New Trials: Syaoran's Special


Hello!!! This section of Wish for A Star, New Trials is dedicated to our favorite, Syaoran... Sorry, I'm kinda late for his birthday, but Syaoran's Special is finally up! I have fanarts up down below!!! More fanart are coming, as well as fanfics. And more chapters of New Trials are on their way, also.

Syaoran's Special Fanfics:

Syaoran's Special: Small Wolf's Most Precious Birthday

Syaoran's Angel

Voice of the Wolf (Coming)

Beauty and the Wolf(Last year's, check out under Fanfics/ Beauty and the Wolf Part 1 and 2)


Sakura and Syaoran hug: sketch/color

The one above (I'll have a color version up soon. If you guys want one, that is.) I think it's my first like really S+S picture, in which they are a couple... I like it because they both look really happy. That smile on Syaoran's face... you'll never see him this happy in the CCS manga. He he... Don't they make a cute couple??? Syaoran's hugging Sakura... Little note: I was gonna make him have both arms around Sakura, but I thought it was cuter to have one hand on her head. He he... Sakura has cute braids. (Which Syaoran loves to play with, in New Trials.)

Sakura and Syaoran: Best couple contest: pen

I really like this one, also... Sakura's wearing one of Tomoyo's dresses again. And her hair is in elaborate buns. Syaoran is holding a rose with petals flying around him. He kinda looks mean, but hey, he's smiling. He he... but I think he looks cute!!! Oh yeah, these are one of the outfits they wear during the best couple contest.

Yesterday's Letter: Song/water color

One of my real real favorites. He he.. I say that for everything. It's a water color accompanied by song lyrics. (Yesterday's Letter, 98 degrees.) I just randomly heard the song and it kinda matched the pic... I like how the papers are flying around Syaoran. And notice how Sakura is holding an envelope at the end. To tell you the truth, I liked the sketch I made of it better (which my friend never even returned to me after taking it to scan.) I could have colored much better, but I colored it while I was talking on the phone... You get the idea. Also, if you pu the two separate pictures together, they join up. Just a point I wanted to make.