*Wish For A Star*


A Card Captor Sakura, Syaoran and Friends Shrine
This is the story of a girl that is chosen to collect the Clow Cards and master them. This is the tale of a boy who came to Japan to accomplish his mission of capturing the Clow Cards. At first he became the girl's rival, but eventually, they find their brightest star. And this is the adventure of all the complex characters, and beneath them underlies a whole new depth threaded together under one title, Card Captor Sakura. But most of all, this is the shrine to this interwoven?story to present to you
"Wish For A Star."

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Hello~ This is Wish-chan, Wish, whatever! Basically, I started this page is to post up my fanfics...?ell, does this page look familiar! Yes, this used to be my main page. Hehe... I couldn't bear to part with it. Well, CCS is a manga/anime (by CLAMP) about a girl named Sakura Kinomoto. She has to collect Clow Cards, which became unsealed. Her best friend Tomoyo videotapes and makes costumes for her. (And she has a crush on Yukito-san!) Then, Li Syaoran (hanyaan... soo cute!) appears, becoming Sakura's rival in collecting the cards and Yukito's affection. Eventually, Sakura becomes the new card mistress. She then faces a new enemy with the same powers as Clow Reed... and so on... Since there are so many great CCS site out there giving so much information, try finding all the basic information on other sites. I think this site will be more comfortable for people who have the basic idea of the story. Hope you enjoy!
The title "Wish For A Star" come for many reasons. First of all, I like the word "Wish," obviously + Sakura's power is the star. The wolf/moon/star pic kinda represents Syaoran (who's name is "Little Wolf" and his power is the moon and Sakura for him is... nevermind...( find more when you look around) Oh yeah, the excerpt about the sunrise is from one of my fanfics, "The New Trials of Card Captor Sakura, Syaoran, and Friends." It's in Chapter 4b. Kinda ironic with the layout, huh? I might change the quote once in a while. ^_^
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Disclaimer: I dunno why I'm putting this up, since duh, I don't own CCS. This is just an appreciation of the people who creates Card Captor Sakura. Thank you!
As for the images I have, I give thanks to Shrine to Syaoran, Syaoran Bear's Corner, Rath's Image Gallery, The Sakura and Syaoran Fanstation, and... umm... if I missed out, please contact me...