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The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura and Friends (Series):
(On-going series... my fave!!!)

"New Trials" is set about two years after Eriol returns to Hong Kong, and begins anew when Sakura and crew are in their second year of junior high, and Syaoran returns from Hong Kong. Erika and Eron Chang are the legendary twins, seeking revenge from a time even before Clow Reed. Once again, Sakura and Syaoran (who're around 14 in the beginning of New Trials) have to combine forces to face the unpredictable and dangerous Dark Ones. Together, they have to struggle through the challenge of turning evil forces into new cards, facing their parents' past, (Amamiya Nadeshiko, Sakura's mother and Li Ryuuren, Syaoran's father had a complicated relationship waiting to be revealed), not to mention everyday life with friends and most of all, facing each other. From camp trips to Tomoyo winning first place for her "Card Captor Sakura" Video and resulting in a cast trip to New York City, along with complicated people connections with the old CLAMP crew-- Tomoyo, Touya, Yukito, Eriol, Kero-chan, etc., and new characters such as twisted and mysterious Kaitou Magician, spoilt but determined Miho, and of course our dear villains, Eron and Erika, this is one long series, vying for 50+ chapters. Currently, New Trials is in its third arc, and would probably end in the fourth arc. Within itself, it has several character specials, birthday stories, and tons of fanart~ It is my sweat and blood.

Special note:  When I started this, in the autumn of 1999, I didn't know how it CCS will end. Sigh, now I do... Please don't be too technical of details during the beginning of the series. Also, someday, I will go back and edit all the typos and tiny errors-- it's thousands of pages long by now, probably. I don't know how long. ^_^. Either way, thank you for all the support readers have given me over the longs years; the e-mails, the encouragement, the enthusiasm, the constructive criticism, this is what has kept me going for more than four years. Once more, thank you!

My fanart (one of my first) of Sakura at the camp trip...

The Right Choice: 
This one-shot story takes place right after their school play, "Sleeping Beauty." Syaoran is                                 
sucked into a fantasy fairy land, where he has to choose between his
mission and his love. Both Sakura and Syaoran come to some sort of realization at the end. 


Beauty and the Wolf:   Part 1
                                   Part 2
This two-part story was in honor of Syaoran's birthday July 13th, 2000... It is based on the fairytale Beauty and the Beast, except for it is warped as would be expected from Eriol's crooked mind. Instead of the Beast, Syaoran is the Wolf, a boy condemned to wear a wolf mask to hide his face. Slowly, kind-hearted Sakura, Beauty, warms his heart, and he realizes his true feelings for her. 

On My Own:

This song fic was dedicated for Sakura's birthday, April 1st, 2000. I really like the song "On My Own" from the musical Les Miserables. A character called Eponine sings it and it brims with strong emotions. It's a beautiful, tear-wrenching song. At least read the lyrics-- it'll be better if you can hear the song though.


Our perfect Prince... (From CCS Movie 2)

Voice of the Wolf:

This will be Syaoran's story, about his past, of how he became to be the Chosen One, and what really goes on inside of his head. Though he is kind of transparent. ^_^. There are lots of references to his past in "New Trials," and probably will be Syaoran's Character Special in the near future.