I’m dying to see the poll results, but I can’t see it because I can’t vote in order not to give away spoilers. Hehe… So sometimes I vote something completely whack. Like the will Eron and Sakura get together poll.


It’s very informative, aka. demographics wise, 36% of readers were from Asia, 29% from USA, 9% from Canada, 2% Mexico, 7% Australia, 5% from Europe, etc… It does impress me when I get emails from readers from all the world. Card Captor Sakura is so global. : ) I do get emails from quite a few male readers as well. According to the gender poll, 17% of readers are male! It always makes me happy to get a wide range of readers, because I try not to make CCS simply shoujo fluff—my idea is a good fantasy should attract both sexes (and besides, CLAMP has more shounen works anyway.) Age-wise, most of my readers seem to be between the teens to mid-twenties range, but I have quite some readers over 25 and under 13~ And a lot of us aged quite a bit waiting for chapters to come out… Sigh… Give me back my youth. Oh, we have the most Virgo and Scorpio readers… I’m a Scorpio. ^_^  


According to one poll, Tomoyo is the character that reminds people most of themselves, a shocking 11%! I mentioned before I’m most like a brainchild of Tomoyo and Eriol. Lol… Our favorite couples are Sakura and Syaoran obviously at 42%, but Kai and Meilin follow shortly behind at 30%, Tomoyo and Eriol have 8% and Chiharu and Takashi get 3%


I was surprised with “If you could be anyone from NT, who would it be?” poll, where 37% wanted to be Sakura… But only 2% wanted to be Syaoran compared to 11% who wanted to be Kai. Well, considering all the torture I put Syaoran through in NT, I shouldn’t be surprised. 

According to the “Which (male) character in the New Trials do you have a crush on???” Syaoran tops with 40% with Kai (gasp) following close behind at 37%. I can’t believe they were so neck to neck! (I never knew Kai would get that popular.) Even Eriol gets some love at 12%. Eron at 6% and AKI at 2%. Hahaha… Aki’s throwing a party because he got some love.


One of my favorite polls was the “Who is Kara?” poll created by musicalmooky… Some of the choices were so creative! My favorite choice, “a spy sent to finally catch Kai and send him to prison.” One of my other favorite polls is “Where did Kai’s parrot come from?” I didn’t really think people wondered about that… but I actually, the Kaitou Magician Special will cover that. : )


I also was amused by dudlachd_eas’s poll “who will die, and why... ok, im really mean and sadistic, so please, dont kill me, k? i like to be the one doing the killing... mwahahahahaha....”



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