Love Story... When Little Wolf Wishes For a Star
Well, Li Syaoran (Little Wolf) and Kinomoto Sakura (Cherry Blossom) are only in 4/5th grade... so how much of a love story can you expect?! Yet, things get pretty deep. Basically, my webpage is for people who are comfortable with the story theme... The following would just specify and analyze some sweet and important moments both in the manga and the anime. It might contain some opinion and a few minor errors... (I'm not perfect!) To tell you the truth, in the beginning I wasn't too sure if they would get together... after all, it's CLAMP...

~ Anime and Manga... Comparison
~ S+S Love Story Part 1
~ The Couples of CCS
~ Special Relationships in CCS  *NEW*
~ Prayer... Song w/ images
~ The Things I Do For Her... (Syaoran POV Parody)

When I First Met You (I mean ME... Find more about the story below)
Let me tell you one thing... The main reason that I fell in love with CCS is because... none other than our heartthrob... Li Syaoran~!!! I first saw him in the anime... Unfortunately, I missed his entrance episode and the first episode I saw him in was... none other than... The TIME episode. And wow... Syaoran proved to have strong powers, sensing Clow Cards easily, great athletic coordination... In this episode, the days are repeated over and over again because of the Time Card. Sakura and Syaoran (Li-kun) are the only ones who realize this, since they have the recorder test over and over again. And, when Syaoran walks towards, Sakura to talk about this problem, a soccer ball comes flying out from the feel. Deftly, he kicks the ball in the air, and it hisses straight, true, and powerfully into the net... (Yeah! GOAL! ^_^) Anyway, I was like, wow... Plus, his sword skills were amazing, I mean how many elementary boys now how to wield one. Then, there's that deep scowl and glare, which is soooooo cute... (Gosh, I just love his dark eyebrows.) And he can be so damn nice if he wants to be (and he gets so embarrassed.) And those rare occasions he smiles (they get more frequent later on cause of *someone* your heart drops to the bottom. The internet provided lotsa cool pics to drool over, and then I got the manga. By the way, I like all the other characters, too, every single one of them. Enough said...